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Friday, June 12, 2009

A mess o' ChipperMac from Beardy

I was going to do the standard 'show off 5 cards from the package' deal from the Braves I just got from Beardy, but I'm exhausted, the NHL Cup game seven game is on and it's thundering like mad so the power will go out soon anyway. So instead of that, here's a big mess of Chippers and McCanns he sent me.

I'll post some more later when I've gotten some sleep. There is a Lemmer that must be shared with the world.


McCann Can Triple said...

My two favourite players. Can you tell me the brand and year of that card where Chipper is sliding? (Or is that falling?)

dayf said...

The one on top? That's 2008 Stadium Club. I have about 8 of 'em if you want one.

McCann Can Triple said...

That's it. Thanks.

That would be awesome. I'm currently trying to build up my Brave and Chipper collection.

dayf said...

Send me an e-mail with an address or PO box or directions to a hollow log in the middle of a park where I can send the cards and I'll get some cards out to you. I can throw in some 2006 Topps too if you let me know which ones you need. My e-mail is in my profile.