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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Three Hall of Famers

And Channel 17.

Oddly enough this card was found in a random lot of non-sports cards.

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The Greatest

Lee Elia's rant turns 30 today.

Lee is now an assistant to Braves GM Frank Wren and thus no longer needs to rant about shitty ballclubs.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Heritage FrankenSet - Page 7

1954 design Barry Larkin with the red background is freakin' perfect. I'm also very happy that Marquis Grissom got the Center Square. The rest of the page was difficult though. The '57 page was absolutely dreadful and I'm lucky I was able to get Godzilla in the set.

Card #55 - Reggie Sanders
Reggie Sanders was a Brave for like 5 minutes and I can't for the life of me remember a damn thing he did so I'm moving on.

#56 - Hideki Matsui
Great gravy, this guy's rookie cards here hotter than Godzilla's radioactive laser breath when they came out. I think you can get 'em in dime boxes now. They're still cool though. At least as cool as this:

#57 - Brad Lidge
Ok, so Lidge gave up a few really, really high profile home runs. Ok so he flamed out like so many fireballing closers have. He'll have 2008 forever. There's a bunch of players who'd stomp on kittens while wearing cleats for a moment like that.

#58 - Conor Jackson
Another Diamondback. Somehow the FrankenSet became infested with snakes. I like snakes slightly more than Indiana Jones so this is distressing to me. I remember that Conor was a decent player but it looks like he retired after a short stint in Boston. In 2007 or 2008 I pulled a Conor Jackson relic out of Allen & Ginter. It was goofed up though, the mini card was wedged in between the bottom frame so I could actually slide the thing out if I nudged it a bit. I contemplated being evil and slipping out the relic and putting in one of my extra original A&G cards and making mad bank on eBay. My conscience got the better of me though and I didn't do it. I shall instead remain broke and keep both my integrity and a busted up relic.

#59 - Marquis Grissom
The Braves should have never traded Marquis away to the Indians. Never. Never ever. The second he left, there was a constant revolving door of malcontent outfielders wandering on and off our roster. Kenny Lofton, Reggie Sanders, BJ Surhoff, Gary Sheffield, JD Drew. Ok so some of those guys had great seasons for us, but they weren't Marquis Grissom. Yeah, fine, if we don't trade Justice and Grissom, we supposedly don't have the cash to keep Tom Glavine. We won soooo many championships with Tommy didn't we? Before he defected to the Mets that is and won all those rings in New York. Marquis caught the last out of the '96 World Series. Marquis shoulda been a Brave for life. As I'm lying on my deathbed still waiting for a second Braves championship that will never come I'll know it was The Curse of Marquis that got us all those years.

#60 - Larry Bowa
I would have remembered Larry as a scrappy infielder had he not had one really good year managing the Phillies. Now I remember him for being a flameout manager who is now a talking head. I miss the '80s.

#61 - Matt Clement
So I looked up Matt Clement on Baseball Reference to see where he was pitching now and he hasn't played an inning since 2006.

Jesus Christ how fucking old am I???

#62 - Barry Larkin
Hall of Famer in the hizzouse! Reds legend with the red background. I will always remember his 1995 MVP season where his Reds got absolutely schooled by the Braves in the playoffs on their way to a title.

#63 - Ryan Freel
Ending the page on a sad note. RIP Ryan.

I'll try to post the next page before the All-Star break but no promises

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Joy of a completed team set - 1992 Topps Atlanta Braves

Last week kinda sucked, let's make this a better one. Here's a 1992 Topps Braves team set. I was missing Otis Nixon but I scrounged it from my 2nd 1992 set and put this one to bed. Thankfully, there were no Traded cards for the Braves in '92 or this would be incomplete like a half dozen other of my team sets from 20-30 years ago. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Joy of a completed Team Set - 1986 Topps Atlanta Braves

I can't write worth a flip right now even though I have a dozen posts all scanned and uploaded and ready to go once I think of some words. I am good at sorting and cataloging and scanning though. My 1986-2013 Topps Braves sets are finally in order after years of procrastination. Sadly, this is the only completed set of the bunch. Traded cards are my nemesis right now. At least I can knock this set off the wantlist. Enjoy the junk wax!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

2002 Topps Heritage Want List

I can't complete all the Heritage sets, but if I put my mind to it I bet I can complete this one. A bunch of the cards on this list are already in the FrankenSet so I can scrounge them if needed. I'm probably also going to go for the 2013 set as well but I'm not putting together a list until I get some more of that stuff.

