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Friday, November 29, 2013

All My Heywards - 2011 Topps Liquorfractor

2011 Topps Liquorfractor #635

Sorry but if you're going to throw out a random new parallel out of the blue and then name it Congnac, you better be prepared for internet goofballs to label it a Liquorfractor.

In related news, the Goddamn Fucking Holiday Season is right up my butt and I need a drink. BAD.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

All My Heywards - 2013 Allen & Ginter Jersey

2013 Allen & Ginter Jersey #AGFR-JH

I have no idea why Allen & Ginter started inserting full size relic cards. Actually I do, but I don't feel like ranting today. Frustrating as it is that my favorite set got Gypsy Queened this is a very nice looking card. Ornate border, faux lithograph picture, little swatch of laundry. This card comes courtesy of Nachos Grande, who likes to buy cases and has terrible luck pulling Reds.

All My Heywards - 2013 Panini Prism

2013 Panini Prism #125

Here's the actual 2013 Panini Prizm card of Jason Heyward and not the 2012 card that was released in summer 2013 but still labelled 2012 because why the hell not. I still like this card as a poor man's Finest. Design is interesting, I like how the lean on the back mirrors the lean on the front. When done right the lack of logos doesn't ruin the look of the card. This card thankfully was done right. Upon further review I probably should have taken this card out of the toploader before scanning as the scratches on the holder are showing up really well.

All My Heywards - 2008 MultiAd Rome Braves

2008 MultiAd Rome Braves #16

I was loopy over Heyward from the moment we drafred him, so you'd think I would have been a little more diligent in snagging his minor league sets, especially since two of the Braves' affiliates are an hour's drive from my house. Nope, I managed to pick up a few sets but not the ones with J-Hey in them. So random singles found in the wild are a thrill. This one was acquired from the nearby flea market which used to be a great place to find cheap cards but has hit on hard times. I'll overpay for a Heyward I don't have though so this card (and not much else) came home with me. Gotta love the picture of Heyward looming all over this card.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1981 Topps

So turkey's tomorrow and I'm sorta distracted. Have a nice simple, solid team set without many bells and whistles. Also the first set I ever collected. Also including the greatest card ever of a Hungarian. Have yourself a big helping of 1981 Topps with a side dish of Traded.

 I know I promised to put the card numbers here, but tryptophan and laziness and etc. Maybe next week.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All My Heywards - 2013 Bowman Chrome

2013 Bowman Chrome #56

Not a fan of Chrome. Less of a fan of Bowman. Both of 'em together can go bleep a bleeping bleep. BUT... I like a good Barve now and then and I had a chance to get a complete BowChro team set from @SimSolo over on the Twittahs and I jumped at it. It's obviously no longer a team set but my player collections got a nice boost. And my "Current Brave" box needs it too after losing Huddy and Mac. Did you know Kris Medlen is the longest tenured Brave right now? And J-Hey is the spiritual leader of the team? Offseasons are confusing. The picture on the card is kinda nice though even if the poor placing of the team logos on this set give all Braves players a tomahawk to the crotch.

All My Heywards - 2013 Allen & Ginter

2013 Allen & Ginter #96

I'm thankful for Ginter and thankful for J-Hey and thankful for Barves and thankful that my scanner hasn't croaked yet. To express my thanks, I'm going to spam you with Heywards all week. Thanks for putting up with my nonsense!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

All My Medlens

It's actually not all my Medlens, I've got a ton hiding in base sets and team sets. These are the ones that are safely tucked away in toploaders in my Braves box. You can safely assume any Kris Medlen card not on this list is one I desperately want. No, need.

Bowman Draft Picks Gold #DP58
Bowman Draft Picks Chrome Refractor #DP58

DAV Gwinnett Braves #142
Topps # UH32
Heritage High Numbers Chrome #CHR188 S/N 0254/1960
Topps Unique # 168 S/N 0404/2699

Topps #US-304
Upper Deck #71

Topps Team Set #ATL7
Topps Red Parallel #392
Topps Diamond Factory Set #392
Topps Sparkly Diamond #392
Topps Liquorfractor #392

Topps #US2
Panini Prizm #93

Allen & Ginter #49
Allen & Ginter Across The Years #ATY-KM
Heritage Mini #400 S/N 058/100
Opening Day #216
Opening Day Sparkly Blue #216 #1875/2013
Bowman #82
Bowman Chrome #211
Archives #112
Panini Prizm #16

This post guarantees that Kris will be incuded in a trade this offseason, thus breaking my heart and crushing my soul.

