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Monday, February 15, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway Code Tracker

Note: It's the 15th now and there's still nowhere to enter codes. I can't even create a login. I'm going to bed.

The grand day is almost upon us, although I think it is a very ominous sign that the countdown is gone. I sure hope I'm able to redeem all these code cards on the 15th, otherwise I'll probably be reduced to signing up for ToppsTown out of desperation. In this post I shall track all my code cards with predicted and actual results. I'm pretty much expecting to get almost exclusively junk wax era cards, but who knows? One of those junkers might fill a hole in a set. At any rate, it will be fun to pull and redeem all these things in 2010. I also like the redemption cards themselves, it's a nice little insert set featuring some cool old cards! As I redeem the codes, I'll post my results so everyone can laugh at how crummy my cards are.

TMC-1 1952 Topps Roy Campanella


1975 Bobby Valentine

TMC-2 1978 Topps Gary Carter

Ugh. five Carters and not one Campy.. I'm not feeling good about any of these.


Prediction: 1992 Mike Heath



Prediction: 1988 Checklist 397-528 (Shawn Hillegas version)

Actual: 1988 Ellis Burks


Prediction: 1990 Topps Donn Pall



Prediction: 1987 Topps Walt Terrell

Actual: 1987 George Brett


Prediction: 1988 Topps Bobby Meacham


TMC-3 1963 Topps Bob Gibson

A favorite pitcher from a favorite design. I think I'll get a decent card from a lousy set from this one.


Prediction: 1990 Traded Dave Parker

Actual: 2003 Hideki Irabu

UPDATE: Traded for...

1996 Mark Lemke

TMC-4 2001 Topps Ichiro


1973 Phil Gagliano

TMC-5 1969 Mickey Mantle

Mickey's last card. One of two Mantles in the insert set. Whatever I get will be a double.


Prediction: 1989 Topps Terry McGriff

Actual: 1976 Leron Lee

TMC-6 1957 Topps Mickey Mantle

Don't have any of these yet.

TMC-7 1963 Topps Roger Maris

Why am I putting Topps in the title of all these cards?? They ain't giving away Donruss. Poor Roger looks forlorn on this card.


Prediction: 1994 Matt Farmer draft pick

Actual: 1982 Lou Piniella

Traded for...

TMC-8 1974 Topps Thurman Munson

I got three of these. I'm a catcher magnet for this set. Well, EXCEPT FOR CAMPY


Prediction: 1993  Mike Perez

Actual: 2005 Brian Jordan


Prediction: 1988 Luis Quinones



Prediction: 1986 A's Leaders


TMC-9 1985 Mike Schmidt

I know it's an extreme longshot, but I don't think Schmidtty would let me down. I believe I'll get my only non junk wax card from this code.


Prediction: 1979 Topps Bobby Castillo RC

Actual: 2001 Wendell Magee Jr.

TMC-10 1970 Topps Carl Yastrzemski All-Star


1973 Bill Bonham

Feel free to post your code wins in the comments, I'll link them here.


Offy said...

I'm hoping at the very least that if I get commons that they are some older commons.I'll be happy with anything from the 70s or older no matter who the player.

Another interesting thing about these prizes is to see what condition the older cards are in. Did Topps spring to buy back nice looking cards or did they salvage cards out of some kids bicycle spokes. Free is free, but I've been curious about that for a while now.

Unknown said...

It isn't live yet. Damn them.

manofmanyguppies said...

wow, i really expected to be able to enter these codes after midnight, but no, so here it is 5:48 am(et) and still not able to, lets pick a date and stick with it, to topps: what about a actual time for the codes in stead of just saying a date, up to today i have asked this question every were on the net and can't find an awnser and still can't enter the code, i don't care if i can't enter the codes until the 16th, but when the 16th gets here i would expect to enter them, so far just another disappointed card collector, hopefully i can enter my code within the next year.

Anonymous said...

