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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Obak Box Break - Parts 2, 2 1/2, 3

Ok, back to Obak videos. I have to clear space off the hard drive before I wreck my 'puter,but I should have part 4 and maybe 5  (five?!?!) up tonightish.


First one was too long so I chopped it in half.

More selected 'hits'

Auto #1 - Vince Coleman. Dr. Madding has answered the call...

Ryan again, this time normal sized with no variation.

2010 NL ROY

#1 overall pick in 2008.

The greatest pitcher ever.

Part 3 

must watch this video

All the hits that's fit to print:

Tommy mini

Beat Up Brooks

Johnny Vander Meer...

Greenback #6/25

Another parallel: Ike Boone black ink #7/50

Ted Williams in nuclear winter

Stan Musial runs from the fireball.


Mark Aubrey said...

Regarding the Musial card -

from Fraiser:

Martin: Us night shift guys call it "the scary ball"!

TheRealDFG said...

Is all the knowledge that spews forth from your mouth being read from the backs of the cards? Otherwise you are a freak of nature to be able to remember all that. I can barely remember my own phone number.

dayf said...

Most of the factoids are from the card backs especially of the more obscure minor leaguers. I throw in a few of my own here and there though.