10 Randy Johnson Night SP
*17 Tom Glavine
25 Rafael Furcal Night SP
*36 Mark McGwire
37 Chipper Jones SP
53 Alex Rodriguez SP
63 Jeff Cirillo Night SP
*77 Tino Martinez
92 Johnny Damon Night SP
*101 Boof Bonser
*109 Rich Aurilia
*128 Jermaine Dye
*145 Frank Thomas
*168 Rondell White
*186 Gookie Dawkins
*221 Steve Sparks
*231 Orlando Cabrera
*269 Mark Buehrle
*276 Chris Carpenter
292 Joaquin Benoit
*293 Ken Caminiti
299 John Smoltz
*310 Brian Jordan
*355 Jason Bay
*364 Albert Pujols SP
371 Mike Piazza SP
*373 Todd Helton SP
375 Mariano Rivera SP
377 Tony Gwynn SP
379 J.J. Trujillo SP
380 Brad Ausmus SP
*393 Luis Gonzalez SP
*397 Nomar Garciaparra SP
398 Jason Schmidt SP
399 David Espinosa SP
400 Steve Green SP
402 Chris Tritle SP
404 Josh Towers SP
*406 Brent Butler SP
413 Shawn Estes SP
*423 Casey Fossum SP
425 Laynce Nix SP
*431 Roberto Alomar SP
433 Tim Wakefield SP
434 Robert Fick SP
436 Jose Mesa SP
*438 Jose Hernandez SP
440 Brian West SP
441 Barry Zito SP
*443 Marlon Byrd SP
444 A.J. Burnett SP
446 Carlos Delgado SP

New Age Performers
*NA-4 Ken Griffey, Jr.
NA-5 Ichiro
NA-6 Sammy Sosa
*NA-7 Andruw Jones
NA-8 Derek Jeter
NA-9 Todd Helton
NA-10 Alex Rodriguez

Then and Now
TN-3 Carl Furillo/Larry Walker
TN-4 Minnie Minoso/Ichiro Suzuki
TN-5 Richie Ashburn/Rich Aurelia
*TN-7 Duke Snider/Sammy Sosa
TN-10 Billy Pierce/Hideo Nomo

Classic Renditions
CR-3 Roger Cedeno
CR-5 Albert Pujols
CR-7 Cristian Guzman
*CR-8 Jimmy Rollins

Cards with a * means those are in the FrankenSet, but I'm greedy and want another one

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Topps Heritage Braves Team Checklists

While trying to get my Topps Heritage Braves team binder together I checked a whole lot of online checklists to figure out what I actually needed. I learned a lot from my research - that all online checklists should be taken with a grain of salt. Especially this one. I gave up trying to confirm everything after about 2006 because apparently no one has any clue what team anyone else is on if the card is short printed. I never know Tony Gwynn played for the Orioles... I'm still trying to find all my Braves to fill out my binder so I can do a wantlist but in the meantime here's the unedited lists for your listing needs. I included black backs variations and non-super-short-printed variations but not impossible variations or Target black front variations because I am lazy. Perhaps one day I will be unlazied and add all that crap along with the inserts. Probably not.

2001 Topps Heritage
2a Brian Jordan - red back
2b Brian Jordan - black back
9a Kevin Millwood - red back
9b Kevin Millwood - black back
16a Andres Galarraga - red back
16b Andres Galarraga - black back
21a Quilvio Veras - red back
21b Quilvio Veras - black back
25a Eddie Perez - red back
25b Eddie Perez - black back
30a Rafael Furcal - red back
30b Rafael Furcal - black back
33a Tom Glavine - red back
33b Tom Glavine - black back
34a Javy Lopez - red back
34b Javy Lopez - black back
36a Wally Joyner - red back
36b Wally Joyner - black back
40a Andy Ashby - red back
40b Andy Ashby - black back
47a Walt Weiss - red back
47b Walt Weiss - black back
49a Greg Maddux - red back
49b Greg Maddux - black back
52a Chipper Jones - red back
52b Chipper Jones - black back
72a Andruw Jones - red back
72b Andruw Jones - black back
135 B.J. Surhoff

