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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trades again - Trades from Traded

I got a letter in the mail recently from Andy over at the Traded Cards Blog. It was a very interesting letter to be sure. There were also some cards in there too that I'll post once I'm done looking at the letter. Oh, ok. I'll post them now if you're impatient.

2006 Topps Rookie of the Week Mike Schmidt

This is a giveaway card that was available at hobby shops in 2006. Twenty Five players got updated versions of their Topps rookie card. The card is great, but I just realized at this very moment that I was so distracted by real life concerns that I completely forgot about the 2009 Topps card of the week promotion. Did they even do one this year?

2009 Upper Deck Artifacts Tom Glavine

Now I have two Artifacts cards, and I'm still not impressed by the design. If you're wondering, yes, I did have a "Holy Crap, the Braves just cut Tom Glavine. He's not a Brave anymore" moment. It felt really weird. Then he started whining and threatening to file a grievance with the union and I just don't care anymore.

2009 Topps Heritage Tim Hudson

I'm getting pretty close to a Team Set considering I've only bought a tiny fraction of this year's Heritage that I normally get. That's all thanks to you guys out there. This is a good looking card of Huddy. I haven't heard much about him lately, but hopefully the rehab is going well and he'll be available down the stretch run.

2009 Topps Heritage Braves Coaches

Yessssss! I've wanted this card since I saw it on the checklist. A new card of Pendleton and Hubbard is awesome. I wish there were more coach cards out there.

Thanks Andy! I've got some goodies put aside for you. Everyone go check out Traded Sets in the meantime. The Shopped Cards puzzles are definitely worth a look.


Chris Harris said...

This year's "Card of the Week" promotion are 25 Ring of Honor cards. You know how the ROH's in series one were all odd-numbered? All the evens were exclusive to hobby shops.

Andy said...

Glad you liked the letter, man :)

I was tempted to write on it warning not to open in front of family...should I have done that?