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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Timeline Stadiums

Dang I love the backs of these cards. And apparently hobby boxes of Timelines are now thirty bucks a throw. Niiiiice.





The only problem with this subset is that I'm pretty sure there isn't a Pirate card in there as Jason Bay got traded to the Red Sox. It would really suck if there was no PNC Park version of these backs.


Joe S. said...

Only $30 ea? Damn... might have to pick up a couple now! I really liked this set, but I've only purchased one or two packs of it... Just in time for my weekly Friday trip to the card shop, too!

Unknown said...

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gcrl said...

in 04, the pirates cards had only an external shot of 3 rivers stadium.
i haven't been to the new busch stadium, but it looks like the view of the arch is much better than it was at the old busch.
and finally, the metrodome sucks.

Dinged Corners said...

The backs of UD Timeline are inspired. Really nice.

David said...

The Marlins' stadium is conspicuous by the lack of ambiance, atmosphere or character.

Anonymous said...

Perfect post, I wondered if anyone else thought the backs of these cards were pure greatness.

DaveH said...

David - your observations about the Marlins card are spot on (..."lack of ambiance, atmosphere or character"), but you forgot attendance.

David said...

You're right about the lack of crowds. But whatever you say about them, they have done well in winning two World Series titles.