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Monday, August 26, 2013

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1998 Topps Braves

I really like the design of this set even if it did kick off half a decade of oddly colored borders. I'm sure the framelike border and the odd team logo bar with the player's name in (ugh) foil turns people off though. I just think it looks cheesily classy. Is this set hard to find? I don't really know since I kept collecting through the late '90s-early '00s unlike everyone else.

Most of this page is left open for the 1998 Traded set cards that were never made.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Building a set: 1989 Topps Ghostbusters 2 - Pack 7

Well, it was going to happen eventually.

sticker #4
Slimer is laughing at all the doubles I pulled this pack:

To add insult to injury, Both card #44s have gum damage and both card #25s have wax damage. Oh well, better luck next time (I hope).

Set completion: 46/88 52.3%
Sticker set completion: 6/11 54.5%
Doubles: 10
Sticker doubles: 1
Cards needed in the pack: 0
Number of cards needed for the set: 42
Number of cards left in the packs: 64

Friday, August 23, 2013

Building a set: 1989 Topps Ghostbusters 2 - Pack 6

So the plan was to come back form my vacation all rested and relaxed and knock this series out lickety-split, but it turned out I needed a vacation from my vacation and I'm now just getting back to being able to think slightly good. Time to finish this up! It should be pretty easy now since [SPOILERS] there's not going to be quite as much writing going on after this pack. If you hate these set building posts and don't want to see me do this again speak now or forever hold your piece, because I have two more sets I'm about to do this for so act now or get more weird non-sport pack rips.

card #43
Hooray! We caught a ghost! A ghost jogger! A ghost jogger who wasn't doing much of anything besides running around Central Park! Not disturbing anyone really unlike those three muggers and a flasher right over there! We're friggin' HEROES! Hooray!

card #10
Of all the ridiculous things in this movie, THIS is the thing that bugs me the most. In the first film, Dana is a professional cellist in the bloody New York Philharmonic. That is a HARD job to get, there is crazy competition for that job and you have to spend your entire life practicing and training and learning mad cello skillz in order to get that job. Even if you bang the conductor, you gotta be pretty dang good at musics in order to get the gig. So now in the second film, when her marriage goes south and she gives up her music career, the backup job she takes is... restoring priceless works of art in a major art museum?? I could see like, a receptionist or a tour guide but RESTORING THE ART? That's just as difficult and requires as much training and skills as being a professional musician! Look at the card! She's cleaning a Monet-looking painting with chemicals and shit! She might have banged the conductor for her music chair but she definitely had to bang Janosz to get the art job. Think about that the next time you watch this movie. (yes I know you'll never watch this movie again now)

card #71


card #13
Venkman physically abuses Ray in order to get him to spill that Dana's back with more ghosts. Jerk. When I first saw that Ray owned a creepy old bookstore full of occult books it pretty much made me want to be him when I grew up. [SPOILER] Didn't quite happen.

sticker #8
Ray: Whooooooa duuuuude
Peter: what the hell am I supposed to be looking at again?

card #2
seriously stop smacking around ray you're just jealous because he's more adorable than you are and you know it

card #21
Now this inexplicable career change doesn't bother me. Sure, Louis is an accountant in the first film and here he is as a lawyer. It is completely plausible that someone who was an accountant for the Ghostbusters would try to get a law degree at night school. With all the illegal shit they get into it's just simple job security. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he didn't bang Janosz, I'm just saying he was a little drunk at the time and was in a bad dry spell.

card #46
Now Dana's restoring what looks to be a Dutch still life. How exactly can I get this job? I promise I won't paint Fluttershy into all the impressionist paintings. Maybe just one or two of the lesser known ones. No one will notice. Venkman sizes up Janosz, realizing that he's in danger of becoming another notch on the virile artist's belt.

card #64

I know candles are just part of the whole occult "let's summon a demonic presence" schtick but you'd think Janosz could have found something classier than standard dime store storm candles. Vigo demands lovely tea lights or maybe some scented ones for a little aromatherapy to make his soul possesion more pleasant. And how are those things standing up by themselves? Dana should have made a gamble that kicking over all those candles would have screwed up the ambiance and forced Janosz to stack 'em all up again.

