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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Real fathers understand the juxtaposition of these two cards.

If anyone out there actually collects the Decipher Star Wars set, I have many holes in my binder and TONS of doubles so let's work something out.


gritz76 said...

I don't collect them but I have a couple boxes of them. Let me know what you need and I'll go through them for you.

Paul P said...

I love the Star Wars reference. Very cool :)

Ben said...

I used to try to play that Star Wars game... confusing as hell.

You should post up a want list, I've got a box or two full of the things and probably some doubles to get rid of.

Andrew said...

I remember buying packs of those, hehe. I always had that problem... I'd by CCG packs and never play the game. I was a lonely geek in East Podunk.

fengypants said...

The game was actually pretty fun. It got more complicated as new sets came out, but back in the day, it was good way to stay off the streets.

(A friend's getting back into collecting them again, so I look out for your want list...)

--David said...

The sad part is, my son gave the same reaction when I told him that I was his father...... :-)