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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Setsmas All Year Round - Day 8: Junk Food

True facts: One of the first trading cards I ever had if not THE first card* was a 1978 Burger King card acquired in Toronto on a family trip. That card was of a Tiger and is long gone like my memories of that trip. If it even happened, I don't really know for sure because I was 5 and I can't even remember what I ate for lunch yesterday let alone confirm crap that happened almost 40 years ago. I do know I have this '78 Yankees BK team set because I found the scans in my draft folder. I thought I had posted it already but I forgot. I also forgot who sent me this many years ago, sorry and thanks. Man, it's a drag getting old.  

Yeah I know. Yankees. Everyone hates the Yankees. Well I liked, like and will always like the Yankees. Up to the moment Don Mattingly retired at least. All subsequent Yankees teams suck and can go chew on tinfoil. Not crazy about Burger King either, The grease makes me feel oogy and screws up all the numbers in my blood tests. Oh boy did I like their onion rings when I was a kid though. Man, it's a drag getting old.  

This set is cardboard onion rings. Mmmmmmmmmm.

*The official 'first card' is now a 1980 Topps Mike Schmidt. It can be seen in my first post. My goodness that was over a decade ago. Man, it's a drag getting old.  

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Insert set wantlist

Insert set wantlist - Mostly Topps for now, major work in progress. I need it handy so I'm posting it before it's ready. I'll put a real post up tonight sometime.

2001 Topps

Through the Years

Before There Was Topps
BT1 Lou Gehrig
BT2 Babe Ruth
BT3 Cy Young
BT4 Walter Johnson
BT5 Ty Cobb
BT6 Rogers Hornsby
BT7 Honus Wagner
BT8 Christy Mathewson
BT9 Grover Cleveland Alexander
BT10 Joe DiMaggio

What Could Have Been
WCB1 Josh Gibson
WCB2 Satchel Paige
WCB5 Rube Foster
WCB9 Ray Dandridge
WCB10 John Lloyd

Bowman Rookie Reprints
1 Yogi Berra
3 Stan Musial
5 Roy Campanella
6 Bob Lemon
7 Robin Roberts
8 Duke Snider
10 Richie Ashburn
11 Gil Hodges
12 Hank Bauer
13 Don Newcombe
14 Al Rosen
15 Willie Mays
16 Joe Garagiola
17 Whitey Ford
18 Lew Burdette
19 Gil McDougald
20 Minnie Minoso
23 Don Larsen
24 Elston Howard
25 Don Zimmer

Fleer Platinum 20th Anniversary Reprints
9 Barry Bonds
10 Ken Griffey, Jr.
11 Sammy Sosa
13 Jeff Bagwell
17 Xavier Nady

2003 Play Ball Reprints

1 Ted Williams
9 Jimmie Foxx

2003 Topps

1951 Blue/Red Backs
Blue Backs
Albert Pujols
Sammy Sosa
Kazuhisa Ishii
Jason Giambi
Chipper Jones
Ivan Rodriguez
Luis Gonzalez
Pat Burrell
Mark Prior
Adam Dunn
Austin Kearns
Alfonso Soriano
Pedro Martinez
Randy Johnson
Richie Sexson
Troy Glaus
Shawn Green
Eric Hinske
Greg Maddux
Jimmy Rollins
Scott Rolen
Mike Sweeney

Red Backs
Nomar Garciaparra
Ichiro Suzuki
Alex Rodriguez
Sammy Sosa
Barry Bonds
Vladimir Guerrero
Miguel Tejada
Alfonso Soriano
Adam Dunn
Jason Giambi
Mike Piazza
Scott Rolen
Shawn Green
Albert Pujols
Ivan Rodriguez
Lance Berkman
Barry Zito
Magglio Ordonez
Rafael Palmeiro
Larry Walker
Carlos Delgado
Brian Giles
Pedro Martinez
Greg Maddux