2010 Panini World Cup Sticker Wantlist

I had a hell of a time finding these buggers in 2010, everywhere seemed to have plenty of albums but no stickers. And I mean NO stickers. Even the free pack of stickers glued to the album was gone in every case. Thanks to perseverance and a sticker blowout at a local card shop I managed to get a good chunk completed. I have no idea where to even find these anymore but what the hell, let's post a wantlist.

No image because I forgot to scan the album like a doofus.

2010 Panini World Cup Sticker wantlist
1 FIFA World Cup Trophy
10 Stadium Johannesberg
16 Stadium Nelson Mandela
30 South Africa Team
50 Mexico Emblem
61 Giovani Dos Santos
63 Cuauhtemoc Blanco
64 Javier Hernandez
70 Fernando Muslera
73 Maxi Pereria
74 Martin Caceres
78 Cristian Rodriguez
79 Sebastian Eguren
80 Alvaro Pereira
83 Edinson Cavani
85 Diego Forlan
90 Steve Mandanda
95 Lassana Diarra
103 Thierry Henry
107 Argentina Emblem
111 Walter Samuel
112 Nicolas Otamendi
113 Javier Zanetti
114 Esteban Cambiasso
122 Lionel Messi
135 John Oki Mikel
136 Seyi Olofinjana
139 Nwankwo Kanu
143 Yakubu Aiyegbeni
143 Lee Woon-Jae
155 Cho Won-Lee
180 Georgios Samaras
191 Frank Lampard
197 Emile Heskey
198 Wayne Rooney
203 Tim Howard
207 Jonathan Bornstein
213 Maurice Edu
217 Damarcus Beasley
233 Mourad Meghni
250 Andrej Komac
254 Zlatan Ljubijankic
259 Deutschland Emblem
263 Philipp Lahm
264 Heiko westermann
284 David Carney
298 Vladimir Stojkovic
299 Nemanja Vidic
319 John Pantsil
329 Haminu Dramani
332 Matthew Amoah
333 Dominic Adiyiah
337 Giovanni Van Bronkhorst
338 Joris Mathijsen
345 Rafael Van Der Vaart
347 Ibrahim Afellay
349 Eljero Elia
360 William Kvist
366 Martin Jorgensen
371 John Dahl Tomasson
372 Japan Team
378 Atsuto Uchida
382 Hideo Hashimoto
385 Kengo Nakamura
389 Shinji Okazaki
397 Nicolas N'Koulou
401 Thimothee Atouba
406 Somen Tchoyi
417 Nicola Legrottaglie
421 Gennaro Gattuso
424 Mauro Camoranesi
428 Vencenzo Iaquinta
229 Paraguay team
431 Justo Villar
450 Mark Paston
453 Ben Sigmund
457 Tim Brown
468 Slovakia Emblem
485 Filip Holosko
489 Lucio
493 Daniel Alves
494 Andre Santos
498 Elano
510 Ri Kwang-Chon
514 An Chol-Hyok
515 Ri Chol-Myong
526 Boubacar Barry
554 Joao Moutinho
560 Liedson
578 David Silva
584 Ludovic Magnin
595 Hakan Yakin
603 Maynor Figueroa
609 Emilio Izaguirre
610 Amado Guevara
618 Carlos Costly
622 Gonzalo Jara
626 Ismael Fuentes
629 Carlos Carmona
630 Roberto Careceda
637 Jean Beausejour

Does Panini still sell the individual stickers maybe?

All My Horfords

Al Horford is my favorite Atlanta Hawk player, so much so that when the Hawks finally trade him or let him walk I will adopt that team as my new NBA team. Here's a list of cards I've got, if you have any spare Horfs cluttering up the place I'll gladly take them off your hands.

wow I screwed up this scan didn't I

Topps #113
Upper Deck First Edition #203
Fleer NBA Hot Prospects Notable Newcomers #NN-3
SP Rookie Threads Rookie Threads Dual #DRT-HL
Upper Desk 20th Anniversary #UD-10

UD Lineage #190
Fleer #51

Bowman Heritage #1
Panini Crown Royale #67
Panini Studio #62

Donruss #153
Donruss Jersey Kings #23 S/N 267/299

Past & Present #133

Hoops #148
Hoops Bigs #14
Panini Contenders #1
Panini Brilliance #1
Panini Marquee #45
Panini Totally Certified #105

Hoops #1
Panini #29
Pinnacle #141
Prestige #151

I pretty much quit collecting NBA cards his rookie season, thus the lack of collection. I'm trying though.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

September Vintage Card Show - Joy of a Completed Team Set

Aww yeah. Team Set Wednesday. All ready to post a team set. But wait! I have a request from a reader! Scan all the backs of the cards! Because reasons! But that's a lotta work and I'm lazy. But I've only got about 3 readers left and I don't want to piss off a third of my fanbase. How am I going to get the hell out of this one?

