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Friday, January 31, 2014

1974-75 Topps Hockey Wantlist

The past week or so has been COMPLETE ASS so I haven't done much in the way of carding lately. I did manage to get my favorite hawkee set sorted and paged out and bindered and scanned tho. Here's a wantlist. If you collect old Topps hockeys, I have a healthy pile of doubles from the '70s lying around that can be traded to you.

3 Bobby Clarke Scoring Leaders
5 Dave Schultz PM Leaders
8 Bill Barber
10 Gilles Gilbert
11 John Davidson RC
14 Keith McCreary Flames Leaders
15 Dan Bouchard
18 Bob Berry
19 Gordon "Red" Berenson
20 Stan Mikita
21 Fred Shero RC
25 Gilbert Perreault
27 Bobby Schmautz
28 Johnny Bucyk Bruins Leaders
30 Lowell MacDonald
31 Fred Stanfield
34 Armand "Bep" Guidolin
39 Ron Low
40 Darryl Sittler
50 Brad Park
54 Checklist
58 Hubert "Pit" Martin
59 Chris Evans
60 Bernie Parent
62 Dave Kryskow RC
68 Tom Lysiak RC
72 Marcel Dionne
74 Robert "Butch" Goring
76 Leonard "Red" Kelly
77 Pete Stemkowski
80 Don Awrey
85 Ed Van Impe
91 Al Arbour
100 Bobby Orr
103 Keith McCreary
104 Phil Maloney RC
105 Denis Dupere
107 Bob Plager
110 Jean Pronovost
114 Richard Lemieux
116 Bill Hogaboam RC
120 Mickey Redmond
123 Bob Nystrom
124 Claude Larose Canadiens Leaders
128 Ken Hodge All-Star
129 Phil Esposito All-Star
130 Bobby Orr All-Star
131 Brad Park All-Star
132 Gilles Gilbert All-Star
135 Bobby Clarke All-Star
139 Jacques Richard
140 Yvan Cournoyer
147 Bernie "Boom-Boom" Geoffrion
151 Dave Keon
153 Michel Belhumeur
155 Ken Dryden
156 John Wright RC
160 Ed Giacomin
162 Checklist
169 Kansas City Scouts Logo
170 Tony Esposito
173 Peter McDuffe
180 Borje Salming RC
183 Syl Apps Penguins Leaders
187 Simon Nolet
195 Denis Potvin RC
198 Jim McKenny
206 Wayne Cashman208 Phil Roberto
209 SC Quarterfinals
210 SC Quarterfinals
211 SC Quarterfinals
215 1974 SC Finals
217 Joe Watson
219 Denis Dupere Maple Leafs Leaders
220 Bill Goldsworthy
222 Alex Delvecchio
223 Stan Gilbertson
231 Bill Fairbairn
232 Guy Lafleur
233 Denis Potvin RC Islanders Leaders
237 Garry Unger
238 Jack Gordon RC
242 Len Frig RC
243 Henri Richard Masterton Award
244 Phil Esposito Hart Trophy
245 Johnny Bucyk Byng Trophy
247 Boston Bruins Prince of Wales Trophy
250 Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup
255 Jude Drouin
261 Scotty Bowman RC
262 Craig Patrick

Thanks to: Shane D.

have: 175/264 66.3%

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The first pack of 2014

2014 Topps retail is LIIIIIVE!

forget that crap though, let's open up a pack of PHUNGO CARDS!

I was lucky enough to get a brand new pack of cards courtesy of Mr. Phungo, the Phillie aphicionado. Let's jump right in, shall we?

First card in the pack is Howie Bedell, outfirler for the Milwaukee Braves. Howie played 58 games for the Braves in 1962 and got 2 Topps cards to commemorate the moment. Howie also played 9 games for the Phillies in 1968, so I'm somewhat surprised this didn't turn out to be possibly his first Phillies card. Maybe it's a variation?

Next up, Sarah Jane Sands who played catcher for Rockford Peaches of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. So far I've gotten a Brave and a Peach in the pack, I'm sensing a theme.

Uggles! Signing a ball for some lucky fan. If you can't hit 'em, sign em. Uggla was left off the playoff roster in favor of Elliot Johnson who was dropped after the season. Uggla hasn't gone anywhere and it's his second base job to lose in spring training. He'll probably lose it to Tommy LaStella. I really should stop making fun of Dan as I'm actually very thankful that he's taking a lot of heat off of BJ Upton. BJ's totally going to break out this year I tell you. I believe in Melvin.