2004 Topps

Fall Classic Covers

FC1905 World Series
FC1906 World Series
FC1907 World Series
FC1914 World Series
FC1915 World Series
FC1917 World Series
FC1921 World Series
FC1922 World Series
FC1929 World Series
FC1932 World Series
FC1933 World Series
FC1936 World Series
FC1937 World Series
FC1941 World Series
FC1943 World Series
FC1947 World Series
FC1949 World Series
FC1954 World Series
FC1959 World Series
FC1963 World Series
FC1964 World Series
FC1965 World Series
FC1967 World Series
FC1970 World Series
FC1975 World Series
FC1976 World Series
FC1977 World Series
FC1978 World Series
FC1980 World Series
FC1983 World Series
FC1985 World Series
FC1986 World Series
FC1987 World Series
FC1988 World Series
FC1993 World Series
FC1995 World Series
FC1997 World Series
FC2000 World Series
FC2003 World Series

2006 Topps

HTA Rookie of the Week

Declaration of Independence
AC Abraham Clark
CR Caesar Rodney
GR George Ross
GWY George Wythe
JWI John Witherspoon
TJ Thomas Jefferson
TS Thomas Stone
WF William Floyd
WH William Hooper

United States Constitution Signers
SC-AB Abraham Baldwin
SC-CP Charles Pinckney
SC-GM Gouverneur Morris
SC-JB John Blair
SC-JM James Madison
SC-WB William Blount
SC-WL William Livingston
SC-HDR1 Header Card
SC-HDR2 Header Card
SC-HDR3 Header Card

2006  Wal-Mart
WM2 Ted Williams 1
WM3 Yogi Berra 2
WM5 Mickey Mantle 1
WM6 Mickey Mantle 2
WM7 Alex Rodriguez 2
WM8 Carlos Zambrano UPD
WM9 Gary Carter 2
WM10 Roy Oswalt 2
WM13 Carlos Lee 1
WM14 Johan Santana 2
WM15 Roberto Clemente 2
WM16 Carl Yastrzemski 2
WM17 Chase Utley UPD
WM19 Jason Bay UPD
WM21 Chipper Jones 2
WM22 Ichiro Suzuki 1
WM24 Tom Seaver 1
WM25 Alfonso Soriano 2
WM26 Andruw Jones 1
WM30 Mark Teixeira 1
WM31 Albert Pujols 2
WM32 Cal Ripken, Jr. 2
WM33 Ryne Sandberg 1
WM35 Roger Clemens 1
WM36 Jose Reyes 2
WM38 Derrek Lee 2
WM39 Miguel Cabrera 2
WM41 Barry Bonds 1
WM42 Barry Bonds 2
WM43 Jeff Francoeur UPD
WM44 Livan Hernandez 2
WM45 Derek Jeter 2
WM47 Carlos Delgado UPD
WM48 Ivan Rodriguez 1
WM49 Todd Helton UPD
WM51 Miguel Tejada UPD
WM53 Vladimir Guerrero 1

2007 Topps

WM29 Hanley Ramirez
WM40 Magglio Ordonez
WM41 Prince Fielder
WM48 Gary Sheffield
WM49 Tim Lincecum
WM50 J.J. Putz
WM53 Adam LaRoche

Flashback Fridays

Distinguished Service
DS1 Duke Snider
DS8 Franklin D. Roosevelt
DS12 Hank Sauer
DS20 Mark Clark


Trading Card History
TCH1 Jacoby Ellsbury
TCH2 Joba Chamberlain
TCH7 Mickey Mantle
TCH23 Chien-Ming Wang
TCH24 Ichiro Suzuki
TCH25 Grady Sizemore
TCH51 Victor Martinez
TCH56 Hiroki Kuroda
TCH63 Russ Martin
TCH69 Robinson Cano
TCH70 Brad Hawpe
TCH73 Chris Young
TCH74 Carlos Zambrano
TCH75 Felix Hernandez

