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Monday, June 8, 2009

2009 Topps Series Two Hobby Packs - Jackie vs. Mickey

I picked up a couple of hobby packs of Topps series 2 last week and instead of just doing a boring ol' pack rip post I thought I'd battle them to the DEATH. A rematch of the 1955 World Series, perhaps. Jackie vs. Mickey. I'll compare the cards one at a time so I can milk 10 posts out of $4 worth of cards. Here's the first card from each pack:

Jackie Robinson pack card 1:

Card front: I love this photo of Adam fielding at first. He's a damn good fielding first baseman and the photo is pretty slick. Topps has really stepped up a lot of the photography for this set.

Card back: Two stats pop out at me. First, Adam's career OPS is broken down by month up on the top of the card. His March/April OPS is an abysmal .605, but a smoking .989 in July. It's about time to pick Adam up for your fantasy team. Also if Adam hits 20 homers this season he'll tie Dick Stewart and Kevin Young with his third consecutive 20 homer season at first base. He's already got seven, so as long as he stays healthy (and isn't the next Pirate salary dump) he should hit twenty easily.

Mickey Mantle pack card 1:

Card front: I guess Juan's warming up in the on deck circle since he has a bat, but I don't see him wearing a helmet. I don't see the circle either for that matter. I'm not sure what the heck he's doing actually. The background is more interesting than Juan is on this card. I'd rather know what's up with yellow shirt guy, lady wearing a Yankee jersey and bald guy with no sleeves than Juan.

Card back: I'm struck by how much time Juan has missed. He hasn't played close to a full season since 2006 and has only topped 120 games twice. It looks like he's healthy this year though so maybe he can get back to the 20 dingers and .300 average he had in 2006. Topps goes with the 6 degrees of Mickey Mantle on the top of hs card and it's nice to see George Hendrick among the players.


Adam LaRoche is the better card and it's not close. The picture is better, the stats are better and Adam is simply the better player. Who would you rather have, a good defensive first baseman who consitently hits 20+ homers or a toolsy outfielder who can't seem to stay on the field? I'll take Adam. Plus, if Adam didn't win Captain Canuck would hitchhike down from Calgary to Atlanta just to punch me in the face.

Jackie Robinson 1, Mickey Mantle 0


Captain Canuck said...


Sharpe said...

To the death . . . Love it.

JD's Daddy said...

I love where this is headed. Can't wait for the battle of the Topps Town!

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Andy said...


That LaRoche card is easily the best photo on a 2009 card I have seen so far (and that's in a year with many great photos.)

I'd like to own that card. (nudge)