Set completion: 46/88 52.3%
Sticker set completion: 5/11 45.5%
Doubles: 2
Sticker doubles: 1
Cards needed in the pack: 8
Number of cards needed for the set: 42
Number of cards left in the packs: 72

Monday, August 19, 2013

Joy of a Complete Insert Set: 2007 Allen & Ginter Dick Perez

More Ginter inserts since I'm useless at writing no more.This is the same concept as the 2006 inserts, One player sketch per team painted on a tobacco sized card so Topps could give away the originals in Rip Cards. I like this set a little better than the 2006 version, although one or two of teh sketches look awkward (hello Jim Edmonds).

Some extra goodies to fill out the last page. Love the ripped rip cards that can be found for cheap!

And the back, pretty much identical to the 2006 back. Yawn.

2009-2013 Goodwin Champions Wantlist

These sets catch a lot of flack for being unlicensed and having some odd to unfortunate picture choices and artsy sets in general seem to be completely out of favor but who cares, I like 'em. Not quite enough to buy any in the past two years but maybe I'll stumble across a pile of 'em cheap someday.

2009 Goodwin Champions

1 Ken Griffey Jr.
2 Derek Jeter
9 Carlos Delgado
14 Donovan Bailey
22 Jim Palmer
34 Alexander Ovechkin
40 Phil Niekro
51 Carlos Beltran
56 Ozzie Smith
67 Josh Beckett82 Justin Morneau
83 Akinori Iwamura
87 Andy Pettitte
90 Jonathan Toews
98 Jason Giambi
106 Ryan Howard109 Chad Billingsley
112 Robin Roberts
123 B.J. Upton133 Joba Chamberlain
139 Koji Uehara
150 David Ortiz

Short Prints
151 Cory Wade
152 Roy White
153 Jed Lowrie
154 Gavin Floyd
155 Justin Masterson
156 Travis Hafner
158 David Purcey
160 Mike Parsons
162 Dave Scott
163 Nyjer Morgan
164 Chris Volstad
165 Barry Zito
166 Adrian Beltre
167 Mark Zupan
168 Victor Martinez
169 Eric Chavez
170 Chris Perez
171 Jered Weaver
172 Justin Verlander
173 Adam Lind
174 Corky Carroll
175 Ryan Zimmerman
176 Josh Willingham
178 Jonathan Albaladejo
180 Bill Hall
182 John Maine
183 Tom Curren
187 Joe Alexander
188 Fausto Carmona
189 Daniel Murphy
190 Alex Hinshaw

Super Short Prints
191 Clayton Richard
193 Don Gay
194 Aramis Ramirez
195 Gaylord Perry
196 Carlos Lee
197 Paul Konerko
198 Kent Hrbek
199 Chris B. Young
200 Roy Halladay
201 Geovany Soto
202 Chone Figgins
203 Joe Pepitone
204 Mark Allen
205 Garrett Atkins
206 Ken Shamrock
207 Jermaine Dye
208 Don Newcombe
209 Rick Cerone
210 Adam Jones