50th Anniversary All-Rookie Team
AR13 Alfonso Soriano
AR17 Justin Verlander
AR21 Jason Bay
AR27 Andruw Jones
AR29 Jimmy Rollins
AR30 Brian McCann
AR31 Scott Podsednik
AR36 Austin Kearns
AR43 C.C. Sabathia
AR45 Scott Rolen
AR46 Derek Jeter
AR50 Kenny Lofton
AR56 Carlos Beltran
AR57 Andre Ethier
AR58 Brian Bannister
AR59 Chris Young
AR60 Troy Tulowitzki
AR61 Hideki Okajima
AR62 Delmon Young
AR63 Craig Wilson
AR64 Hunter Pence
AR65 Tadahito Iguchi
AR66 Mark Kotsay
AR67 Nick Markakis
AR68 Russ Adams
AR69 Russ Martin
AR70 James Loney
AR71 Ryan Braun
AR72 Jonny Gomes
AR75 Joe Torre
AR76 Jeff Kent
AR77 Huston Street
AR78 Dustin Pedroia
AR79 Gustavo Chacin
AR80 Adam Dunn
AR82 Rocco Baldelli
AR83 Chad Tracy
AR86 Khalil Greene
AR87 Daniel Cabrera
AR88 Mike Gonzalez
AR89 Ty Wigginton
AR92 Miguel Olivo
AR94 Eric Hinske
AR95 Ramon Santiago
AR96 Jason Jennings
AR97 Adam Kennedy
AR101 Bengie Molina
AR102 Mark Redman
AR106 Kerry Wood
AR107 Dmitri Young


The Cards Your Mother Threw Out
Series One
CMT-1 Mickey Mantle 1952
CMT-2 Jackie Robinson 1953
CMT-3 Ernie Banks 1954
CMT-24 Robin Yount 1975
CMT-32 Ryne Sandberg 1983
CMT-42 Derek Jeter 1993
CMT59 Phil Rizzuto 1952
CMT60 Mickey Mantle 1953
CMT62 Yogi Berra 1955
CMT66 Warren Spahn 1959
CMT76 Nolan Ryan 1969
CMT78 Frank Robinson 1971
CMT87 Joe Morgan 1980
CMT91 ??? 1984

CMT94 Don Mattingly 1987
CMT99 Cal Ripken, Jr. 1992
CMT106 Alex Rodriguez 1999
CMT110 Cole Hamels 2003
CMT114 Derek Jeter 2007
CMT121 Jackie Robinson 1956
CMT123 Roger Maris 1958
CMT129 Willie Stargell 1964
CMT132 Brooks Robinson 1967
CMT134 Mickey Mantle 1969
CMT135 Nolan Ryan 1970
CMT139 Nolan Ryan 1974
CMT143 Andre Dawson 1978
CMT144 Dale Murphy 1979
CMT153 Eddie Murray RB 1988
CMT154 Craig Biggio 1989
CMT155 Larry Walker 1990
CMT157 Don Mattingly 1992
CMT161 Chipper Jones 1996
CMT162 Derek Jeter 1997
CMT163 Mike Piazza / Ken Griffey, Jr. ILP 1998
CMT164 Alex Rodriguez / Nomar Garciaparra / Derek Jeter 1999
CMT170 Ian Kinsler 2005

Vintage Legends Collection
VLC1 Lou Gehrig 1958
VLC12 Jackie Robinson 1976
VLC14 Mel Ott 1989
VLC16 Thurman Munson 1959
VLC19 Rogers Hornsby 1996
VLC20 Ty Cobb 1956
VLC21 Nolan Ryan 1952
VLC23 Cy Young 1987 AS
VLC-27 Cy Young 1977
VLC-28 Ozzie Smith
VLC-29 Nolan Ryan 1957
VLC-31 Babe Ruth 1975
VLC-38 Lou Gehrig 1995
VLC-39 Roy Campanella 2001 HTA
VLC-41 Honus Wagner 2000
VLC-43 Johnny Bench 2002
VLC-45 Thurman Munson 1989
VLC-49 Tris Speaker 1998