Screw it. Posting a Vintage Card Show pickup instead.

Here's "Eddie" Miller of the Boston Braves Bees Braves. Well, he's a Bee on the card but the Bees were back to being Braves by 1941 when this card was released. Not sure why "Eddie" is concidered a nickname with the guy's name is Edward but Play Ball had a nickname gimmick going on and they stuck to it like glue. This is a pretty nice looking card for one that's 72 years old. If you get to be 72 years old and and you're only a little right of center with a few spots and wrinkles here and there you're doing pretty good for yourself. It does kind of look like he got the sunburn Richard Dreyfuss got in Close Encounters of the Third Kind though. People just didn't know to use high SPF lotion when witnessing alien beings back then.

And look at this! It's card #1! It's the Andy Pafko of Play Ball! Ok, there were two other Play Ball sets before this one but it's the first one in color. There were two Topps sets before 1952 Topps too so there. Eddie was a decent little player back in the day that no one remembers at all anymore. Seven time All-Star and picked up some MVP votes here and there in the '40s. Had some WARs and such if you're into that sort of thing too. Nice pickup, eh?


Hey Babe, wanna wrestle? Ok that was inappropriate and I screwed up the quote but I can't help it. Beavis and Butthead have had a signifigant influence in my life. Which explains a lot, actually. But anyway, here's my Babe. Not Ruth, but a Babe nonetheless. It's a little worse for wear than Eddie what with all the creases but when 72 years old you reach, look this good you will not. Hell, I don't look that good now. Babe didn't have quite the career Eddie did, but he had a good 12 year run with an All Star selection for Philly in 1943. He didn't have much of a career for the Braves Bees Braves at all, only playing 44 games with the club before getting sold to the Cubs.

Ah ha, but look on the back! It's the Boston Braves now! Gotta love high series cards! Actually the switchover from the Bees to the Braves came in the middle series* as you can see from the COMPLETED TEAM SET Y'ALL

There's only 6 Beeraves in the set and I got 'em all now SO IT COUNTS. These two cards came as a bit of a surprise. I was actually thinking about dropping this portion of the budget on a single low-priced pre-war card when these two popped up. Just so happened to be the two I needed! Starting to think Roger reads my wantlists.

And here's the backs of 'em all since I scanned them way back when. It's easier to scan the back of one page than it is to scan the back of 30 pages. Pre-war cards should always be scanned front and back anyways.

So question time: You all really want to make me scan dozens of pages again to get the backs or will a list of the card numbers for each set suffice? Tell me quick because I'll need to scan 'em sometime in the next couple of days for the post next week. 

*Note - I'm assuming all this series stuff because the cards were printed on 12 card sheets and there are 72 cards and the last 24 cards are the scarce 'high' series and the first mention of the Braves is on card 25 which would make three series of 24 cards which makes sense even though it's all conjecture and I can't find anything to back it up in other words I just pulled it out of my ass which is the same thing respected journalists do nowadays so that's my story and I'm sticking to it

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All My Heywards - 2011 Topps Lineage 1964 Giants

2011 Topps Lineage 1964 Giants #TG3

2011 Lineage was an absolute shitshow of a set, but the one thing they got right was the retro inserts. This isn't an insert per se, more of a box topper, but it gets the 1964 Giants set right. At first glance the photo on the front looks odd. Weird angle, odd glowy background, deranged cropping. Thing is, a bunch of the cards from the original set are awkward in exactly that way. The back is a work of beauty, differing from the originals only by trademark bugs and a line of legalese. Jason Heyward described as precocious? Classic.

Monday, November 18, 2013

September Vintage Card Show - Random Crap - Willie

I don't feel like writing tonight so I'm just going to show you my Willie

It's a small Willie and kinda off centered. No color either. But it's glossy! Glossy shiny Willie.

Also a little rough around the edges. Deckled Willie. One of these days I'm going to make a concerted push to complete one or more of these ridiculously common '60s insert sets.

Today is not that day.

But I do like mah Willie.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Joy of a Completed Inset Set - 2011 Allen & Ginter Step Right Up

Totally passed up the Bed of Nails card in a dime box and panicked when I realized my error. Luckily no one scrounges in dime boxes anymore and it was still waiting there for me when I was able to get back to the shop. Bonus Flower and Treasure card on the bottom of the page because I don't know where to put them in the binder.

