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Monday, November 29, 2010

Man, a lot has happened today

RIP Irving Kershner, director of the best Star Wars movie.

Man, today has been awful death-wise. I fear for Abe Vigoda. Hang in there Abe!!!

Topps released their 2010 Rookie Cup team and J-Hey made the cut. I may have to do some MSPainting this evening to commemorate the event.

The 2011 Hall of Fame ballot is officially live. Right now some eminently qualified BBWAA member is trying to decide whether to send in a blank ballot or to go ahead and vote for Bobby Higginson because Bobby played golf with him once back in 1998. For the love of Christ, go ahead and elect Blyleven and Alomar this year so we can get that out of the way, please.

Related: will the Veteran's committee please elect Marvin Miller this time? You know, to avoid the horrific embarrassment should he be inexplicably passed over? Again?

It's Cyber Monday which means we all have to go insolvent buying stuff for the good of the nation. The Infinite Card Set is selling sets for the Holidays. Also don't forget Ben Henry's Casey at the Bat Poster. And somebody buy something from TeamSets4U already.

Dropped in the mail today:
Thorzul's Trade me anything package
Some Topps Super packs for Play at the Plate that I promised him a couple months ago
Random schtuff for The Troll
Two Plain White Envelopes with Staiving Struusbowrk Update cards that were claimed after offering them up in this post.

I goofed, and ended up sending both so now I have no gimmick card. I am pleased with this result. Since it went well, here's another offer.

I picked this up at the card shop this afternoon. It was a buck, and I was pretty sure I had it already but not 100% sure and it was only a buck so what the hell I got it. Yep, I have it already. Since I don't need it, I'll give it away to anyone who will give it a good home. Comment here and send me an e-mail with your address and I'll send it to you in a PWE. Don't worry about condition, some kid tried his hand at origami with this card many years ago. Somebody claim it quick so I'll be inspired to put together some more overdue packages tonight.


gritz76 said...

If you're going to just give it away, I'll be happy to add it to my Spahn collection. He was the best wrong handed pitcher ever!

night owl said...

Personally, I'm hoping Lenny Harris gets a vote. And I never golfed with him.

dayf said...

Wooooo Chris Gitz it.

Get it?


Captain Canuck said...

dude? you had to ask???


Anonymous said...

Put in Larkin!!!

Play at the Plate said...

That was an action packed post. Now I've really got to get a scanner so I can show off what you sent!