Not a Brave, but a former Brave that should have stayed a Brave but ended up a Phillie. Least year I was discussing with a friend how Kevin had quitely had a solid career and it was amazing that he was still pitching in the league. And now he up and retired on me and made me feel old. Dangit, Kevin.

Freddie! The Braves' star first baseman who is in the process of being Fred McGriffed by Joey Votto and Paul Goldschmidt. Freddie's the best hugging first baseman in the league at least!

OMG EARLY LEADER FOR 2014 CARD OF THE YEAR. It might be harder to beat Simba for the NL Shortstop Gold Glove than to beat The Natural.


El Oso Phungo! Not technically a rookie card, but it is a First Phungo Card which is just as good, probably. I'll put this photo of Gattis with the swanky hockey style mask up against any photo on any card of Evan put out this year.

Got some insert buybacks in the pack too! How lucky!

Gattis Hot Pack!!! and a Bowman Something Or Other rookie card too! That I think I don't have but am not sure because all these Bowman sets just sort of blur together after a while. It's shiiiiiiiiiny though.

*falls off chair*
*twitches a bit*


Along with the official Phungo pack there were some extra Braves cards that just needed to get out of a Phillie phan's house apparently. Here's a Top 5:

I am now the world's foremost George Sherrill Supercollector. Nice Boston Braves throwback uni on this one.

Anyone remember Upper Deck Gold Glove? This rookie/debut/whatever of Horacio Ramirez was from the days where every rookie was short printed and serial numbered. OMG there are only 1000 of these cards in existence! Now they're all in quarter boxes untouched.

A few years later, the serial numbers are down to 3 digits. Still no one cares. If you look at all the cards Topps is tweeting to show off their 2014 set, you'll notice that they are mostly numbered to 10-99. Mark my words, by 2020 cards will have to be serial numbered to single digits in order to garner attention and by 2026, they won't print any cards at all. Now that's scarcity. I still like this set though, I think it looks classy.

Jason and Freddie yadda yadda horror movie joke. I probably have a half a dozen of this card but keep sending them because I'd like to wallpaper a room with them one day. And then set the building on fire when they both sign with the Yankees when they become free agents.

Ok you need to mentally prepare yourself for this next one. Take a seat, say your prayers and drink a couple quarts of gin.

You'd think this card came from Night Owl but you'd be wrong. This is now my third Warren Spahn card that has been defaced in some way, I wonder if it is possible to collect every Topps card of a Hall of Fame player where some kid drew all over it several decades ago. There's only one way to find out.

Thanks Phungo Co. for another brilliant card set! I look forward to seeing what 2015 Phungo holds in store!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All My Heywards - 2007 Bowman Draft Picks

2007 Bowman Draft Picks Chrome #BDPP54

but wait there's more...

2007 Bowman Draft Picks Gold #BDPP54

I have all my Heywards scanned and in a folder and when I look through them I am somewhat horrified by the number of parallels there are. I was worried about how I should post them because posting 8 different versions of a 2011 Topps base card is dreadfully boring. Then I stopped caring and decided to just post 'em all at once because no one else cares either. Not caring is very liberating! I bought a fair bit of 2007 BDP and got several Chromes and a Gold or two but not one Heyward base card which is ludicrous. Just like Bowman Draft Picks.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Obligatory 2014 Collecting Goals Slash State of the Blog and Whatever Filler Post

Of course I'm doing my New Year's Goals post three weeks into January. At least I haven't given up on my resolutions like a lot of people have already. I coulda sworn I had posted one of these things last year but looking over my first month's worth of posts it looks like my 2013 goal was "Fuck Topps, Get Non-Sports Cards". Judging by that criteria I was wildly successful last year. This year I'd like to gain some focus. I shall attempt this by writing everything down so I can immediately forget it and go do whatever the hell I want. Why should I remember it when it's written down? So, Goals. First obviously is focus on turning my dragon's hoard of cardboard into an actual collection of things. Here's how I intend to go about doing it:


Allen & Ginter is literally the only modern baseball card set I give a flying feather about anymore. When Topps inevitably screws it up that'll probably be it for me. They haven't done it yet though so I'm going to go all in in 2014. I will complete all Ginter base sets from 2006-2013 before the 2014 set comes out. I'm doing a pretty good job on this so far this year. On January 1st I needed 172 cards for that Ginter run, now I need 47. I would prefer to trade for them or find them in the wild, but I've already hit up COMC for some singles and I'm not afraid to start looking online. All I gotta go if find 6 cards a month for 6 months and I'm golden, right?