2011 Goodwin Champions

1 King Kelly BASEBALL
9 Gordie Howe HOCKEY
10 Natalie Gulbis GOLF
17 King Clancy HOCKEY
21 Tiger Woods GOLF
23 Michael Jordan BASKETBALL
25 Manny Machado BASEBALL
36 Jake Locker FOOTBALL
40 Troy Aikman FOOTBALL
43 Stan Musial BASEBALL
44 Alonzo Mourning BASKETBALL
48 Drew Brees FOOTBALL
57 Barry Sanders FOOTBALL
60 Bill Russell BASKETBALL63 Cristie Kerr GOLF
65 Mark Ingram FOOTBALL
66 Landon Donovan SOCCER
71 John Elway FOOTBALL
78 Cam Newton FOOTBALL
79 Howie Morenz HOCKEY
80 Aaron Rodgers FOOTBALL
86 James Worthy BASKETBALL
88 Jerry West BASKETBALL
99 Wayne Gretzky HOCKEY111 Derrick Rose BASKETBALL
114 Greg Monroe BASKETBALL
130 Mario Lemieux HOCKEY
150 Gentleman Jim Corbett BOXING
Short Prints
152 Jack Chesbro BASEBALL
154 Franklin Delano Roosevelt PRESIDENT
158 Charles Comiskey BASEBALL160 Wyatt Earp LAWMAN
162 Charles Dickens AUTHOR
164 Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris GOLF
167 Robert E. Lee GENERAL
170 John Muir AUTHOR172 Amy Rodriguez SOCCER
174 Claude Monet ARTIST
175 Wong Fei-Hung MARTIAL ARTS
176 Manfred Von Richthofen AVIATOR
178 Dennis Oil Can Boyd BASEBALL
180 Theodore Roosevelt PRESIDENT181 Buck Ewing BASEBALL
184 Dan Brouthers BASEBALL
186 Amber & Angela Cope AUTO RACERS
187 W.G. Grace CRICKET
191 George Custer GENERAL
193 Woodrow Wilson PRESIDENT
195 John Ward BASEBALL196 Thomas Edison INVENTOR
197 Vincent Van Gogh ARTIST
198 Grigori Rasputin MYSTIC
200 Pierre Lueders BOBSLED
201 John Philip Sousa COMPOSER
202 Kip Turner LACROSSE
203 Lord Stanley GOVERNOR
205 Alexander Graham Bell INVENTOR
206 Walter Camp FOOTBALL
207 James Naismith BASKETBALL
208 James Creighton HOCKEY

2013 Goodwin Champions

1 Wayne Gretzky
2 Rory McIlroy
3 Bo Jackson
4 Michael Jordan
5 Clyde Drexler
6 Ozzie Smith
7 Reggie Miller
9 Annika Sorenstam
10 Joe Namath
11 Spud Webb
15 Shawn Bradley17 LeBron James
19 Paul Hornung
20 Mario Lemieux
26 Archie Griffin27 Ernie Banks
30 Jack Nicklaus
33 Bam Margera
34 Nick Buoniconti
37 Tim Tebow
41 Robert Horry
46 Larry Bird
47 Sidney Crosby
48 Ronnie Lott
51 Pete Rose52 Dan Fouts
53 Walt Frazier
54 Lonnie Shelton
55 Eddie Lacy
59 Alonzo Mourning69 Aaron Rodgers
76 Bryan Trottier
77 Ray Allen
78 Jim Rice
80 Barry Sanders
82 Glen Rice
85 Keith Hernandez
86 Bill Laimbeer
88 Richard Petty
91 Rafael Palmeiro
92 Michael Phelps
93 Hulk Hogan
94 Isiah Thomas
95 Kent Hrbek
96 Juan Gonzalez
98 Cordarrelle Patterson99 Paul O'Neill
100 Meyers Leonard
104 Paul Pierce105 Ken Stabler
108 Abraham Lincoln109 Dan Marino
110 Larry Johnson
114 Jerry Rice117 John Elway
119 Jay Buhner
123 Geno Smith
125 Anderson Silva
126 Kenny Lofton
127 Dave Casper
128 Frank Thomas
130 Oscar De La Hoya
131 Danica Patrick
135 Vinny Del Negro136 John Olerud
137 Bobby Orr
139 A.C. Green140 Muggsy Bogues
141 Nolan Ryan
143 Tiger Woods
145 Matt Barkley
146 Ozzie Newsome

Short Prints

151 Harry Stovey
152 John Clarkson
153 Mike Donovan
155 Ed Killian156 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
157 Jake Beckley
158 Harry Wright
159 Mickey Welch
160 Moe Harkless
161 Tommy McCarthy
162 John Barrymore
164 Philip Sheridan165 Tyler Zeller
167 Cornelius Vanderbilt168 William H. Taft
169 Tim Keefe
171 Ray Ewry172 George M. Cohan
173 Roger Staubach
174 Rudyard Kipling
175 Jem Mace
176 Lon Chaney Sr.
177 Douglas Fairbanks Sr
178 George Wright
179 Amos Rusie
180 Glenn Curtiss
181 Edgar Degas
182 Stan Lee
183 Bid McPhee
184 Rudy Ruettiger
185 Larry Robinson
186 Gaston Chevrolet
187 Tony Hawk
188 John Wesley Hardin
190 Leo Tolstoy
Super Short Prints

