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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Found One

I got my 2009 Series One Target Blaster. You guys were right - they're out there, you just have to scrounge a bit. I made sure that this was on the box:

That's right, Retro, baby. (if you don't know what the UPC code means I'll tell ya later) I now am fully prepared to build my 2009 Series 1 FrankenSet, card stock variations be damned. The video break (two-parter!) is in the can and is currently in post production. I'll also do full text pack opening and wrapup posts with scans for the blog. The first one will probably be up tomorrow.


Cubs fans, start looking for that Chipper patch from Series Two... Yankees fans too. I also got something an Indians fan would like, but JayBee already has one.

Damn it feels good to rip a blasta.

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JD's Daddy said...

Hey Man,

I was at target and unintentionally picked up the throwback box. I have no intention of completing a set of these, just looking for turkeys and other "non-target" inserts. Anyways, I have 10 packs worth of commons if you are interested!

I gotta say that I was pretty impressed with the patch I pulled though.