I have boxes and boxes and boxes of shiny cards from the junkwax era forward that I don't give a crap about. The old musty cardboard ones that are older than me I like. Time to focus more on those.When I look at that brand new pack of 2014 Topps in a couple of weeks I need to remember that 1956 Topps common I can pick up for the same price at a card show.


My Braves collection is still a disaster after all these years. I've got a lot sorted by player, but even more are just sitting in monster boxes all mixed up. By the end of the year I want to have these damn things sorted and figure out something to do with them. I got autographs and relics hanging out in boxes full of garbage commons. I've decided on three things to do to help this situation.

The Topps team sets are all sorted, time to do the same for Donruss, Fleer, Upper Deck and Score. All the rest can go pound sand right now, I don't have the time for Stadium Clubz and Pinnacles and SPs and all that mess. At the moment I'm thinking of an '81-'90 run for Donruss and Fleer, '89-'93 for Upper Deck and '88-'92 for Score. If I want to move forward with the rest of the sets after that, I can. I have a wild scheme in my mind of using up some of the oddball cards by putting together sets with one card per player per year of everyone on the Braves' roster ever. That's a longer term thing that I can think about after I get my other shizz in order though.

Two other things I need to do is get all the autograph and relic cards sorted and cataloged and do the same for current Braves players. Now that Kris Medlen is the Dean of the Braves this is an excellent opportunity to get every card I have of a current player cataloged since I don't have more than a hundred of any single player.


No more fucking impulse buys of random packs because they're new or they look cool or they're 40% off or whatever. I have an assload of stupid cards I don't want or need because I wanted to open up some wax. I don't have the time or money for that anymore. There's honestly only three sets coming out in 2014 that I can say with certainty that I actually want: Panini World Cup Stickers, Ginter and the MLP CCG. Depending on how gimmicked up the set is this year, Ginter complete sets might be even cheaper than they were last year so I may just buy the thing outright and save money. Pony and Futbol packs I'll still pick up here and there. Last time I tried cold turkey it bombed when something shiny came along so I'll go on the sticker patch this time. Bottom line is collecting money is better spent on actual stuff I'm going to collect rather than on cardboard lottery tickets. Slipping is going to happen, so I'll set a goal of under 24 packs for the year. A couple packs a month for shits and giggles is reasonable. I may or may not decide to go the hobby wax box route depending on the set or the cheapness. And if I find a bunch of cheap junkwax for a quarter a pop at a show or something, then hell yeah, cheap wax. My main concern is to stop wasting money on full price retail crap.


Thanks to a windfall, I managed to put together an instant Non-Sports collection last year. Quite a few complete sets and even more sets where I'm only missing a handful of cards. I got them all sorted and boxed and on a shelf. And I have no idea what I actually have because they aren't cataloged. I'd like to get at least a list of the complete sets I have together. I'd also like to get a list of partial sets I have. I'd also like to get wantlists up for these sets. If I spent a half hour a week on it instead of fucking around on Twitter (or while I fuck around on Twitter) I could probably knock it out rather quickly.


This is the elbow grease section of this post. I have GOT to get a set of shelves replaced. I have two sets of really good shelves in my basement that have not been put together meanwhile a cheap metal shelf buckled on me last month. Gotta unlazy myself and get that replaced. There's also a bunch of boxes full of random junk mixed up with vintage cards, autos, inserts, random cards I scanned for the blog and threw in a box, 1/1s, T206s, all kinds of stuff. I'd like to get the wheat separated from the chaff this year. I'd also like to get the chaff separated by sport and tucked out of the way so I can have my office back. If there's any goal I'll fail this year, it'll be this one but one can dream.


I have too many cards. I need to get rid of some. The best way to get rid of cards is to give them to people who actually want them. I have at least a dozen deals in the works, some probably from 2011 or earlier probably. Gotta send 'em out. Gonna send 'em out. The goal for this is three packages a month at bare minimum and see how many I get out this year. I have a list started of all my pending trades, if you think you should be on the list or just want some damn cards, tell me so I can add you to the list. My organizations skills are lacking so I need help. I'd also like to just flat out get RID of some stuff this year. Sell it at a garage sale/flea market/card show, sell 'em online, give 'em away, something. Just get 'em out of my house. I'll take suggestions on how to do that too.