191 Arnold Rothstein
192 Charles Rolls
194 Doug Gilmour195 Frank Lockhart
196 Hobey Baker
197 Leland Stanford
198 Jake Daubert
199 Lave Cross
200 Isadora Duncan
201 Richard Sears
202 James Buchanan Duke
203 Pat Garrett
204 Frank Calder
205 Levi Strauss
206 George Washington Carver
207 Mathew Brady
208 Calvin Coolidge
209 Roger Connor
210 Bessie Smith

Tacking on Golden Age and American Pie because I don't know where else to put 'em.

2012 Panini Golden Age

2 Ty Cobb
3 Jack Johnson
5 Sam Crawford
6 Battling Nelson
9 Joe Jackson
10 Lefty Williams
11 Buck Weaver
12 Happy Felsch
13 Eddie Cicotte
14 Swede Risberg
15 Chick Gandil
16 Fred McMullin
17 Eddie Collins
19 Burleigh Grimes
20 Man o' War
21 Bobby Jones
22 John Heisman
24 Dizzy Dean
25 Walter Hagen
26 Jack Dempsey
27 Johnny Weissmuller
29 Rogers Hornsby
33 Red Grange
34 Jimmie Foxx
35 Arky Vaughan
37 Citation
39 Charlie Gehringer
40 Ted Williams
41 Jackie Robinson
42 Joe DiMaggio
43 Early Wynn
44 Buck Leonard
45 Byron Nelson
46 Ralph Kiner
47 Bill Dickey
48 Eddie Mathews
49 Joe Garagiola
50 Babe Didrikson Zaharias
51 Hal Newhouser
52 Stan Musial
54 Moe Howard
57 The Three Stooges
59 Bobby Thomson
60 Phil Rizzuto
62 Ben Hogan
64 Bob Feller
65 Whitey Ford
66 Red Schoendienst
67 Al Kaline
68 Duke Snider
69 Pee Wee Reese
70 Don Larsen
71 Minnie Minoso
73 Tony Kubek
75 Jim Ryun
76 Bill Mazeroski
77 John F. Kennedy
78 Willie McCovey
79 Warren Spahn
80 Dick Fosbury
82 Jim Bunning
83 Nancy Lopez
84 Frank Robinson
85 Carl Yastrzemski
86 Denny McLain
87 Bill Russell
88 Luis Aparicio
89 Frank Howard
90 Rusty Staub
91 Earl Weaver
92 Joe Namath
93 Richard Petty
94 Meadowlark Lemon
96 Sam Snead
97 Harmon Killebrew
99 Billy Martin
100 Gene Tenace
101 Ron Blomberg
102 Bob Gibson
103 Tom Seaver
105 John Dean
106 Frankie Frisch
107 Penny Chenery
108 Secretariat
109 Ron Turcotte
110 Catfish Hunter
111 Rollie Fingers
112 Bobby Allison
113 Grace Kelly
115 Jean Cruguet
116 Mark Spitz
117 Johnny Bench
118 Pete Rose
119 Tony Perez
120 Frank Tanana
121 Bill Walton
122 Al Unser
123 Joe Torre
124 Affirmed
125 Steve Cauthen
126 Nolan Ryan
127 Fred Lynn
128 John Blue Moon Odom
129 Reggie Jackson
130 Lou Piniella
131 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
132 Mickey Lolich
134 Thurman Munson
135 Boog Powell
139 Steve Garvey
140 Maury Wills
141 Nate Colbert
142 Jerry West
143 Gordie Howe
144 Cleon Jones