Bonus Ginter Insert Question:
If I have one of the 2012 Sea Monkeys cards, and I don't bust it open to free the sea monkeys... am I committing genocide?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1970 Topps Braves

Coulda swore I posted this already but I can't find it using search and I've decided I'm posting a completed Topps team set every Wednesday until I run out of team sets which will be in about 8 weeks unless I complete more team sets quickly but I can probably complete a few more by scrounging through my player boxes and at the very least I can swipe some cards from my Topps base sets in a pinch which I shouldn't do but I might anyway and good lord this is one hell of a run on sentence and here's the set sorry if you've seen it before but not really sorry because it's from 1970 and some of you jokers weren't even born yet so look at this set and appreciate it you ungrateful whippersnappers

I really need to figure out something to put in all these empty pockets maybe those repli-card things from Baseball Cards Magazine perhaps?

Monday, November 11, 2013

September Vintage Card Show - '52 Chip

stoled this from a dude on twitter but i can't remember his @name

Ok so the Barves moved again. Or, will move in three years but who's counting. This ain't no big deal, They've moved three times already. Boston to Milwaukee to Atlanta to an Atlanta address but not in the same county as Atlanta so not quite Atlanta and there's a whole bunch of Georgia/Atlanta politics bubbling under the surface that you really really don't wanna know about but still pretty much Atlanta when you get down to it. That's gonna be difficult to fit on an away jersey. It'll probably all end up being a ruse by Liberty Media to burn their bridges with the city, then bungle the deal with Cobb County thus allowing them an excuse to move the team to Salt Lake City or San Antonio. Maybe even Miami, they could use a team. Well, we got three more seasons at the Ted anyway, and I'll probably drop dead of a stroke from watching too much Cable TV News by the time the team actually moves somewhere. To celebrate our nomadic tribe of warriors, here's a card from the first city they popped up in.

Old Bowman! Not 1948 Bowman, those are black and white. Not 1949 Bowman, those have a black and white picture with a solid color background. Not 1950 Bowman, those are small and square. Not 1951 Bowman, Those have a solid block with the name on the front. This is 1952 Bowman also known as 1951 Bowman with a fake signature. Also the back only has black ink instead of red and black ink. This is the set Bowman kinda screwed the pooch on, as they basically rehashed the previous year's set while their competitor came up with a product that was vastly superior. AKA Topps' business plan for the past few years. Oh wait! Silly me, Topps doesn't have competitors anymore.

So here's the back. Snooze city. No color, no stats, bottom third is basically an ad. And who the heck are Haelan Laboratories? Was Bowman gum created by Mad Scientists? Was Sy Berger actually a superhero who saved America from being poisoned by radioactive space gum sold by a front confectioner run by Cold War spies? Where can I get a baseball cap for 50 cents and five Bowman wrappers? Would it actually be cheaper to just buy the cap outright instead of buying five packs of 2013 Bowman? If I sent in the wrappers to Topps would the case breakers just get all the caps because they sent their wrappers in first? Why am I asking so many questions? Why am I being so evasive? What do I have to hide?

I don't know a dang thing about Bob Chipman other than he's a high number card and Bowman high numbers are as annoying as Topps high numbers but not quite as annoying as Heritage High Numbers. Actually I do know something about Bob, he pitched and won a game for Milwaukee in 1951. CAN YOU SAY FORESHADOWING. That would be like Topps putting "Freddie likes to eat wings at the Big Chicken" on the back of Freddie Freeman's card. Maybe Topps will do that next year. At least they've stayed put in Duryea, PA. I can't handle any more unexpected moves.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

All My Heywards - 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes

2013 Panini Hometown Heroes No. 209

Ok so this set is ridiculous. No logos since it's unlicensed. Uniforms have been airbrushed to oblivion and everyone looks generic. The colors are awful. It's got as much yellow as '91 fleer and I hate red borders. The back is busy as hell. Stats are in 4 point type while useless nonsense fills up the card's real estate. And why orange of all colors. The card stock is that weird retro three-ply stuff they used in 2012 Heritage except thinner. There are 40 cards that don't know if they are short prints or variations and they are all diabolically hard to pull. There are too many inserts. And the inserts have PARALLELS. Whyyyyyyyyyyy. This set is horrible. It's beyond horrible. It's terribadly atrociolicious. It's the Plan 9 From Outer Space of trading card sets. So of course I am completely in love with this set. This is the perfect set to sort while drinking a PBR and listening to The Shaggs. Do you know of another set where you can pull Ernie Banks, Oscar Gamble  Yasiel Puig, Ken Griffey Jr., Mookie Wilson, Mike Trout, Bo Jackson and Mark Lemke all out of the same pack? No you don't because it doesn't exist. I loves this set so much I made a wantlist.