60 Years of Topps
Series One
60YOT-01 Jackie Robinson 1952
60YOT-03 Monte Irvin 1954
60YOT-04 Ernie Banks 1955
60YOT-09 Stan Musial 1960
60YOT-10 Juan Marichal 1961
60YOT-12 Frank Robinson 1963
60YOT-13 Bob Gibson 1964
60YOT-15 Al Kaline 1966
60YOT-18 Tom Seaver 1969
60YOT-20 Nolan Ryan 1971
60YOT-22 Carlton Fisk 1973
60YOT-27 Phil Niekro / Nolan Ryan 1978
60YOT-31 Jim Palmer 1982
60YOT-32 Ozzie Smith 1983
60YOT-34 Steve Garvey 1985
60YOT-41 Frank Thomas 1992
60YOT-46 Mariano Rivera 1997
60YOT-47 Bob Abreu 1998
60YOT-48 M. Piazza/I. Rodriguez/J. Kendall 1999
60YOT-49 Alex Rodriguez 2000
60YOT-51 Vladimir Guerrero 2002
60YOT-55 Ryan Howard 2006
60YOT-57 Johnny Cueto 2008
60YOT-59 Albert Pujols 2010

Series Two
60YOT-60 Yogi Berra 1952
60YOT-61 Warren Spahn 1953
60YOT-66 Luis Aparicio
60YOT-67 Richie Ashburn
60YOT-68 Harmon Killebrew
60YOT-69 Stan Musial
60YOT-70 Orlando Cepeda
60YOT-73 Frank Robinson
60YOT-75 Steve Carlton
60YOT-76 Ernie Banks
60YOT-77 Johnny Bench
60YOT-78 Tom Seaver
60YOT-79 Gaylord Perry
60YOT-82 Dave Parker
60YOT-83 Reggie Jackson
60YOT-85 Don Sutton
60YOT-88 Ron Guidry
60YOT-89 Jim Palmer
60YOT-90 Steve Garvey
60YOT-91 Cal Ripken, Jr.
60YOT-92 Rickey Henderson
60YOT-93 Andre Dawson
60YOT-94 Don Mattingly
60YOT-95 Ozzie Smith
60YOT-96 Dale Murphy
60YOT-98 Curt Schilling
60YOT-99 Larry Walker
60YOT-100 Wade Boggs
60YOT-101 Craig Biggio
60YOT-104 Derek Jeter
60YOT-105 Tony Gwynn
60YOT-107 Roy Halladay
60YOT-108 Chris Carpenter
60YOT-109 David Ortiz
60YOT-110 Josh Beckett
60YOT-111 Albert Pujols
60YOT-113 Billy Butler
60YOT-114 Hanley Ramirez
60YOT-115 Josh Hamilton
60YOT-117 Evan Longoria / David Price
60YOT-118 Buster Posey

60 Years of Topps: The Lost Cards
60YOTLC-5 Stan Musial
60YOTLC-9 Stan Musial 1956
60YOTLC-10 Stan Musial 1957

Before There Was Topps
BTT1 Honus Wagner T-206
BTT2 Christy Mathewson T-206
BTT3 Walter Johnson T-201
BTT4 Babe Ruth 1921 Exhibit
BTT6 Mel Ott 1939 Play Ball

CMG Reprints
CMGR-1 Babe Ruth 1914 Baltimore News
CMGR-2 Babe Ruth 1932 U.S. Caramel
CMGR-3 Hank Greensburg 1934 Goudey
CMGR-5 Babe Ruth 1934 Sport Kings
CMGR-6 Christy Mathewson 1911 T205
CMGR-8 Cy Young 1911 T205
CMGR-10 Honus Wagner 1909 T206
CMGR-11 Honus Wagner 1910 Tip Top Bread
CMGR-12 Honus Wagner 1910 Standard Caramel
CMGR-18 Johnny Mize/Enos Slaughter 1941 Double Play
CMGR-19 Lou Gehrig 1933 Goudey
CMGR-21 Lou Gehrig 1933 DeLong
CMGR-22 Mel Ott 1933 Goudey
CMGR-24 Tris Speaker 1914 Cracker Jack
CMGR-27 Ty Cobb 1911 General Baking Co.
CMGR-28 Ty Cobb 1916 Sporting News
CMGR-29 Ty Cobb 1911 T205

History of Topps
HOT-7 Topps re-introduce Bowman 1989
HOT-10 Topps receives MLB exclusive 2009

