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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heavyweight Retro Championship of the World - Card 3

I have to be diligent about this and post at least one round a day or else I'll be finishing this up around Halloween.

#1 Heritage High Series Dioner Navarro

Catcher's mask and helmet perched upon a regular cap while Dioner sport sthe cool shades and a bad ass look on his face. If this card had come out in 1959 it would have made many straight-laced Eisenhower Era collectors wet their britches.

5 points

#2 Goudey Garret Anderson

Ok, so Braves don't always automatically win. Even if Garret was in a Braves uni and was living up to the absurdly high expectations Braves fans had for an end-of-career stopgap corner outfielder he wouldn't have beat bad-ass Dioner.

3 points

#3 Heritage Brandon Lyon

This one's pretty meh all around. There's a building a I guess. And Brandon's got a goatee. And it's red and blue. Yawn.

1 point

At the end of three:

2008 Heritage High Series 8 - 2009 Heritage 6 - 2009 Goudey 6.

(Don't Forget! Contest!)


Matt Runyon said...

The Navarro card wins hands down. Did you see Anderson being unable to chase down the double in last night's game. Sutcliffe said that Anderson isn't the same player anymore---I would have to agree wiht that.

RoofGod said...

You stole the Navarro is a badass line from my post on APTBNL didn't you? Thief!!! I might not read your bog for at least two days now as punishment. So don't go posting anything fun or interesting.

dayf said...

re: badass thief

Can you honestly think of another word that describes Dioner on that card? Other than maybe Chuck Norris?

RoofGod said...

Chuck Norris wouldn't wear sunglasses...but the sun would in his presence.