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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bad Wax is giving away the ugliest Tom Glavine card in the history of forever

And you can win it! Just go to his site and explain why you want it. While you're there stay a while, browse around, check out the archives. There's a whole lotta good stuff on that site. I would enter the contest but I'm finding it hard to get past the fact that:
  • Glavine's a Met
  • Die cut number jersey openings are awkward
  • The outfield wall design is ugly as sin
  • The yellow and green combination reminds me of phlegm
  • The New York Mets
  • There are three different fonts on that card
  • One of the fonts has Bs that look like As
  • The jersey doesn't fit in the die cut window
  • Spooky ghost Glavine on the right side of the card
Somebody out there could love that card though, so click on that link and express your true feelings for that hideous card. Ugly cards need love too!


Dinged Corners said...

I agree with every item on your list, and after yesterday's game with the Yankees--and even despite today's game--in particular I agree with the AAAH METS one. Although I might spell it "AAUGH."

Anonymous said...

Um...I think you forgot to mention that he's a Met on that card.

dayf said...

Glavine's a Met on that card! Blleeeaaarrrrggghhh!

AAUGH even!

Anonymous said...

Hey I don't call it Bad Wax for nothing. Thanks for the shout out!