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Monday, June 29, 2009

Stuff inna mail: part 2 - ripping off VOTC

Voice of the Collector is attempting to build the massive (but not YSL massive) Upper Deck 20th anniversary set. While I think some are worthy of the cardboard they are printed on, pretty much I see these as filler cards eating up precious pack space so I offered to send him a few. Rob showed his own generosity by sending me back some Bravos. Braves for junk! I'm almost ashamed of myself. Almost. Here's the top 5:

2009 Topps Turkey Red Brian McCann

I'm starting to think the reason I was so dead set against the 2007 version of this set was not the ridiculous short prints but the fact that they bootlegged the design. The original was perfect as it was. Here we have "McCann at dusk".

2009 Bowman Derek Lowe

I'm just going to come right out and say it, I loathe this year's Bowman. I'm sick of the black, I hate the concave borders squeezing the photo, I despise the stupid white patch for the FAKE signature (Rob also sent me Javy Vazquez with a horizontal design and half the damn card is white), I don't like the non-rookie rookie cards screwing up the rest of the rookies in every other set for a decade, I am just utterly sick and tired of this stupid set that Topps won't fix and I wish it would just die. That being said, right now I have an enormous man-crush on new Ace Derek Lowe and seeing him on cardboard wearing a Braves uni gave me a Bowman Boner. Thank goodness I didn't get a Tommy Hanson card or I'd be in real trouble.

2009 Topps Legends of the Game Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones? Legend of the game? Damn skippy.

2009 SPX Brian McCann

This was the first 2009 SPX card I had the pleasure of fondling with my grubby paws. I have to say these are pretty snazzy loking cards. They look like a very high end product - from a decade ago. Open a box of this and party like it's 1999.

1999 Bowman's Best Bruce Chen

See? 1999. one's shiny, the other's thick and chromey, but could you honestly compare these two cards with out the players to tip you off and say which was from which decade? Especially now that Bruce Chen is still in the league (albeit barely) this is a tough call. Maybe SPX is a subtle version of Upper Deck Retro.

Awesome stuff here, if/when I finally break down and start buying boxes of O-Pee-Chee I'll be sure to send more 20th Anniversary card Rob's way.

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