So, to sum up, My 2014 goals:

  • Complete 2006-2013 Ginter by the time 2014 comes out, and finish that before the end of the year.
  • Pick up more vintage cards than new crap in 2014. 
  • Complete at least 12 Braves Topps team sets. 
  • Catalog all Braves MOJO cards.
  • Put together Braves team sets for Donruss, Fleer, Upper Deck and Score. 
  • Put together have lists for current Braves players.
  • Stop buying useless random baseball wax - under 24 packs.
  • Catalog Non-Sports sets and get wantlists up.
  • Get junk sorted and segregated away from the good stuff.
  • Send out at least 36 packages.
  • Get rid of some stuff I don't want or need by any means necessary.
My goals list goes to 11.

Some of this stuff I've already made a little headway on this month. Some, not so much. Who knows if I'll get to all of this or any of this, but at least I have something to shoot for now. If you read this far, I hope I might have given you some ideas on how to straighten up your ungodly mess of a collection as well.

As for the goals for the blog, well... screw the blog. I'm not shutting it down, I'm not running away to Tumblr or whatever the hell is popular now, but, yeah, fuck the blog. I'll still post shit here and there, but pretty much every blog-saving series of posts I've gotten excited about the past couple of years was dropped halfway through and never got finished. Actually, that's the entire history of the blog in one sentence. Not going to worry about it all that much anymore. Knowing me I'll probably post more often now that the pressure's off.



See ya in a couple days when I post my first pack of 2014.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

All My Heywards - 2007 Tristar Pro Debut

2007 Tristar ProDebut #7

Just realized I haven't posted a Heyward all year. Better enjoy the Heywards while I can since the Barves are hell bent on paring their payroll down to Marlins levels by the time the new stadium (paid for with my tax dollars) opens. Not sure if I'll collect Yankee or Dodger Heyward cards. This might be the first Heyward I pulled out of a pack. Not entirely sure if this specific card was the actual first one since I opened quite a few boxes of this stuff looking for the Heyward auto and have a half a dozen of the base card. In all those boxes I pulled not even one of the color parallel cards. Not one. That's one way to do a parallel set I guess, make 'em so rare that bottom feeder collectors like myself never have to worry about them. The foil on the front doesn't scan worth a flop, but I rather enjoy the homage to 1968 Topps burlap on the back.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Baseball Card of 2014

It's not the first card of 2014 for me. I've picked up a few packs of the MLP CCG and snagged a grab bag of non-sports cards like American Pie, Golden Age and Americana. I've also gotten a pack of baseball cards from a certain blogger that I'll show off soon. This is the first baseball card I've bought this year. Got it for the price of a rack pack. I'll just show it off and let it speak for itself.

Hopefully this card will set a tone for the rest of the year.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The best card I pulled in 2013

This isn't quite as awesome as SUPER CAT from 2012 but it's pretty nice. On October 28th, I went to Wal-Mart to buy something or other and ended up snagging a couple of packs of 2013 Topps Update. Inside was this:

Very nice! But redemption. Who knew when it would arrive? Who know if I would get that card at all? All redemption card stories online are nothing but tales of sorrow and woe, how could I avoid this miserable fate? I entered the code in the Topps redemption thingy and hoped for the best. Last Saturday this arrived:

Tom Glavine mini autograph card numbered 3/10. I never seem to have problems with redemptions. The only time in the past 10 years I didn't get what I was supposed to get (a Jesse Ventura relic) I got something equally cool (an Erik Estrada relic). I guess if I have to complain then, um... the edges are a little chippy? I guess? Like every other card with black borders? But honestly, who cares. It's an on-card autograph of a Hall of Famer that I'm never going to sell and will rot in my collection until my heirs dump all my cards on Craigslist when I croak. 

This is a hella nice looking card, too bad there's only 10 of them. Tom's not in the mini base set, so take a good long look, this is the only one you're likely to see. I like that career stat line on the back, and also the authenticity legalese that is cleverly integrated in the '71 design. Can you find it kids? The only thing that could make this card better is one of those old hologram stickers that Topps used to plaster on their autograph and relic cards 10 years ago.

So a pretty good pull for 2013 considering my pack buying habits dropped drastically last year. Will I find anything this good in a pack in 2014? Will I even buy any packs in 2014? We got 11 and a half months to find out.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Presented without comment

(for the 5000th time in the past day, probably, but who cares)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hall of Fame - Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas was my favorite non-Brave player in the '90s. The Braves selected Tyler Houston one pick before Frank. Can you imagine if Frank Thomas was the Braves' first baseman in the '90s? I can. It's my reality now. Frank Thomas has always played for the Braves. My doctors keep telling me to take my meds but I'm really much happier like this.

