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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Do Not Cut Crew

These folks all suggested I don't cut the panels. Unfortunately, the howling mob outshouted them and now the cards shall be cut. However, per the rules of the contest if someone commented with a good enough reason I'd enter them in the contest drawing anyway. Here are the suggestions and my verdicts:

MattR said... Don't cut 'em. Your great great grandkids will thank you.

Only if they need to burn the panels for fuel as the suffer through a nuclear winter.

thewritersjourney said... Dude, don't cut 'em. They'll pay for your kid's college. Duh.

My children don't want an education that can be paid for with Greg Gross.

Al K said... Since it's about 31C here (90F) don't cut them, use them as fans--hmmm-baseball fans

This is an excellent idea... I wish I had brought a panel with me to take to the Braves game now. +1 entry.

FanOfReds said... Don't cut the cards, but do trim the edges to make 'em nice... In fact, I believe the box bottom "4 of cards" make a really neat sound when you put them in the wheels of a motorcycle... Think of them as an adults version of the baseball cards in bicycle spokes thing.

Panel + motorcycle spokes = +1 entry.
De Soto said... Storage will always be a problem. The storage hassle alone is why I cut a sheet of football cards back in the day. BUT don't cut. Don't cut because it's a unique thing to have. Apart they are essentially worthless.

I hate to break this to you but they are essentially worthless... period.

Andy said... Do not cut.The lines provided between cards are extremely narrow. This means that the panels cannot be cut without damaging one or more cards on one side or the other of the line. Nobody lines damaged cards. The virgin panel is a thing of beauty. You can trim the outer edge of the panel, but not right up to the outer lines...just to clean up the whole panel...and then LET IT BE.

These panels are about as virgin as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian in the middle of a 6 month tour on the USS Nimitz. +1 entry for putting a Beatles song in my head though.

cardboardicons said... I agree -- DO NOT CUT. None of these are going to be worth a damn anyway, but they are much cooler in their un-cut form. I mean if someone cut this bad boy up, I would have have this awesome collectible ...http://cardboardicons.com/2009/01/25/card-of-the-day-1961-post-hank-aaron-un-cut-panel/

+1 entry for awesome link. Just understand there is a HUGE difference between a panel from 1961 and one from 1991.

Jeremy Roe said... Do not cut...even if you cut them, the thickness will not be normal and there is no back to the card.

A card with no back violates the laws of physics.

klandersen said... Back when I was a kid I would have cut them with plain scissors, and did many a time. I think most of my cards from those days are long gone. Of course if they get cut and then are sent into one of the grading companies they will probably come back ungraded as "cut" cards (some companies would probably call them counterfeits due to that as well)Anyway in their current state I would NOT Cut them. I would nicely trim them though carefully with one of those desktop paper cutters (the "guillotine paper cutter" as Jeff Wolfe commented). If you don't have one of those then either sharp scissors (and a steady hand) or use a utility or exacto knife with a ruler or straight edge.yeah storage would be a little problem, but you could store them in a binder in 1 pocket plastic sheets. The pockets on a two pocket sheet is too small.

Would you seriously grade a 1989 Greg Gross box bottom card? these would be rejected for creases, scuffs, general moldiness and dirt commonness anyway.

AdamE said... Cut them but don't cut them. Trim all of the junk off the edges with a papercutter. But don't seperate the four cards. Keep them together always. Stick them in the front pocket of the binder with your complete set.

Now, I very nearly disqualified Adam for trying to have it both ways with the cut but don't cut comment, BUT... the idea of putting them in the outer display pocket of a binder with the set is frickin' genius. +3 entries.

Dan said... Donts Cuts Its!We cants cuts Precccciousssss! Precious is our reasons for being! Precious shows us how to take care of our stuff!No, cants cuts it!

Dan is insane.

Also, Dan knows that I not only love Lord of the Rings but am obsessed with the Smeagol/Gollum character. This comment is the overall winner of the suggestions portion of the contest, and if Dan wants I'll send him some Lord of the Rings Masterpieces cards for his effort. +10 entries.

The drawing will be tonight, unless there is a two hour rain delay like the other two games I've been to this year. Results will be anounced tomorrow regardless.

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Dan said...

Just knowing that I amused you is enough! I really had no idea you were a LOTR/Gollum/Smeagol fan, but it worked. I was just in one of those moods. You know, dark, brooding.

Thanks for the shoutout. And no, I'm not insane.

Everyone else is.