2002 Topps Heritage
17 Tom Glavine
25a Rafael Furcal
25b Rafael Furcal - Night SP
33 Wes Helms
37 Chipper Jones SP
39 Odalis Perez
98 John Burkett
129 Marcus Giles
134 Kevin Millwood
147 Greg Maddux
201 Javy Lopez
242 Vinny Castilla
293 Ken Caminiti
299 John Smoltz
310 Brian Jordan
378 Wilson Betemit SP
405 Andruw Jones SP
429 Jason Marquis SP

2003 Topps Heritage
67 Vinny Castilla
79 Kevin Millwood
99 Jason Marquis
102 Wilson Betemit
128 Adam LaRoche SP
141 Trey Hodges SP
163 Andruw Jones
170 Andy Marte SP
176 Bobby Cox
277 John Smoltz
285 Russ Ortiz
299 Mike Hampton
305 Javy Lopez
330 Greg Maddux
367 Paul Byrd SP
378 Gary Sheffield SP
382 Chipper Jones SP
407 Marcus Giles SP
417 Rafael Furcal SP
422 Adam Wainwright SP

2004 Topps Heritage
26 Horacio Ramirez
40a Chipper Jones Pointing
40b Chipper Jones Fielding SP
57 Robert Fick
66 Kyle Davies
68 Marcus Giles
98 Bobby Cox
123 Zach Miner SP
161 Anthony Lerew
178 Shane Reynolds
208 Andruw Jones
214 Greg Maddux
216 John Thomson
295 Russ Ortiz
303 Sung Jung
310 Paul Byrd
401 Brayan Pena SP
404 Javy Lopez SP
437 John Smoltz SP
451 Rafael Furcal SP
461 Mike Hampton SP

2005 Topps Heritage
10 John Smoltz
34 Nick Green
53 Juan Cruz
93 Eli Marrero
95 Atlanta Braves
130 Andruw Jones SP
172 Steve Doetsch
233 John Thomson
270 Mike Hampton
273a Chipper Jones Sliding
273b Chipper Jones Fielding SP
304 Rafael Furcal
353a Tim Hudson Atlanta Cap
353b Tim Hudson Milwaukee Cap SP
364 Marcus Giles
383 Johnny Estrada
386 Adam LaRoche
428 James Jurries SP

2006 Topps Heritage
20a A.Jones w/o Seats
20b A.Jones w/Seats SP
32 Marcus Giles
80a T.Hudson Red/White Letter
80b T.Hudson Blue Letter SP
90 Chipper Jones
99 Brian Jordan SP
114 Atlanta Braves
118 Chris Reitsma
138 Chuck James
205 Jeff Francoeur
225 Brayan Pena
283 John Smoltz SP
373 Horacio Ramirez
396 Ryan Langerhans
459 John Thomson
462 Kelly Johnson
463 Kyle Davies
480 Mike Hampton

2007 Topps Heritage
9 Craig Wilson
10 John Smoltz
64 Tim Hudson
110 Edgar Renteria
128 Willy Aybar
147 Chuck James
204 Rafael Soriano SP
241 Mike Gonzalez
314 Braves Boss and Power - Chipper Jones / Bobby Cox
355 Matt Diaz
377 Atlanta Braves
390 Brian McCann
440 Chipper Jones
482 Edgar Renteria AS SP

2008 Topps Heritage
4 Mark Teixeira
40a Tim Hudson
40b Tim Hudson black back
95 Buddy Carlyle
131 Brandon Jones
165 Jeff Francoeur
212 Fence Buster - Andruw Jones & Chipper Jones
218 Rafael Soriano
307 Kelly Johnson
312 Tom Glavine
347a Chuck James
347b Chuck James black back
356 Yunel Escobar
362 Clint Sammons
419 Atlanta Braves
425 Brian McCann
440 John Smoltz
450 Chipper Jones SP
451 Josh Anderson SP
495 Brian McCann AS SP
511 Jair Jurrjens
592a Mike Hampton
592b Mike Hampton black back
618 Matt Diaz
641 Omar Infante
651a Martin Prado
651b Martin Prado black back
662 Jorge Campillo
675 Mike Gonzalez
684 Jo-Jo Reyes

