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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2009 Topps Series Two Hobby Packs - Jackie vs. Mickey - Card 3

Drinkin' a beer, listenin' to Ween, writin' 'bout cards... Life is good.

Jackie Robinson pack card 3:

Card front: Pretty nice shot of Mike ranging for a grounder. I like the ivy in the background. The photo really fits in the card, you know? Thank goodness there's no bump in the border like last year.

Card back: Mike really poured it on at the end of last year. Batting average by month: July - .365, August - .316, September - .366. This is the shocker - The two Cubs second basemen with a higher OPS than Mike/s .909 last year: Rogers Hornsby and Ryne Sandberg. Yipe.

Mickey Mantle pack card 3:

Card front: Can you imagine Joba and CC walking into an all you can eat Chinese restaurant in Manhattan? Nice pic of Joba going all out in the delivery, but his throwing hand is scraping the blue foil dot triangle thingy in the corner.

Card back: I don't like the "Lowest Career (whatever) Against by Pitch Count" stat on these cards. I want to see results for every possible pitch count and there just isn't enough room. Joba has some pretty nasty stats last year, .260 ERA and 118 Ks in 100 innings is pretty nice. Also, any mention of Ryne Duren on a baseball card is welcomed.


If I was going by pure aesthetics, Fontenot would win. However, Mike will always be a useful infielder at best while Joba has potential Ace all over him. Mickey gets on the board in this one.

Jackie Robinson 2, Mickey Mantle 1


Motherscratcher said...

Isn't it an awful feeling when you have to go with a Yankee over...well...anyone? But, it's clear that you had no choice. Maybe if Fontenot's first name was Herman.

Mac-Hunter said...

Do you think there will be a day when the photographers can get the player and background in focus?

Ben said...

For some reason I think something was Photoshopped out of the Fontenot card. The ivy and grass on the left side look a little more blurry than the rest...