OK. Here's the story... One day I go to walmart. Grab one 12 card pack of 2010 Topps, and one jumbo 36 card pack. In the jumbo pack i pull one of those million card giveaway cards. I was so excited because I heard about these things. So I go online around 7:30 P.M.... and I can't enter my code. It said Febuary 15. OK. So I'm counting the days... And finally it's HERE!!!!! I go online AAANNNnndddd. I can't enter my code..........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I hope this is not one of those things where you have to be signed up somewhere else to be able to enter the ###### (the "F" one) code.

mike said...

I have been waiting too, still not up yet.

Anonymous said...

still waiting.... this is getting boring!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow still waiting

Anonymous said...

this is BS. let me enter my codes already

Anonymous said...

This sucks I have been listening to a phone ring at cust service for 2 hours what a joke on us million doller bull_-_T contest10:27 phone still ringing

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a decent program, but poorly executed so far. I was up past midnight last night waiting, and...nothing. I can't wait to see how my portfolio fills up with 1989 Team Checklists. Dare I hope for a Jim Abbott or Sid Bream somewhere in the mix. Best of luck to all. I just hope someone out here wins an actual card worth keeping.

Anonymous said...

So.... about 1 pm EST on the 15th and still nothing. This is a joke. At least put a comment on the site or something... I guess technically they have until about 11:59 pm tonight before we can officially call them liars... although the countdown clock was counting down to 12:00 AM on the 15th... so that has long passed. I want my 2007 David Eckstein!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, not a 2007 Eckstein, but close... '05 Preston Wilson and a 1987 Kirby Puckett.

Anonymous said...

I was able to redeem four of them so far. but the site seems to keep crashing on us. So far I have a 1989 Don Mattingly All Star, and 1984 Rollie Fingers.

Anonymous said...

Ok I to have been trying and TRYING to get my codes in like ALL Fracken DAY LONG! And....NOT ABLE TO! What's up Topps! You set this Million Dollar card giveaway and yet again you not only disappoint us die hard card collectors who KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS and who HAVE KEPT you in business through these hard times but not only us.... we have grand children who are collecting now and now you are disappointing them too! Come on now... GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!! And for all of us out here who is trying to do this, don't forget, what you see on the code card you have isn't actually what your going to get, so if you have a Mantle card, that doesn't mean your going to GET a Mantle card or a Maris card.....as stated on the back......GOOD LUCK to everyone who is TRYING to get their codes in! I'll keep trying myself! GOOD LUCK ALL!
W.Spfld, Ma

Ben G said...

I have no idea which cards got me which. Sorry.

But I posted my winnings on picturecardsandbubblegum.com

Anonymous said...

Ok well I FINALLY GOT ON! And guess what I got for my first card???? A 1974 BILL SINGER??? Yeah now THERE's a card my mpm threw out................I am still trying to get my second card through now for like 15 minutes...........

Anonymous said...

OK I got my second card through! And this is worse then the first! I got a 2005 Pete Munro card........hmmmm I wasn't living with my mom in 2005 because I was 49!

broncovern said...

ok i got a 1967 Pete Rose in my beckett its valued at 100 assuming its good condition b/c its part of a giveaway but my guide is from 5 years ago so it might be a different price now but either way this contest is worth getting this card

Anonymous said...

I entered 39 codes in (I opened a bunch of boxes already) and got crap. Two commons from 1959, about 12 commons from the 60's and 70's, 8(!) cards from 87 Topps (crap mostly, Puckett, Seaver), a couple of commons from 84 and 85 and about 15 throwaways from the 90's and 00's. All told, BV of maybe about $10... less than it would cost me to ship them. Sucks.

Colten Appleby said...

Come and check out my blog devoted to presenting what you won from the Million Card Giveaway sweepstakes. We can see if this was actually worth it. The link is .

Anonymous said...

Talk about a bust. I purchased 2 cases of HTA Jumbo boxes. For anyone that's not 100% familiar with what that means...12 Boxes-10 Jumbo packs per box-1 redemption card per pack. 120 total redemptions. How can you possibly lose out with those odds, right?? I got 6 cards from 1965 or before. That's cool. The rest are commons. A bunch from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's. I did great with the box breaks though.

cubsrock2 said...

eh, i just got a 2010 topps hobby box good cards but the redeem codes werent so good. i got a 1959 stan lopata- $7 and 1979 ellie rodriguez - $0.40. :p well better luck next time on the next box :D

Anonymous said...