2016 Topps

Berger's Best
BB-1 Willie Mays
BB-3 Henry Aaron
BB-4 Sandy Koufax
BB-7 Roger Maris
BB-8 Roberto Clemente
BB-9 Willie McCovey
BB-10 Bill Mazeroski
BB-12 Brooks Robinson
BB-13 Whitey Ford
BB-14 Hank Aaron
BB-15 Jim Palmer
BB-16 Steve Carlton
BB-17 Rod Carew
BB-18 Reggie Jackson
BB-20 Nolan Ryan
BB-21 Tom Seaver
BB-22 Joe Morgan
BB-23 Dave Winfield
BB-24 George Brett
BB-26 Robin Yount
BB-27 Eddie Murray
BB-28 Ozzie Smith
BB-29 Rickey Henderson
BB-32 Tony Gwynn
BB-33 Don Mattingly
BB-34 Dwight Gooden
BB-35 Roger Clemens
BB-37 Wade Boggs
BB-38 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BB-39 George Brett
BB-40 Frank Thomas
BB-41 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BB-42 Randy Johnson
BB-43 Mike Piazza
BB-44 Barry Larkin
BB-45 John Smoltz
BB-46 Livan Hernandez
BB-47 Alex Rodriguez
BB-48 Josh Hamilton
BB-49 Miguel Cabrera
BB-51 Joe Mauer
BB-52 Robinson Cano
BB-53 Yadier Molina
BB-54 Justin Verlander
BB-55 Hanley Ramirez
BB-56 Daisuke Matsuzaka
BB-57 Clayton Kershaw
BB-58 David Price
BB-59 Stephen Strasburg
BB-60 Mike Trout
BB-61 Bryce Harper
BB-62 Mike Trout
BB-63 Masahiro Tanaka
BB-64 Kris Bryant
BB-65 Buster Posey
BB2-1952 Eddie Mathews
BB2-1953 Willie Mays
BB2-1954 Al Kaline
BB2-1955 Roberto Clemente
BB2-1956 Ted Williams
BB2-1957 Hank Aaron
BB2-1958 Roberto Clemente
BB2-1959 Sandy Koufax
BB2-1960 Carl Yastrzemski
BB2-1961 Roger Maris
BB2-1962 Lou Brock
BB2-1963 Stan Musial
BB2-1964 Hank Aaron / Willie Mays "Tops in NL"
BB2-1965 Willie Mays
BB2-1966 Frank Robinson
BB2-1967 Tony Perez
BB2-1968 Tom Seaver
BB2-1969 Johnny Bench
BB2-1971 Bert Blyleven
BB2-1972 Hank Aaron
BB2-1973 Rich Gossage
BB2-1974 Hank Aaron
BB2-1975 Robin Yount
BB2-1976 Nolan Ryan
BB2-1977 Bruce Sutter
BB2-1978 Brooks Robinson
BB2-1979 Rollie Fingers
BB2-1980 Ozzie Smith
BB2-1981 Fernando Valenzuela
BB2-1982 Reggie Jackson
BB2-1983 Wade Boggs
BB2-1984 Dwight Gooden
BB2-1986 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BB2-1987 Jose Canseco
BB2-1989 Randy Johnson
BB2-1990 Bernie Williams
BB2-1991 Nolan Ryan
BB2-1992 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BB2-1993 Mike Piazza
BB2-1994 Ryne Sandberg
BB2-1995 Nomar Garciaparra
BB2-1996 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BB2-1997 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BB2-1998 Greg Maddux
BB2-1999 Mark McGwire
BB2-2000 Adrian Gonzalez
BB2-2001 Ichiro
BB2-2002 Jose Bautista
BB2-2003 Albert Pujols
BB2-2004 David Ortiz
BB2-2005 Andrew McCutchen
BB2-2008 Evan Longoria
BB2-2011 Eric Hosmer
BB2-2012 Yu Darvish
BB2-2013 Yasiel Puig
BB2-2014 Jose Abreu
BB2-2015 Carlos Correa
BB2-2016 Kyle Schwarber