2009 Topps Heritage
3 Casey Kotchman
37 Jeff Francoeur
70 Tom Glavine
100 Jair Jurrjens
107 Jo-Jo Reyes
129 James Parr
158 Gregor Blanco
170 Brian McCann
189 Mike Gonzalez
205 Yunel Escobar
215 Bobby Cox
246 Brandon Jones
335 Kelly Johnson
350 Javier Vazquez
374 Tim Hudson
381 Atlanta Braves
417 Martin Prado
420 Chipper Jones
445 John Smoltz SP
464 Roger McDowell / Terry Pendleton / Chino Cadahia / Glenn Hubbard CO, SP
486 Chipper Jones AS SP
558 David Ross
561 Derek Lowe
562 Diory Hernandez
577 Adam LaRoche
610 Jordan Schafer
620 Kenshin Kawakami
625 Kris Medlen
635 Matt Diaz
659 Rafael Soriano
674 Ryan Church
697 Garret Anderson SP
707 Tommy Hanson  SP
712 Nate McLouth  SP

2010 Topps Heritage
28 Melky Cabrera
45 N.L. ERA Leaders - Chris Carpenter Cardinals, Tim Lincecum Giants, Jair Jurrjens Braves & Adam Wainwright Cardinals
49 N.L. Strikeout Leaders - Tim Lincecum Giants, Javier Vazquez Braves, Dan Haren Diamondbacks & Adam Wainwright Cardinals
73 Nate McLouth
84 Garret Anderson
89 Martin Prado
105 Tim Hudson
120 Chipper Jones
137 Bobby Cox
145 Jair Jurrjens
164 Yunel Escobar
239 Derek Lowe
322 Michael Dunn
395 Tommy Hanson
400 Brian McCann
458 Kenshin Kawakami SP

2011 Topps Heritage
30 Chipper Jones
52 NL Batting Leaders - Carlos Gonzalez Rockies, Joey Votto Reds, Omar Infante Braves Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
63 Tommy Hanson
76 Freddie Freeman
141 Babe Ruth
158 Atlanta Braves
239 Brandon Beachy
278 Derek Lowe
307 Jair Jurrjens
320 Jason Heyward
367 Dan Uggla
380 Tim Hudson
391 Martin Prado AS
397 Brian McCann AS
443 Brian McCann SP
486 Martin Prado SP
494 Rookie Parade Pitchers - Barry Enright Diamondbacks, Mike Minor Braves, Travis Wood Reds, Alex Sanabia Marlins, Drew Storen Nationals SP
495 Rookie Parade Pitchers - Andrew Cashner Cubs, Jonny Venters Braves, Kenley Jansen Dodgers, Jenrry Mejia Mets, John Axford Brewers SP
497 Rookie Parade Infielders - Argenis Diaz Pirates, Brett Wallace Astros, Brandon Hicks Braves, Lance Zawadzki Padres SP

2012 Topps Heritage
46 Michael Bourn
53 Freddie Freeman
62 Eric O'Flaherty
73 Fredi Gonzalez
138 Pride of NL - Dan Uggla & Chipper Jones
229 Brandon Beachy
238 Jose Constanza
275 Dan Uggla
298 Martin Prado
308 Brian McCann
347 Chipper Jones
350 Tommy Hanson
390 Jason Heyward
394 Tim Hudson
398 Craig Kimbrel
399 Mike Minor
409 Jair Jurrjens
429 Jonny Venters SP
454 Julio Teheran SP
612 Tyler Pastornicky
622 Reed Johnson
642 Andrelton Simmons

2013 Topps Heritage 
22 Andrelton Simmons
35 Michael Bourn
53 Tyler Pastornicky
70 Brian McCann
95 B.J. Upton
115 Dan Uggla
126 Craig Kimbrel
152 Tim Hudson
162 Chipper Jones & Lord Voldemort
189 Freddie Freeman
218 Brandon Beachy
300 Jason Heyward
333 Mike Minor
335 Jonny Venters
400 Kris Medlen
416 Paul Maholm
417 Juan Francisco
481 Martin Prado SP

2011 Topps Heritage Minors
1 Andrelton Simmons - Lynchburg Hillcats
33 Carlos Perez - Rome Braves
46 Arodys Vizcaino - Lynchburg Hillcats
97 Dimaster Delgado - Lynchburg Hillcats
153 Joe Leonard - Lynchburg Hillcats
155 Matt Lipka - Rome Braves
167 Edward Salcedo - Rome Braves
193 Elmer Reyes - Rome Braves

2012 Topps Heritage Minors
99 Evan Gattis - Mississippi Braves
102 Chris Garcia  - Lynchburg Hillcats
107 J.R. Graham - Lynchburg Hillcats
110 Cody Martin - Lynchburg Hillcats
173 Joe Terdoslavich  - Mississippi Braves
191 Tommy La Stella - Lynchburg Hillcats
201 Christian Bethancourt SP - Mississippi Braves

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i have no words for the joy i feel

Monday, April 8, 2013

One week down, twenty-five to go

Braves are playing hard at 6-1.