2013 Panini Golden Age

2 Billy Sunday
3 John L. Sullivan
5 Joe Wood
7 Joe Tinker
8 Johnny Evers
9 Frank Chance
11 Gene Tunney
12 Fred Merkle
13 Tris Speaker
14 Fielding Yost
17 Grantland Rice
19 Jake Daubert
20 Edd Roush
22 Abe Attell
26 Bobby Jones
28 Jim Bottomley
30 Miller Huggins
31 War Admiral
32 Hack Wilson
33 Dave Bancroft
34 Jim Thorpe
39 Al Simmons
40 Walter Hagen
42 Wally Pipp
43 Rocky Marciano
44 Doak Walker
45 Bill Terry
46 Red Grange
47 Mel Ott
48 Seabiscuit
49 Branch Rickey
51 Stan Musial
52 Warren Spahn
57 Richie Ashburn
58 Lou Boudreau
59 Al Lopez
61 Gil Hodges
62 Red Schoendienst
64 Yogi Berra
65 Bobby Richardson
68 Al Kaline
69 Ralph Terry
71 Sam McDowell
77 Norm Cash
78 Ed Kranepool
79 Ron Swoboda
80 Sham
83 Joe Morgan
84 Brooks Robinson
89 Ted Simmons
92 Riva Ridge
94 Angel Cordero
95 Tommy Davis
96 Bill Freehan
99 Bob Gibson
100 Fred Biletnikoff
101 Jim Rice
102 Lou Brock
103 Carl Eller
105 Bob Griese
106 Jim Kiick
107 Don Maynard
108 Johnny Bench
110 Affirmed
112 Sugar Ray Leonard
113 George Brett
115 Earl Campbell
116 Lem Barney
117 Bo Schembechler
121 Joe Frazier
129 Bobby Hull
130 Karen & Mickey Taylor
131 Barry Switzer
132 Keith Hernandez
135 Mike Schmidt
136 Thomas Hearns
137 Steve Stone
138 Pete Rose
139 Curly Neal
140 Carlton Fisk
141 Sparky Anderson
142 Ron Guidry
143 Dale Murphy
144 Lyman Bostock

2011 Topps American Pie

1 World War II Ends
11 Doomsday Clock
17 Death of a Salesman
49 McDonald's Opens
50 Disneyland
54 Duke Ellington
57 Nat King Cole
62 On The Road
64 The PEACE Symbol
71 Pantyhose Invented
78 Fantastic Four Debut
83 Zip Codes Introduced
90 The Beatles Play Shea
105 Top 40 Debuts (Casey Kasem)
110 The Price Is Right
132 Garfield Debuts
133 ESPN
138 Pac-Man
142 General Hospital Luke & Laura
147 Court Allows Home Recordings
163 The Simpsons Premieres
167 The Real World Premieres
169 Nancy Kerrigan
172 O.J. Simpson Found Not Guilty
180 Survivor Premieres
191 Last Harry Potter Book
198 Osama Bin Laden Killed

Braves Team Set Wantlist - Topps 1986-1999

Forgot I hadn't posted this one yet... Oh well. Same as before, half of these are probably hiding in team boxes or doubles boxes or player boxes etc.

1986 TOPPS

1987 TOPPS

1988 TOPPS

1989 TOPPS

1990 TOPPS
1991 TOPPS

1992 TOPPS

1993 TOPPS

1994 TOPPS
261 Rafael Belliard
13T Jacob Shumate RC
56T Prospects Trenidad Hubbard Rockies - Jason Schmidt Braves - Larry Sutton Royals - Stephen Larkin Rangers
63T Mike Mordecai RC
92T Charlie O'Brien
98T Corey Pointer RC
103T Deion Sanders Reds / Mike Kelly Braves

1995 TOPPS
532  Roberto Kelly
1996 TOPPS

1997 TOPPS

1998 TOPPS

1999 TOPPS

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Braves Team Set Wantlist - Topps 2000-2015

I have everything block right now so don't expect any decent content on this blog until I get my shizz together. The one thing I am slightly competant at right now is organizing. I finally got all my Braves team sets put into binders and wantlisted. Some of these cards I have hiding in player/team boxes but I'm putting 'em online for my reference anyway.

