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Monday, March 2, 2009


This news makes up for Thom Terrific.

Braves broadcasts change FM stations in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Braves and Clear Channel have announced that 2009 Braves games will be aired on 96.1 FM while continuing on 640 WGST.

The previous two seasons, games were on sister station 94.9 The Bull.

Clear Channel also will air 52 Braves games on VIVA 105.7, broadcasting every Sunday and Tuesday game in Spanish.

You do not know how depressing it was last year to have the Braves Postgame show end after a loss and turn into lame Nashville pop country sludge. Willie, Hank or the Man in Black would have been fine but that plastic prepackaged fake country garbage can go take a flying leap. My radio station presets have already been changed. 96 Rock, BABY! (ok so it's project 9-6-1 now, it's still 96 rock to me dammit) ClearChannel actually did something right. Jesus, the Apocolypse must be upon us.


Wax Heaven said...

Baseball games on FM Radio? What's this world coming to?

Try listening to Cookie Rojas' "charming" personality while listening to the Marlins.


Ben said...

I love baseball on the radio. When I was in high school, I'd lie awake at night listening to west coast games wherever I could find one.

Unfortunately where I live now is an area completely void of any radio reception. Even with a powerful, outdoor AM antenna hooked up to my AV receiver I can't pick up much of anything (the cat chewed through the FM antenna wires so that's out).

I remember when MLB.com had free live streaming audio... I miss the days when things that are free over the air were free online.

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I still enjoy sports on radio very much.

Long trips at night were bearable with local sports radio games ...

a lost art on some of today's announcers on TV.

Rock on !

jim_bob said...

When I heard the news today I was quite happy too. Back on good old 96 rock! I just wish that Pete & Skip were still calling the games.

--David said...

Is it just me or is your layout all screwed up? In fact, if I go to your site without the exact post, I get a blank space instead of posts...

Captain Canuck said...

the key here, is whether this new station streams it on the internet for others(mainly me) to listen to.

David, blogger dashboard has been doing that a lot lately on a lot of blogs... it comes and it goes

dayf said...

David - yeah, that's a bug, Google is working on it. Try refreshing the page or reopening it.

Canuck - Yeah, Project 9-6-1 streams live. I know MLB has blocked games int he past though, so we'll have to wait and see. check out the web page, there's a 'listen live' link on there at the top.


Captain Canuck said...

nope. no braves radio for me. The Canadian government is blocking the site as it does not broadcast enough Canadian content, and it directly competes with canadian radio.

I love living in a communist state.