No More Parties

But the bass goes on.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Eighty dolls yelling "Small girl after all"

Who was at the DuPont Pavilion?

Why was the bench still warm?

 Who had been there?

Heritage Frankenset - Page 6

Confession - You have no idea how close I came to putting ALL the Chippers in the Frankenset. The one I wanted to put in most was the '57 design, but it turns out I didn't actually have it. So the '52 had to do. The bottom row of this one filled in almost instantly, leaving me to struggle with filling out the rest of the page.

Card #46 - Joel Zumaya
I've never played Guitar Hero. Too scared. That'll mess up your arm something fierce. Oh wait, no, throwing balls-out on every single pitch ever will mess up your arm. It sure did work in 2006 though.

#47 - Adrian Beltre
This guy has been playing abso-freaking-lutely forEVER and he's still only 34. I remember seeing rookie inserts for Adrian all over the dang place in the late '90s and he's still producing. I still think of Adrian as a Dodger most of the time. He had that crazy 48-homer year for the Dodgers in 2004 but did you know he came in third to Miggy and Trout in the AL MVP voting last year? I know 34 years old now is a lot different from 34 years old a decade ago but Adrian's starting to creep into some elite territory.

#48 - Zach Day
A National. Ugh, I hate Nationals. Why couldn't this card have had him as an Expo. He actually pitched decently as an Expo. I blame Bud Selig.

#49 Doug Davis
Cancer survivor who plugged away with that left arm of his for a long time. Doug pitched for AAA Omaha last year but I'm not sure if he made any clubs for 2013. I can't pick him up in my fantasy league so Doug may have retired.

#50 Juan Cruz
I attracted Juan Cruz insert cards like a magnet in the early aughts and ended up pulling three or four pretty good ones out of packs when we was a Cub. Then the Cubs traded Juan to the Braves were he had a fantastic season out of the bullpen. He then got flipped to the A's for Tim Hudson and I completely forgot about Juan Cruz. He was released by the Pirates in August last year and I can't find him on any other roster. I'll always have that handful of Cubbie Cruz inserts stashed away in a box of Braves cards though.

#51 - Chad Cordero
ARGH Nationals. At least Cordero was a legit pitcher unlike Day. Made an All-Star team and everything! I don't know where the heck Topps gets some of their photographs though. Did the photographer ask Chad to do his best Larry Sellers impersonation?

#52 - Chipper Jones
While I am very sad that Chipper is not playing third for Atlanta anymore holy fraking crap is it fun seeing him tweet a bunch of crazy crap during Braves games like the rest of us slobs.

#53 - Miguel Cabrera
All right stat geeks, I'm gonna say this once and only once and if you just don't get it then I can't help you. Mike Trout had an awesome year in 2012. An incredible year. An All-Timer year. People are going to be talking about his rookie season decades from now. Here's the thing though: Miguel Cabrera also had an incredible year in 2012. AND he did something that no other player has done in my LIFETIME and I ain't no spring chicken. Something that has been considered one of the greatest individual achievements possible in the sport for over a CENTURY. AND he's been performing at a very high level in the majors for a DECADE. MVP? Miguel Cabrera has paid his dues. He EARNED that shit. Mike Trout earned the Rookie of the Year and will very likely earn his own MVP if not multiple MVPs if he stays healthy. Cabrera over Trout will probably end up being a great topic of baseball discussion for years to come, like the Joe DiMaggio/Ted Williams MVP battles. But if certain devotees of the WAR keep acting like Miggy over Trout was a travesty worse than Terry Pendleton over Barry Bonds or Marty Marion over Stan Musial then people are going to completely tune you and your formulas out. There is more to baseball than just numbers. Just throwing that out there.

