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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quarter Box Bounty - Part 4 Goudey

Today kicked my butt and I'm ready to go to sleep, so I'm going to get through today's quarter box bounty as quick as possible so I can pass out. Yo Momma offers have been received and will be responded to once I wake up tomorrow and get some caffeine in me. Card budgets were tight in 2009 and Goudey more or less got left out tin the cold. I'll still pick up a few cards I like if I find 'em cheap though.

183 David Price RC


I'm pretty much convinced that Price will win 20 games sooner or later so if I see a rookie card cheap, I'ma buyin' it.

229 Mike Schmidt

SCHMIDTTY SHORT PRINT. The man is a powder blue ninja about to rip your heart right out of your chest and knock over the center field wall.

247 Nicklas Lidstrom

After the Kovy trade, the Thrashers were just about dead to me. Evander Kane is the only reason they will get one last chance. Make the playoffs and I'm still a fan. Miss the playoffs and I'm done with 'em forever. The Red Wings are on the short list of teams I will choose from to be "my team" if they blow another season.

149 Kurt Suzuki mini

Kurt is a pretty good young catcher. Not as good as McCann, but no Corky Miller either.

80 Roy Oswalt mini blue back

This is something I hope Upper Deck figures out this year. If you're going to have Donruss-like levels of parallels in your mini sets, AT LEAST MAKE THEM ONE PER PACK. Allen & Ginter figured this out in 2006, get with the times, Goudey.

161 Nate McLouth

WOO A BRAVE. Slightly before he became one, but still a Brave. I'm actually having a bit of a difficult time getting used to his new cards in a Braves uni.

25 Kevin Youkilis

I almost left Youk in the bargain box. Then I realized I was a damn fool and rescued him. Welcome to your new home, Youk! Meet your new cardboard friends! All 8 million of them! Ok, I don't have 8 million cards. It just seems that way sometimes.


Matt said...

That's some good Schmidt.

Duane said...

holy smokes you got schmidt in the .25 bin.....that is an excellent deal! but then again u r da man!

Dave said...

Definitely agree with you about Price. Watch out, he could win 20 games THIS year! And so could Shields, Garza, Niemann, and Davis too.

Jeremy said...

It's going to be tight getting into the playoffs this season for the Red Wings.