1958 LOU SLEATER!! i must have gotten damn lucky to get a pre 60's card eh?

cubsrock2 said...

lol yeah.. you got 1 year older than mine xD. what is the card number i wanna look it up in the price guide

cubsrock2 said...

btw im ryan .. the one u sent the comm to .. i jst changed meh name

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but lots of fun! I've gotten several older cards...1965 Al Lopez, 1972 Bobby Bonds, 1965 Jerry Lumpe, 1971 Ray Sadecki, 1976 Terry Harmon, 1976 Cookie Rojas, 1974 Duffy Dyer, 1979 Buck Martinez, 1976 Darrell Porter, 1974 Bernie Carbo, 1970 Gary Neibauer, 1971 Tony Gonzalez, 1961 Frank Sullivan.

Some decent recent cards...1992 Cliff Floyd RC, 1994 Pudge, 1987 Winfield, 1988 McGwire, 88 and 89 George Brett, 1988 Mattingly All-Star, 1988 Blyleven, and a 1995 Bonds/Griffey All Star card.

And then I've gotten about 5 generic, commons from the 90s.

I've been buying from all over, retail, hobby, jumbo, etc. But really I have a secret weapon. My youngest. She has pulled a TON over the last couple of years. (5 of the 6 million card giveaway cards in one box, 1/1 Mystery Cut, several auto and relic card pulls where there were just one in a box). While I haven't found a 1952 Mantle or anything of REAL consequence, I'll take a few minor stars, hall of famers, and old commons. Why not? It's just fun putting in the codes and seeing what happens.

Anonymous said...

This is retarded, why can't I ship my card?

Anonymous said...

This started off as a great promotion and a way for Topps to re-connect with collectors it lost in last 15+ years.
When I learned that the codes aren’t tied to specific cards but random I was disappointed. Then when they included the Strasburg card I thought how disingenious; I’m pretty sure my Mom didn’t throw away the 2010 Strasburg card nor ANYONE’s Mom.
Maybe ppl @ Topps are just bipolar or forgetful; I’m pretty sure the tagline is “the cards you’re mom threw away”
Cheers to Topps for brainstorming & executing a cool promotion
Jeers to Topps for adding the Strasburg card
ToppsMillion.com barely works anyway how hard would it be to create another poorly constructed website for a Strasburg promo.

Av said...

i have the other micky Mantle code

Av said...

sorry just one 7

Anonymous said...

i love topps million here are the cards i got Date Added Year Team Player Name Showing 1 - 11 of 11 1 Dave Smith 1985

Dave Smith / Pitcher / Houston Astros

Card Number: 123

1 Bob Montgomery 1980

Bob Montgomery / Catcher / Boston Red Sox

Card Number: 618

1 Don Mattingly 1987

Don Mattingly / First Base / New York Yankees

Card Number: 606b

1 Father-Son Card 1985

Father-Son Card / / Topps

Card Number: 141

1 Andy Messersmith 1977

Andy Messersmith / Pitcher / Atlanta Braves

Card Number: 80

1 Carlton Fisk 1989

Carlton Fisk / Catcher / Chicago White Sox

Card Number: 695

1 Gary DiSarcina 1993

Gary DiSarcina / Shortstop / California Angels

Card Number: 157

1 Casey Wise 1957

Casey Wise / Second Base / Chicago Cubs

Card Number: 396

1 Herman Wehmeier 1952

Herman Wehmeier / Pitcher / Cincinnati Reds

Card Number: 80

1 Frank Duffy 1975

Frank Duffy / Shortstop / Cleveland Indians

Card Number: 448

1 Don Kirkwood 1976

Don Kirkwood / Pitcher / California Angels

Card Number: 108
total value $567 [by avarage sales} any trades for these cards please send me an email @ danieljmorgan33@aol.com or just send me a trade for 1 of the cards on topps million