#54 - Mo Vaughn
Is is just me or has every big slugger who jumped ship and signed a big deal with another team immediately gotten zapped by the baseball gods for their disloyalty? Trades like Frank Robinson or Mark McGwire don't count. I'm sure someone out there signed a massive contract for a team other than the team they are most associated with and had success but I'm drawing a blank. And then there's poor Mo Vaughn, struck down by the lack of a guardrail in his prime. And THEN the poor guy got traded to the Mets. The baseball gods may have been a little extra cruel in this case.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the sensible stat geeks out there for being sensible. Thank you, sensible stat geeks. You know who you are.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tonight made me sad, so here's some happy

Stupid Cliff Lee. Why didn't it rain longer. Oh well, here's a happy card from Captain Canuck:

Oh hello there Chipper Jones rookie. Let us flip you over and bask in the glory of your DeLand, Florida high school statistics.

Mon Dieu! IZ FRENCH! What is this Canadian witchery??? Oh wait, it's on O-Pee-Chee card! Hooray! that's one of the only Chipper rookies I didn't have already! This might be my first 1991 O-Pee-Chee card period, actually. You don't see them down here much, unless you're talking about the massively overproduced 1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier set. I feel much happier already, don't you? This is actually not even the best card in that package from Canuck, but that's a story for another post...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome to the Show, Evan


If anyone has one or two of these things lying around, please let me know.

Heritage FrankenSet - Page 5

This page was easy as hell to put together. Crazy Eyes Zito was a lead pipe lock as it's probably by favorite card from the '03 set. The two New York Legends were also No Brainers. Fat Panda rookie card? Yes, please. Shane Victorino looks like he just can't believe that this page was so easy. Writing this post was not so easy as evident by how long I put it off.

Card #37 - David Wright
All right, confession time: I know I'm supposed to hate the Mets and all, and Wright did steal the spotlight from Chipper a few times as the premiere 3rd baseman in the NL East, but... Ok I kinda think Wright is damn fine ballplayer. I don't even mind he's a Met lifer. They deserve one good player. Still can't stand those stupid Topps of the Class cards that were in every damn pack in 2008 though.

#38 - Mark Reynolds
Remember the Cadaco All-Star Baseball game? The one with the player discs and you use a spinner to determine if it's a hit or an out? Mark Reynolds' disc looks like Pac-Man. The mouth is a home run and everything else is a strikeout.

#39 - Mariano Rivera
Best Closer Ever. Now with the Saves record. I sure hope this doesn't give the BBWAA an excuse to ignore Trevor Hoffman when he's eligible in a few years. Oh wait, The BBWAA is going to ignore EVERYBODY from now on because they can't get their goddamn act together. In less 'grudge I harp on about every couple months' news, I had the chance to have Craig Kimbrel and Mo as my closers on my fantasy team but I blew it when I went with Jim Johnson instead. I kinda regret it a little bit, but then again the Orioles are probably going to have way more save opportunities this year.

#40 Barry Zito
As far as I'm concerned Barry Zito with the Zoolander stare is the most iconic card in the '03 Heritage set. It's the first one I think of anyway. I just won a Cy Young say whaaaaaat? And you can say whatever you want about that contract but he pitched his ass off in the playoffs last year and he's got two Rings with the Giants. Tim Hudson ain't got no rings and that rat bastard Posey was out.

#41 - Reed Johnson
Stealth Brave in the middle of the page. Thank God Ryan Dempster didn't want to come here last year. Instead we got Reed and Paul Maholm and flipped the guy we were going to send to the Cubs for J-Up. Who kinda stole Reed's left field job, but hey, right handed bat off the bench is a perfectly respectable profession.

#42 - Pablo Sandoval
I don't know who made this, but I love you.

#43 - Scott Brosius
Third baseman for the New York Yankees. Scott has three rings, A-Rod has one.


#44 - Jimmy Haynes
That guy you picked in your fantasy draft when you realized that you had 8 outfielders all capable of hitting 25 home runs but only three pitchers and two of those were closers. Also from LaGrange Georgia! Troup County representin'! And yet another player who is the same age as me and hasn't played a major league game in almost nine years. (cries)

#45 - Shane Victorino
A gigantic friggin' pain in the ass who beat the ever living snot out of my Braves every dang chance he got and almost murdered Brian McCann once that dirty so-and-so. You have no idea how happy I am that he has been exiled to the American League so I don't have to see him all year long. Thanks, Boston!

Y'all aren't yelling at me when I slack off on posting these things so if the next page comes out in May it's all your fault.

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Happy Real Opening Day

Braves vs. Phillies.

Hello Baseball.