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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stat Coolness

Baseball Musings pointed out today that BaseballReference.com is getting ready for an upgrade. There's a beta version up so we can play with all the new stuff.

Check out the Yaz entry (current page for comparison) on the beta site. More stats, more gadgets, easier to read, you can choose a range of years and get totals for just those years, game logs are easy to access and you can convert the data into comma delimited or straight text form to cut and paste into a spreadsheet or database. Really great new stuff here from the best stats site on the interwebs.

Update: Just in case anyone out there hasn't seen it before, BaseballReference.com has a really cool wiki portion of the site called BR Bullpen. Be careful, you could kill a lot of time in that site.


MattR said...

It looks great! I had to do some hunting to find the transactions for players, but now I know where it is. I like how they have the minor league stats now.

JRJ said...

I really like BaseballReference. I hope they can add wiki section or something you can edit, like if you had a youtube video of the player, read an interesting article about him, or something like that.
Thanks for pointing out the beta version.

dayf said...

BaseballReference does have a wiki site, BR Bullpen.


JRJ said...

dayf - Thank you. I like it even more now!

Ben said...

I like being able to mouseover the stat categories for an explanation instead of having to open a glossary page.

It also looks like they're adding more minor league information which is nice.

MMayes said...

I don't know, but I'll bet some of the older (50's and 60's) minor league info comes off old ball cards.