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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heavyweight Retro Championship of the World - Card 4

I'm already a day behind on this. Upper Deck's double barrel rack pack give them an advanage on this one.

#1 Ron Santo Ryne Sandberg Derek Lee Aramis Ramirez 4-in-1 Red

Since the Goudey racks are split into two packs of 8 cards each, it's possible to pull an insert or short print out of either half. This Goudey rack has a Cubs 4-in-1 '35 Goudey insert in it. I actually like these cards better than the base set. Not entirely sure why there are four different color variations when there was only red and blue in the original set (oh, yeah, now I remember, more parallels means soaking set collectors for more money) but I don't mind mixing and matching so no big deal. Normally I loathe all things Cub on this blog, but I've got nothing against Santo or Sandberg.

4 points

#2 Heritage Chad Tracy

I greatly appreciate the beard/no beard photo variations on this card. I also like the pinky-orange peach color to the bottom color bar. I'm not fond of pink cards, but I like peach. Go figure. The real genius of this card is on the back:

Chad's charity is responsible for teaching Ed Norton how to read. Nobody gets this reference, do they. You're all thinking about Fight Club now. Sigh, no one studies the classics anymore.

2 points

#3 Heritage High Miguel Tejada

Miggy should have beat Tracy, but I can't see Tejada in any uniform other than A's green without feeling uneasy. Besides, it was just discovered that the copyright was falsified and that this card is from 2006 and not 2008. I feel obligated to give equal time to Tejada's cartoon, but I can't think of a joke that isn't rude.

You guys make up your own captions on this one. After the MJ stuff VOTC sent me yesterday I'm sure there will be some good ones.

1 point

A quarter way through the battle, there are the standings:

2009 Goudey 10 - 2008 Heritage High Series 9 - 2009 Heritage 8.


Dinged Corners said...

Ah, Ed. Hellooooo, ball.

Agree, the Goudey 4-in-1s are nicer than the base set.

Paul P said...

I find the alternate red and white lettering of Chad Tracy's name very distracting.

Steve Gierman said...

If Ed Norton learned to read, we might not ever hear "Song of the Sewer" again! That would be tragic.