2013 Panini Hometown Heroes wantlist because I'm crazy

33 Cole Hamels
59 Wil Myers
122 Tom Seaver
133 Jordan Zimmermann
148 Shawon Dunston164 Alan Trammell
190 Bernie Williams

Base Image Variation SPs whatever

261 Yasiel Puig
262 Jurickson Profar
263 Wil Myers
265 Dylan Bundy
266 Evan Gattis
267 Gerrit Cole
268 Zack Wheeler
269 Manny Machado
270 Shelby Miller
271 Mark Grace
272 Fred McGriff
273 Frank Robinson
274 Curt Schilling
275 Greg Maddux
276 Carlton Fisk
277 John Franco
278 Roberto Alomar
279 Ellis Burks
280 Prince Fielder
281 Nolan Ryan
283 Bo Jackson
284 Dave Stewart
285 Josh Beckett
286 CC Sabathia
287 Jack Morris
288 Dave Kingman
290 Rickey Henderson
291 Pete Rose
292 Neil Walker
293 Steve Garvey
294 Matt Williams
295 Randy Johnson
296 Lee Smith
297 James Loney
298 Will Clark
299 Paul Molitor
300 Andre Dawson


Calling the Shots

City Hall
9 Dale Murphy

Curtain Call
14 Reggie Jackson

Defining Moments
got one

Homegrown Heroes
16 Chipper Jones

Hometown Signatures
5 Mark Lemke
7 Steve Avery
16 Evan Gattis
66 Oscar Gamble
92 Terry Pendleton

Left Their Marks Signatures
10 Bob Horner

1 Ryne Sandberg
2 Dwight Gooden
4 Ken Griffey Jr.
5 Mike Trout
6 Felix Hernandez
7 Ron Cey
8 Nolan Ryan
9 Orel Hershiser
10 Lance Berkman
11 Roger Clemens
12 Andre Dawson
13 Fernando Valenzuela
16 Shane Victorino
17 Ozzie Smith
18 Roy Halladay
19 Derek Jeter
20 Rickey Henderson

5 Yogi Berra

14 Justin Upton

32 Chipper Jones

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1988 Topps

Everyone raves about '87 Topps and '89 Topps is oddly loved nowadays but for my money '88 Topps is the best looking set of the late '80s. Oddly enough the last card I needed was a Traded Kevin Coffman which came out of one of those Target Card Coffins. I now know why those are referred to as Card Coffins. Jayzus that was horrible. I got screwed out of my '60s card too unless the '6th decade of cards the box referred to was a 2021 card I didn't recognize at first glance. I'm happy about the team set though.

Last card there on the bottom is a perfectly centered Dion James with that mess on the back. Bonus Mahler Mojo!

Monday, November 4, 2013

September Vintage Card Show - All Star Hank

Yeah it's November and I'm finally getting around to showing off the stuff I got a month and a half ago at the most recent card show I went to. Y'all are fortunate I haven't deleted the blog altogether and moved to Pinterest by now. Anyway, this show took me by surprise and I was woefully under funded and disorganzed but I still managed to kick some ass at this show. Unlike some other show hauls I've shown off here I did not pick up one card that was a complete slam dunk over everything else. While I had the opportunity to blow my wad on one card I decided to spread the wealth around on a small pile of cards. About 17 or so if I recall correctly. I'll start off with the 'biggest' one of the bunch though since who knows when I'll post again. I haven't been the most consistant of bloggers this year you have to admit. So, better late than never, have a Hank.

Hank cards have been getting pricer as of late, but this one had snuck into the bargain box. '60s All Star cards can very often be tricky to track down, but luckily for me the NL All Stars are in the reasonably common 5th series instead of the somewhat scarce 6th series like the AL All Stars. The photo of Hank here is fantastic. The centering, not so much. I'm somewhat fascinated by that bottom border though. It looks like the yellow ink stopped early and left the bottom wood grain pink. I'm not even sure if that's a printer error or what. At any rate I approve of my pink-bordered Aaron.

The back is badly centered too. I never understood the cards that were miscut on one side and perfectly centered on the other. It pleases me that this card is off-centered correctly, which is a very unusual OCD reaction indeed. I did notice a mistake on the back as I'm pretty sure Hank hit 3 homers against the Yankees in the 1957 World Series and not the 1953 Series. Best part about this card though? It did this:

Awwww yisssss completed 1962 team set page. I'm actually pretty close to completing the '62 team set now. Or extremely far considering I still need those high number rookie cards. Stay tuned for moar old Barves on the next edition of "Card Show Haul From Weeks Ago".