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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Mooss once Bipped My Sister - Part 1 Panini

Contest is closed. Here are the entrants:

Chris Harris - Sticker Bip

BA Benny - Full Monty Bip

Mark's Ephemera - Panini Bip

RoofGod - Rumeal Bip

Fan of Reds - Leon And Rumeal Bip

Captain Canuck - I call that a Challenge!

Crawford Cards - All of them, no, Leon Bip

dfwbuck2 - Donruss Bip? That wasn't a choice?

Alex - Rumeal Bip

DogFacedGremlin - Bluff Bip

Capt Kirk - Sticker Bip

Scott Crawford - Leon Bip

Cardboard Icons - Rumeal Bip

Community Gum - Sticker and Leon Bip

Madding - Leon Bip

McCann Can Triple - Bluff Bip

Beardy - Leon Bip

Let's look at the first card from the sticker package. 

Oh my. A warning written directly on the card. Spastik Mooss is serious. Well, Moossey Mooss, let's see whatchoo got.

Two Expos Yar's Revenge Shinies. A mini Bip is defined by three cards of the same player. This is two. Weaksauce right out of the gate for the Mooss. Let's see if he can recover.

Three Mini Mitchells. Mini... and a Mini Bip. Clever.

A pair of minibip Cansecos.

A whole buncha Braves stickers, although only Gant, Skates and Justice count as minibips.

Finally we have the sticker equivalent of the MLB licenses this year.


Upper Deck:

No actual honest to God Bippings here, but for minibipping me with mini cards I'll give the Mooss credit. Yes, puns count.

1 comment:

SpastikMooss said...

I debated including the pairs of cards for a while. The Braves were going to be included anyways, so I threw them in the mini bip section. The Expos...I just liked that card. But yes, weak sauce indeed. 2 cards do not make a bip.