I spent so damn much money in the early '90s buying overpriced 1990 Score packs chasing this card and I never pulled it from a single pack ever. Ben McDonalds I pulled. Chuck Knoblauchs I pulled. Even Tyler Houstons I pulled. Not. One. Frank. Then a couple years ago I bought the complete 1990 Score set for $5. In a binder. Selah.

Unless you collected cards in the '90s you have no idea how amazingly cool Studio Heritage inserts were. This one from 1994 showing Frank in a Sox uniform from the '30s with the sepia photo of Comiskey in the background on textured paper stock with a touch of foil for class is almost too amazing for words.

I have a Thomas autograph, but this bizarre Upper deck insert that combines a see through acetate window with a super thin layer of printed wood all glued together and threatening to curl up like some 2010 Chrome is just so incredibly neat. It's also one of the few cards I can distinctly remember where I was when I pulled it from the pack. (at a Kroger in Marietta with my grandmother, to be exact) 

Hall of Fame - Tom Glavine

I know what you are all thinking. How can I be happy that Glavine is being inducted after all the crap I gave him on this blog. Easy. I'm a dirty hypocrite and since Liberty Media is slowly but surely turning the Braves into the Marlins North, I'll take what happiness I can get.

Tom Glavine.... PLAYING HOCKEY. Madness! Score knew how to make super-cool cards. I wish we had a Score today.

I have a lot of crazy looking '90s inserts of Tommy Glavine, but the Dufex Stare is just too cool.

Yes, yes, yes. This is technically a Mets card. It's also numbered 5/10 and has two of the more interesting patches in my collection. I'm pretty sure the Braves patch is from a throwback uniform they wore, but I'm clueless on the Mets patch. Pretty danged interesting at any rate.

Hall of Fame - Greg Maddux

I scheduled this post for 2:00 pm to coincide with the Hall of Fame induction announcment. Right now I'm probably weeping with joy at my desk at work because Maddux is a Hall of Famer. If Tommy got in too I'm probably howling. If Maddux beat Seaver's vote percentage record I'm probably pumping my fist. And maybe dancing on my laptop if Frank got in too. Naked, probably. I'm probably getting escorted from the building right now actually. Who cares, Greg's a legend.

I'm posting three cards from each player who gets inducted today. One Iconic card (to me at least), one cool looking card and one for the Mojo lovers. I'm spreading the posts out a bit so I can quickly delete posts and/or scan cards when I get home tonight. I'm posting Greg first because if he doesn't get in I'm setting Cooperstown on fire.

My favorite Maddux card by far. Yeah, it's just a SI cover in card form but it's a helluva SI cover. And absolutely correct. I do kind of wonder who the next Jerry Rice is now.

This isn't the actual insert but a promo card I got in 1996 at the best card shop I will ever go to.The story is quite odd, some guy wandered in the shop (a distributor I guess?) gave a few of these cards to the shop owner and he immediately gave one to me. It's a very lovely looking fake painty canvassy looking thing in person.

A relic card from back when relic cards actually meant something. This isn't the first relic card I ever owned but it's the first relic card I hunted down like a dog and spent too much money on. I don't know how much it's worth today but it's priceless as far as I'm concerned.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Topps Heritage Braves Team Set Wantlist

Just because I've given up on trying to complete Topps Heritage doesn't mean I've given up on trying to complete the Braves sets. As with all Braves team sets, I'm almost positive I have some of these hiding in Braves boxes but here's what is not actually in the binder.

2001 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
2a Brian Jordan - red back
2b Brian Jordan - black back
9b Kevin Millwood - black back
16a Andres Galarraga - red back
16b Andres Galarraga - black back
21b Quilvio Veras - black back
25b Eddie Perez - black back
30a Rafael Furcal - red back
30b Rafael Furcal - black back
33b Tom Glavine - black back34a Javy Lopez - red back
34b Javy Lopez - black back
36a Wally Joyner - red back
47b Walt Weiss - black back49a Greg Maddux - red back
52b Chipper Jones - black back72a Andruw Jones - red back
72b Andruw Jones - black back

2002 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
17 Tom Glavine
25a Rafael Furcal
37 Chipper Jones SP129 Marcus Giles
147 Greg Maddux
201 Javy Lopez
242 Vinny Castilla
310 Brian Jordan
378 Wilson Betemit SP
429 Jason Marquis SP

