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Friday, June 19, 2009

Proper Crop Props

Mario's right, (Beardy too) there's too much negativity. I've been busting Topps' chops over some lackluster photos that could use a bit of editing while ignoring the fact that this year's product has the best photography the flagship has had in years. To make amends and accentuate the positive, I offer to you 10 cards out of a jumbo pack I just purchased less than an hour ago (well, now about two hours since it took me a while to write and scan) because I was looking through the card aisle and accidentally broke the tab at the top of the pack that keeps it on the rack. I had to buy it, it was the only honorable thing to do at that point. I was rewarded.

Closely Cropped
Just like Walter Sobchak's noggin.

Nelson Cruz

Did he beat the tag?!?

Brian Duensing

The glare from the pitcher as a fastball comes straight at you.

Joe Girardi

The skipper cheering on the troops.

Medium Crop

You don't need an extreme closeup when there is additional context available.

Victor Martinez

Candidate for card of the year. Why? The hand reaching out to catch the ball VMart is tossing into the stands.

Alfredo Aceves

Great use of the horizontal layout with the high leg kick.

Jacoby Ellsbury

An unconventional shot of the bench but hey, that's why it works.

19th Century Smut

AKA: Ankle showing. You get to see EVERYTHING.


Now, if you crop this one tight, it's just a guy straining during a follow through.

You can never have enough of Howard connecting.


Oddly enough, I just sent this card to Andy of Traded Sets this morning. I'll probably send this one to Canuck.

By the way, check out the contest at Traded Sets. Mind bending!


Chris Young takes a long lead with Tulo shadowing him to the left and Barmes holding at second. At least I think that's who those Rockies are.

And Finally: The Most Perfectest

Sometimes that little tab at the top breaks for a reason.


Captain Canuck said...

that contest was over a long time ago. I sent in the answers 7 hours ago and was told I was too late...

Anonymous said...

I HATE when people break the tabs on the rack packs. It bothers me even more when some pack searcher comes along and decides to tear it just a little more so that you can see inside. Gah!