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Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft

Ok, the shock has worn off so it's time to get back to sports stuff.

The NBA draft is going on right now. I've missed the first few picks and I don't really care to be honest. The only pick I care about is #19 to the Hawks. Now traditionally, draft day in Atlanta is when the Hawks do something horrifically stupid and ruin their franchise for the next few years. The've done pretty well with Josh Smith and Al Horford recently though so the mood isn't as dismal in Atlanta as it usually is. The Hawks' beat writer seems to think a point guard is in our future, but the Hawks are also enamoured with a big white guy. "Hawks Draft" and "Big White Guy" go together much like nitro and glycerin. Boom goes the draft board. No matter what happens though we did get one needed piece:

Picking up a guy who can score for Acie Law and Cripple Claxton is a helluva move.

The Pick:

Jeff Teague - point guard, Wake Forest.

Whew. I can go to bed happy now.

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