2000 Topps
72 Brian Jordan
158 Odalis Perez
388 Mike Remlinger

2001 Topps
2001 Topps Traded
T6 Rico Brogna
T8 Ken Caminiti
T72 Kurt Abbott
T93 Wes Helms
T167 Marcus Giles

2002 Topps
29 Jason Marquis
195 Dave Martinez
235 Brian Jordan
261 Wes Helms
390 Tom Glavine
408 Albie Lopez
410 Chipper Jones
415 Rafael Furcal
424 Julio Franco
448 Kevin Millwood
617 Vinny Castilla
637 Marcus Giles
705 Greg Maddux GG

2003 Topps
300 Andy Marte FY
302 Gonzalo Lopez FY
556 John Smoltz

2004 Topps

2005 Topps

2006 Topps
267 Bobby Cox MG
584 Jorge Sosa

2007 Topps

2008 Topps

2009 Topps

2010 Topps
286 Javier Vazquez

2011 Topps

2012 Topps
2012 Topps Update
US78 Chad Durbin
US136 Reed Johnson
US166 Chipper Jones
US250 Cristhian Martinez
US311 Dan Uggla

2013 Topps

2014 Topps
425 Craig Kimbrel - Atlanta Braves
437 Alex Wood - Atlanta Braves
454 Brandon Beachy - Atlanta Braves
619 Chris Johnson - Atlanta Braves
621 B.J. Upton - Atlanta Braves
US-108 Ryan Doumit - Atlanta Braves
US-259 Craig Kimbrel - Atlanta Braves
US-264 Freddie Freeman - Atlanta Braves

2015 Topps
379 Phil Gosselin
US45 Ryan Lavarnway - Atlanta Braves
US111 Todd Cunningham - Atlanta Braves

If anyone needs a full team set list just comment or e-mail me and I'll send you what I got.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Premier League is Back!



POST MATCH UPDATE: ok that could have gone better.

open up the fecking checkbook Arsene and LETS GO BEAT FULHAM NEXT WEEK

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Joy of a Completed Insert Set - 2009 Allen & Ginter National Pride

This is the other Ginter insert set I completed last week with the Josh Hamilton card that had eluded me for a while. As you can see, this is a 75 card set as opposed to the 30 card insert set that Allen & Ginter had just 2 years prior. The insert bloat has just gotten worse and now the inserts aren't even numbered properly for easy collecting. Oh well, so it goes.

The National Pride set shows off players with their home country's flag in the background of an ornate frame. A little pompous, but it's pretty colorful and well done. I'm guessing this set was done more or less in honor of The World Baseball Classic, but I can't remember what year that was played because the WBC is just so memorable. Enjoy the unbridled Nationalism.

Threw in all my funky border code cards to fill out the page because what else can you do with them?

Here's a scan of the backs. Unlike the 2006 and 2007 Ginter insert sets, there is actual text on the backs of these things which is nice. I scanned Chipper because Chipper. I didn't scan all nine page backs because Lazy.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Joy of a Complete Insert Set - 2006 Allen & Ginter Dick Perez Sketches

Yeah so everyone's posting Ginter right now... BUT ARE THEY POSTING SEVEN YEAR OLD GINTER??!?!?

I think not.

I'm really in the mood to drool over Ginter on the blog but this blog doesn't do ads and I'm not handing out free advertising to companies who hide their cards in the trash and don't bother to tell anyone. This ain't Pokemans, people. Don't hide cards in the trash. While the 2013 Ginter set is completely bloated with crap and has become ridiculous, the original 2006 set was quite spartan in comparison. Basically just the base set, minis, some parallels, autogamers, rip cards and this little set that was used as hit decoys. The cards are about the same thickness as the framed relics and autos. There's even a decoy card for the decoy cards that has an ad on it. Dick Perez painted one portrait for each team in the league for this set, and each one was done actual mini tobacco card size to add a degree of difficulty. They came out rather nice for being so small. I recently found the Huston Street card that had eluded me all these years so it's time to show off the complete set. I added some goodies at the end to fill out the page.

Some people like scans of the backs of the cards for some reason. Well, with this set, if you've seen one back you've seen 'em all.

Now you've seen 'em all.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Joy of a complete set: 2007 Goudey base set

After years of searching the Shawn Green green back card that had eluded me for years popped up in a dime box. I don't have all the short prints yet, but I'm so happy to finish off the base that I'm going to murder all you dial up readers and spam the whole base set for ya. Enjoy.