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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Contests for insomniacs

No I'm not up at 3:00 in the morning, I scheduled the post for that time just to be strange. Beardy and Night Owl should be up to enjoy it at least. Here are a couple of cool card contests I wanted to share so my odds of winning will be greatly diminished. Hmmm.. maybe this isn't that great a plan. Oh well, I've already started typing so what the hey.

Shopped Cards Contest

The Writer's Journey has a Traded Sets inspired contest featuring a Frankenstein's Monster of 1988 cards. Figure out the cards that make up the creature and win... well, something. The puzzle is a prize in and of itself to be honest.

The Great Cy Seymour Giveaway

Crawford Cards is giving away and ACTUAL T206 TOBACCO CARD! Well, for a month at least. You're supposed to give it away to someone else after that. But imagine the fun you'll have for that month...

This one actually might be over by the time this gets posted, but Sports Locker has some HoJo trivia for you cool kids to answer. I committed to the whole "post in the middle of the night" thing beforeI noticed they had a contest going on too. Oops.

So enter the contests and make me lose! I might just have my own contest of sorts coming up in the morning whenever I decide to roll out of bed.


James said...

Thanks for the mention!

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Thanks for the shout out!