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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks, Hawks!

My son went to his first NBA game tonight.

It will be a miracle if he ever wants to watch another NBA game as long as he lives.

Seriously, that was the worst basketball performance I've ever seen and I had Georgia Bulldogs season tickets for years.

Not even gonna post a picture, just gonna go to bed.

(On the bright side, he was amazed by Phillips Arena, had lots of fun booing and got a mini basketball at the gift shop on the way out. That combined with a decent performance by Al Horford made it an enjoyable evening despite the Hawks inexplicably playing like it was the Shareef Abdur-Rahim era)


Cardboard Icons said...

Damn ... that sucks. Beats sitting at home opening on video five packs of 1990 fleer baseball tonight like good ole Chris over at Stale Gum. :)

madding said...

Well, at least Joe Johnson doesn't have the knees of an 80 year old war veteran like certain stars of certain teams in certain home towns that I may reside in.

dayf said...

Also, Verne Troyer was on the Kiss Cam. That was pretty cool.

madding: I'll trade you creaky knees for sulky Josh Smith right now. That dude totally checked out of the game in the third quarter.

John Bateman said...

The first NHL game I went to was a 0-0 tie. The first NFL (only NFL game) I went to my team, the home team lost 17-0

John Bateman said...

He will get over it