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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Links for a Wedne^H^H^H^H^HThursday


The Priceless Pursuit

See how easy that was? PESTER ME ABOUT THE LINKY

Getting this out a day late as evident by the title. Also a week late, but there's no way you would ever know that so I won't mention it. Ha! You suckers don't know how far behind I really am...

If you haven't checked out the entries in the Sixth Blog Bat Around yet, this would be a good time to do it. I haven't read them all yet because I've been too busy and I feel nothing but shame and ennui. DON'T BE LIKE ME.


Sports Collector's Digest is holding a contest for the best "do-it-yourself" card design. Between all the Punks and the Joaks out there who make up their own cards I'm sure the baseball card blogocube can win this sucker. Twenty bucks for an entry?!? WTF?

Ok, now for the links. If you have a card blog and I haven't seen it or if I have seen it and I haven't linked it yet, or if I forgot to link it, or was just to lazy to link it or you haven't created the blog yet and will do so immediately just so you can pester me to link it, please pester me to link it.

The Collective Troll

Topps Heritage and roller derby. How awesome is that?

Crawford Cards

Of course there are Carl Crawfords, but lookit all the 1976 Topps!

Drew's Cards

Man, this blog's all over the map. JUST HOW I LIKE IT. Plus: sarcasm. (I think)

Will Work For Cards

See, these guys pestered me, and now they're linked. PESTERING WORKS FOLKS!

Shot Not Taken

I just found out about this one last night so I haven't gone through much of it yet, but I know this: Oddball cards rock, and the title pic is AWESOME.

Balmer's Blasters

Orioles fan and Ultra aficionado.

JD's Wild Cardz

Unnecessary Z notwithstanding, BEST WAY TO DISPOSE OF UNWANTED CARDS EVAR!

The Oldie

Lots of old stuff, not necessarily all cards. But don't worry, there are cards there.

The Golden Age of Baseball Cards

Too much good stuff to cover in a blurb. Check out the feature on Sad Sam Jones and go from there.

Ok, now for some general nonsense.

You should be reading Joe Sports Fan and you should definitely be reading The Worthless Card Collection.

The original Fleer Sticker Project.

Twenty Griffeys. BLEEECCHHH

Every episode of Mr. Bean. Also from the Blue, Ditko Comics!

Interview with Iggy Pop. The new album sounds incredible.


Anonymous said...

Well, if everyone else is getting linked... how about one for Priceless Pursuit ??

beardy said...

I am pestering you.

Sal said...

So, SCD is having a custom card contest--and charging $20 per entry?

Oh, and another $10 if your check bounces. They're pretty clear about that up front.

It's pretty obvious why they are doing this contest.


dayf said...

Beardy: Yes, you are quite the pest.

Sal: $20 an entry?!? That'll teach me not to read the fine print...

Drew said...

hey thanks for the plug!