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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mailday isn't as fun without the impending dread

I keep getting packages without Bips. I guess I scared everyone off with my threats of using the Nuclear Option. Don't fear the Bipper, besides my aresnal of enough Todd Helton cards to cover Coors Field just landed upon a certain Rutgers grad. One of these packages was expected, the other came out of the blue. Since I'm already horribly behind and the next 72 hours look insanely busy I'll get these two out of the way quickly with my one card rule.

Robby from Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff offered a 2010 Topps insert trade on his blog and I bit. The meat of the trade will be posted in its entirety in a seperate post, but he also threw in a couple of other things. I'm bending my one card rule in this case as I have to post them both or I shall die. Here's the first:

Eddie Mathews '57 Championship Patch


My first 2010 patch and my first patch with a Brave on it period. The patch is a bit, um, looser than the ones last year though. I friggin love this card, but I still don't think I'll be getting any 2010 Topps blasters until they start hitting the 50% off bins.

Chipper Jones '51 Red Back

i didn't even know that Chipper was in the Red back set until Robby offered it up to me in the deal. I really really like this set even though Topps already did it in a Bowman Heritage release a few years ago. Igot one question for Topps though... Balk?? Really?

Chris from Project '62 also sent me a package of coolness even though Mr. Roberts was nowhere to be seen. The items were pretty random, but this O-Pee-Chee card stuck out to me:

I like the way this Glavine card turned out, extreeeeme closeup and all. It kinda sucks for him how his career ended but when you think about it, it was either him or Tommy Hanson getting called up. I've gotten mostly over my Glavine Mets Derangement Syndrome, and that's a good thing too. Now that Tom is in the front office I give it about ten years before he's sitting in the GM's chair for the Braves. In the interest of equality, here's a second item from the package.

Awwww YEAH. Donkey Kong Fever, baby. Three stickers and rub off cards. I just about rubbed off when I saw this. Forget the Wiebe auto, I coveted this pack even more in his contest. Looks like #23 was my lucky number! Methinks this pack may make it into a future video break...

Thanks guys!


SpastikMooss said...

Wow, those DK cards are awesome! Nice win!

And if I ever trade with you, you are getting the bipping off a life time. I know that this now means that you'll expect it...but it'll be epic.

gritz76 said...

Never in a million years did I think I was sending you wankingfodder. Hopefully you can pull a princess sticker to help you along your way! Just make sure the video camera is turned off first.

Orioles Magic said...

Can you send me your address? I have a few cards for you.