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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heavyweight Retro Championship of the World: Card 1

Ok, let's get this party started. You guys voted that the next pack war be between jumbo packs of Retro products Heritage & Goudey. I threw a curveball at ya and added a jumbo of '08 Heritage High series. Let's see which retro product reigns supreme! (at least until Allen & Ginter comes out)

The Rules: I will be matching up each card as they come out of the pack. I'll rank them in order of who I think is the best and assign 0-5 points to each card. Whichever pack has the highest number of points will be teh winnah. If I am unable to determine the winner of a certain round I'll have you guys decide in the comments.

Let'e start 'er up... Card 1:

#1 09 Heritage Cole Hamels

The man won the NLCS and the World Series MVPs. Not a bad pitcher at all. I like th fact that Topps was able to stay with the '60 Topps mugshot motif and still get an interesting background with the stadium press boxes over his shoulder.

4 points

#2 08 Heritage High Ryan Ludwick

Quad-A player who finally broke through last year. Nice posed swing as he stares off into the distance gazing at his FUTURE. The spring training scoreboard and ads don't hurt neither.

2 points

#4 09 Goudey Carlos Guillen

This card is hideous. I totally understand Carlos isn't Brad Pitt or anything, but did Upper Deck really need to make him look like Quasimodo wearing pajamas? Ugh, this card disgusts me.

0 points

After one round:

2009 Heritage 4 - 2008 Heritage High Series 2 - 2009 Goudey 0.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Agree with you on the Goudey Guillen. Someone was asleep at the wheel on that one. What's really surprising is that I can't think of a single original Goudey that comes off looking that bad.

fengypants said...

Is it strange that I don't consider Allen & Ginter strictly retro? As in, it seems more like a continuation of a really old style of card versus the Heritage series, which is more self-conscious in how it's presented/marketed (including the way the series is named)?

Probably too fine a distinction, but that's my gut reaction to the retro label.

(Also, I'm totally new to collecting baseball cards, so feel free to set me straight.)