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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Joy of a Sell Sheet Get

You know how when you look a a sell sheet for an upcoming product, and there's a really kickass card on there, and you really want that card, and then you finally track down that sucker? You know how good that feels?

Yeah, I feel like that right now.

Also: a comparison for comparison's sake

Topps Cereal Box ($9.99)

46 base cards
1 Yo Mamma card
1 History of the Game
1 Turkey Red
1 Lineage
1 Peak Performance
1 Tales of the Game
1 When They Were Young
1 Million Card Giveaway code
1 ToppsTown code
1 Shiny crome refractor bonus
TOTAL: 56 cards

Two Topps Rack Packs ($9.98)
59 base cards
2 Yo Mamma cards
2 Turkey Reds
2 Lineage
2 Peak Performance
1 When They Were Young
2 Million Card Giveaway codes
2 ToppsTown codes
TOTAL: 72 cards

Use this knowledge wisely.

One more thing: the next post on this blog will be the video of my Obak box rip. If I never post again, you will know that I am a lazy, lazy man who has still not uploaded the video.


night owl said...

This insert set works if they're players from the same team. Otherwise it plain sucks.

Collective Troll said...

There is a card of Longoria and Mike Schmidt in there,too... I agree with the Night Owl, I would prefer it was the same team, but Longo and MS on the same card is NICE!

Roy said...

If I could I'd post the rip for you...love them Obaks.

Chris Harris said...

Still looking for that JoePa autograph from '08 Mayo Football.

Community Gum said...

Maybe it's just me, but this insert looks a little too much like Ticket to Stardom for my taste.