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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quarter Box Bounty - Part 1 Football

Last Thursday was a bummer for me. I had an eye exam and learned my eyes might be getting worse than they already are. I wasted most of the morning with the eye exam and hanging out in Borders because I couldn't drive with my eyes dilated. When I could finally see in the sun again, I went to get lunch at a pizza place I liked only to find it had closed. In the same shopping center was a card shop, but I had never been there because I thought it was an overpriced one that had moved from another location. I had nothing better to do and an hour and a half left to kill so I checked the place out.

The place is called JT's and it's located in the Publix shopping center on Piedmont and Upper Roswell. If you're from Cobb county you might know where that is, everyone else don't worry 'bout it. It wasn't what I expected at all, probably 80% of the store was sports merchandise and collectibles. Mugs, mini helmets, pictures, that sort of stuff. There was a bargain table with a bunch of discounted autographed baseballs, I remember Mickey Tettleton was one of the autos. There was also a set of napkins with old timey cards on them like a '33 Goudey Lou Gehrig. In the back were a bunch of autographed photos, a shelf full of of autographed balls and a few cards in a display case. There was also a bin of packs for a dollar (including this one), the quarter boxes and a few other assorted cards here and there. The only new wax I saw was some 2009 Topps, 2009 UD First Edition and a Box of Football SP.

The case of cards was not too shabby, most of it was vintage cards, gotta love that. Prices weren't outrageous either from what I remember. The pack bin had a few gems in it, I picked up another pack I plan to rip in a video next week. The boxes of loose cards intrigued me. There were quite a few cards in there in sleeves or top loaders with a price on them. Most in the sleeves didn't interest me, the prices seemed a little too 'hi Beckett' for my tastes. There were loose cards galore though and it finally dawned on me that there were a bunch of 25 cent stickers all over the boxes. I asked the proprietor and he did confirm that if it wasn't marked, then it was a quarter. Another quarter box! Filled with decent stuff! On this side of town! My luck had changed! I had no lists and was relying on pure instinct, but I found ten bucks worth of quarter cards that were so good, I felt like I was ripping the guy off. Since I always have to drag things out (and I need something that will give me enough posts for the week in case things get hectic life-wise) I'm breaking down the goods into seven posts. I'm starting with the football since this is Sunday.

There was almost as much football in the boxes as baseball, a lot of it older stuff from the '80s. The bit that caught my eye was the Topps Magic. There was almost a full box worth of Magic in there, as if the guy busted a box, took out the cards he wanted and dumped the rest. Actually, that's probably what he did do. There were minis and inserts galore, and I bet if I went back with a checklist I could find a few SPs as well. I got no minis as the best one there was an Elway. I'm not a fan for obvious reasons. I limited myself to 4 Magic cards because I was bedazzled by all the baseball. I did pick up a few inserts and a base card.

1955 All American Peyton Manning

The next time I go back I'm cleaning 'em out of these. The '55 All American set is my favorite from vintage football. Peyton was the first one of these inserts that I found and was really the key to my understanding that I had found a really awesome quarter box.

1948 Magic Bo Jackson

Bo knows retro homages to obscure experimental trading card sets.

 #248 Jim Brown

Greatest running back ever. AND in The Dirty Dozen. Every football set produced should have a Jim Brown card in it.

1948 Magic 2006 Sugar Bowl

This was the only Bulldog or Falcons card I found in the box, I guess all those got swooped up along with the autos. This was a helluva game, even if Georgia ended up losing 35-38. This was also the Sugar Bowl that had to be played in the Georgia Dome due to Hurricane Katrina.

The rest of the week is all baseball, I promise. Up next is some good 'ol A&G.


madding said...

I would love to find a new card shop, but I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. I should go win the lottery and open my own.

DaveH said...

Dayf - just to be sure, is this place across the street from the YMCA on Piedmont? Will have to check it out. Promise we won't take the '55 All Americans.

dayf said...

That's the one. Publix Shopping center, dhere's a Dunkin Donuts on the corner and I think a sushi place in front. The shop is on the left of Publix, a couple of shops down from the Comic book store.