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Monday, February 24, 2014

Joy of a Completed Set - 2003 Rittenhouse Star Trek The Animated Series

In the middle of a February Funk, but I want to post some damn thing so people don't send out search parties for me so here's a completed set. The scans are missing a card but I have since acquired that card and about 2-3 more complete sets of this stuff and enough partial sets to bip the hell outta someone. Rescanning that page to add the missing card would take WORK and that ain't gonna happen. Forget about the backs. if you want to see them it will be easier for me to mail you a set.

As for the set, well, this here set is a helluva set. Rittenhouse especially seems to put a lot of thought and care into their sets. It's a 198 card set which equals 9 cards for each of the show's 22 episodes. When you put the cards on the page horizontally, the borders all match up. Different photos on the front and back and each page tells the story of the episode. Sounds like basic stuff, but I'd like to see a 2014 sports set designed that thoughtfully. In fact, I challenge you to find a new sports product designed like this. Hell, just finding a set size divisible by 9 is damn near impossible. 

Enjoy the cheezy but iconic Filmation animation characterizations of your favorite Star Trek characters along with a dorky looking alien for comic relief and a stupid sexy cat lady because every goddamn cartoon made in the '70s was trying to turn us all into furries for some inexplicable reason. As an added bonus I've included two of the more common insert sets. (9 cards each, natch) One of them is a PUZZLE!

The montage of characters on Scotty's puzzle card are all characters James Doohan voiced on the show. Pretty neat, huh? If this post has you all nostalgic for bad '70s sci-fi animation that is so so good, the entire run is on Netflix. Go have a cartoon binge.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1989 Topps

Who needs those newfangled die-cuts with the oddly colored borders? Let's have some of the real thing. Key card: LEMMER ROOOOOOOOKIE

Gotta figure out something to fill all those empty pockets...

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I know I talk smack about Topps cards on a regular basis but.....


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Locked up

         2 years, 13.3 million                                                                         8 years, 135 million

Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Topps

Had a rough weekend so I treated myself to a rack pack of Topps. Here is literally the only card I care about out of the entire pack.

I like the design even though the manila folder tab seems odd. The swooshes look nice. They put WAR on the back. Everything looks clean and elegant although the card number is a little small. It's a very nice set.

While opening the pack I felt nothing. Not excitement, not anger, not anticipation, not disappointment. Nothing.  I guess that's just how it is now.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Obligatory Handegg Post

Woooo! Superb Owl day! What a great day of Football! Arsenal beat Crystal Palace two-nil! And a Falcon got elected to the Hall of Fame! Let's take a look at some Claude Humphrey cards, because the Big Game sucks worse than the halftime show!