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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Silly Video for a Stupid Product

Ummm... this pack rip got a bit, well... ridiculous.

Of course with a product like 1997 Pinnacle Inside, the entire concept is ridiculous in the first place so why not? What's dumber, a grown ass man talking to a Deion Sanders action figure on the internet or a pack of baseball cards sealed inside a tin can? I call it a tie. You guys voted for this pack to be opened so I felt obligated to go all out for ya.

Ok, so that may have been a little too over the top. I'll probably be lucky if I don't end up the next Tron Guy or Numa Numa kid. I figured if stuff like this is on the interwebs (warning: strong language is the LEAST of this video's problems):

Or, hell, for that matter, this:

I could get by with being a bit silly. If not, then maybe I'll get featured on Something Awful or dare I dream... my very own YTMND.

Oh dear Lord, I'm doomed aren't I. DOOOOOMED.


Chris Harris said...

The awesomeness of this video break is inversely proportional to the suckyness of 1997 Pinnacle Inside.

Great Job.

Duane said...

I second the video greatness! I even stayed through the credits..smooth ending.....of course any video on youtube should make reference to the greatest youtuber of all Kige Ramsey. Other than that awesome.

Nachos Grande said...

I "third" the video greatness! (and if that Larkin card is looking for a home away from talking bobbleheads...well, you know how to reach me!)

steveisjewish said...

ANy video greatness you may have acheived is ruined by that brokencyde garbage - I'm sad today

dayf said...

Well, that was kind of the point. If Brokencyde could post that horrible crap onto the internet without shame, why the hell am I worried about talking to a doll.