2003 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
79 Kevin Millwood
99 Jason Marquis
141 Trey Hodges SP
163 Andruw Jones
285 Russ Ortiz
330 Greg Maddux
422 Adam Wainwright SP

2004 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
57 Robert Fick
123 Zach Miner SP
208 Andruw Jones
214 Greg Maddux
310 Paul Byrd
451 Rafael Furcal SP
461 Mike Hampton SP

2005 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
95 Atlanta Braves
353b Tim Hudson Milwaukee Cap SP
428 James Jurries SP

2006 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
90 Chipper Jones
99 Brian Jordan SP

2007 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
128 Willy Aybar
204 Rafael Soriano SP
482 Edgar Renteria AS SP

2008 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
495 Brian McCann AS SP
592a Mike Hampton
662 Jorge Campillo684 Jo-Jo Reyes

2009 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
170 Brian McCann
374 Tim Hudson445 John Smoltz SP
464 Roger McDowell / Terry Pendleton / Chino Cadahia / Glenn Hubbard CO, SP
486 Chipper Jones AS SP
558 David Ross
562 Diory Hernandez
620 Kenshin Kawakami
625 Kris Medlen
707 Tommy Hanson  SP
2010 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
145 Jair Jurrjens458 Kenshin Kawakami SP

2011 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
486 Martin Prado
SP495 Rookie Parade Pitchers - Andrew Cashner Cubs, Jonny Venters Braves, Kenley Jansen Dodgers, Jenrry Mejia Mets, John Axford Brewers SP

2012 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
429 Jonny Venters SP
SPH612 Tyler Pastornicky
H622 Reed Johnson
H642 Andrelton Simmons

2013 Topps Heritage - BRAVES
481 Martin Prado SP
HS1 Evan Gattis
HS31 Julio Teheran
HS77 Alex Wood

2014  Topps Heritage - BRAVES
423 Alex Wood
435 Andrelton Simmons
480 Craig Kimbrel
484 BJ Upton

2015  Topps Heritage - BRAVES
10 Julio Teheran
32 Andrelton Simmons
38 B.J. Upton
56 Kris Medlen
79 Emilio Bonifacio
91 Nick Markakis
130 Evan Gattis
133 Mike Minor
154 Chris Johnson
200 Freddie Freeman
219 Justin Upton - Giancarlo Stanton - Adrian Gonzalez
236 Ervin Santana
326 Atlanta Braves
334 Alex Wood
387 Shelby Miller
436 Justin Upton
472 Craig Kimbrel

2016  Topps Heritage - BRAVES
33 Jason Grilli
98 Matt Wisler
113 Erick Aybar
180 Trea Turner/Hector Olivera
356 Atlanta Braves
396 Nick Markakis
487 Freddie Freeman

2011 Topps Heritage Minors - BRAVES
1 Andrelton Simmons - Lynchburg Hillcats
33 Carlos Perez - Rome Braves
46 Arodys Vizcaino - Lynchburg Hillcats
97 Dimaster Delgado - Lynchburg Hillcats
153 Joe Leonard - Lynchburg Hillcats
155 Matt Lipka - Rome Braves
167 Edward Salcedo - Rome Braves
193 Elmer Reyes - Rome Braves

2012 Topps Heritage Minors - BRAVES
99 Evan Gattis - Mississippi Braves
102 Chris Garcia  - Lynchburg Hillcats
107 J.R. Graham - Lynchburg Hillcats
110 Cody Martin - Lynchburg Hillcats
173 Joe Terdoslavich  - Mississippi Braves
191 Tommy La Stella - Lynchburg Hillcats
201 Christian Bethancourt SP - Mississippi Braves

2013 Topps Heritage Minors - BRAVES
6 J.R. Graham - Mississippi Braves
7 Gus Schlosser - MississippI Braves
115 Edward Salcedo - Mississippi Braves
117 Sean Gilmartin - Gwinnett Braves
122 Luis Merejo - GCL Braves
128 Matt Lipka - Lynchburg Hillcats
162 Mauricio Cabrera - Rome Braves
188 Lucas Sims - Rome Braves
214 Christian Bethancourt - MississippI Braves SP

Monday, January 6, 2014

Joy of a Completed Completed Set - 1956 Topps

I completed this one a while ago, but Night Owl sent me the last Team Card variation I needed. So I may as well show it off again. This time with card backs!

 I think there might be some card stock variations out there too. Oh well, they'll just give me another excuse to post this set again once I find 'em. Gotta fill that last empty pocket with something.