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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flea Market Finds - 6/13 Video edition

I promised a grab bag rip, and you got a grab bag rip. I got waaaaay too excited over a pile of junky cards, but there was some neat stuff in there. Below are the top 10 cards from the pack as determined by me:

#1 Crime Dog

#2 Prime Time poster

#3 '83 Topps League Leader blank back oddball

#4 Kirby

#5 Keith Dan & Jose

#6 Molly

#7 Julio

#8 Chicken Man

#9 Old Blue Jays sticker

#10 Pedro as a Dodger

Also, here's the complete list of cards in the pack.

2006 Topps Alex Rodriguez
1990 Score Kirby Puckett
1993 Score Select Paul Molitor
1983 Topps League Leaders (cut from sheet) Willie Wilson
1981 Fleer Fungused Dwayne Murphy
1981 Fleer Tom Donohue
1981 Fleer Buddy Bell
1981 Fleer Jim Clancy
1984 Donruss Eddie Milner
1983 Donruss Craig Swan
1983 Donruss Luis Leal
(2) 1982 Fleer Roy Smalley
1985 Topps Sixto Lezcano
1985 Topps Joel Youngblood
1985 Topps Ron Romanick
1985 Topps Dwight Evans
1985 Topps Luis Leal
1985 Topps Dane Iorg
1985 Topps Keith Hernandez All Star
1985 Topps Al Bumbry
1985 Topps Joe Cowley
1981 Fleer Pat Putnam
1997 Leaf Fred McGriff
1981 Fleer Ron Hassey
1981 Fleer Roberto Ramos
Texas Rangers sticker
1991 Donruss Rafael Palmiero MVP
2003 Upper Deck Pedro Martinez
1997 Collector's Choice Jose Canseco The Big Show
1994 Score Bobby Munoz
1994 Score Brad Pennington
1994 Bowman Kenny Felder
1997 Pinnacle Mark Thompson
1997 Pinnacle Greg Myers
1990 Topps Rafael Belliard
1996 Donruss Vince Coleman
Toronto Blue Jays sticker
1993 Topps Clemens/Maddux All Star
2005 Topps Pedro Martinez
1998 Topps Pedro Martinez
1994 Fleer Pedro Martinez
2005 Upper Deck Classics Jack Clark
1994 Bowman's Best Julio Franco
1994 Pinnacle Kirby Puckett
1997 Leaf Barry Larkin
1986 Topps Wade Boggs

The Posters:
1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated Deion Sanders
1997 Fleer Sports Illustrated Andres Galarraga/Vinny Castilla

Not too shabby for a buck! If you really want to see the horror that is Fungus Card, leave a comment and I'll fish it out of the bin and scan it for you.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I wanna see the fungus card!

patsearcher said...

Julio Franco looked really old even in 1994.

Anonymous said...

I think the Willie Wilson is a box bottom card.

dinged corners said...

funGUS funGUS funGUS!

ernest of canada said...

as the white album endorses...
no. 9, no. 9, no.9

Gellman said...

that Kirby is AWESOME!