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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things can be taken too far however

Speaking of tight cropping, maybe the extrEEEEEEME close up shot isn't the best one to use.

But wait! What is this I see?

Oh yeah, this is TOTALLY the 1976 Upper Deck Vintage set. Why wait 'till 2025 Heritage is released? No wonder Topps is all pissy about this.

Man, I'm really starting to fall hard for this set. It wouldn't kill ya to smile though!


(apologies to Hal McRae for putting your enthusiastic expression onto such a sourpuss)


beardy said...

Hal McRae's mutton chops into the mustache are totally awesome!

That look needs to come back! Perhaps we should be on the forefront of the mutton chop revolution dayf?

ernest of canada said...

we need more dadaesque collage in trading cards!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! That last card scared me!

Twitch said...

Am I crazy or does Russ Springer kinda look like Brad Garrett?