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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A quick question

This here is the card that caused a big kerfuffle over the summer.

First it was Transmogrifier only, then you could also get it in a factory set, finally Topps relented to put it in the Updates set. After all that, most of us just didn't care.

However, the Update set finally arrived a while back and we're all starting to pull the damnable things. I have been unfortunate enough to pull two, one in a hobby pack and another in the first retail rack I saw. My question:

Is this thing short printed? Normal printed? Double printed?

I suppose I could just go to BaseballCardPedia and find out for myself, but that would be too easy. Also it would ruin the premise of this post, and lord knows I've had enough problems posting lately. I ask mainly because I a) pulled two of those abominations and b) both times they were the last card before the inserts popped up. That ethereal region between worthless base and mega mojo often harbors such rare beasts such as variations, parallels or just plain short prints.I mean, if it was the second or fifth card in the pack, then sure, just a crummy base card. When it hangs around the high-class part of town it makes me wonder. It's probably just a base card with an insert card price tag. Besides, Topps most likely gimmicked the gimmick with a pie in the face or the ghostly head of Shirley Hemphill peering over Stevie's shoulder for super gimmick shenanigans. Can't have too much of a good bad thing!

Anybody want my dupe? It's got a ding in the corner and I left it in my car which is currently at the shop, but if you really want a dinged quasi-rookie card of a pitcher with a bum arm I'll PWE it to you once I get my car back.


Anonymous said...

Just opened a hobby box of Topps Update this week & only got one Strasburg #661, so I'm assuming it's not double-printed

BA Benny said...

I busted a jumbo box of updates and it was the only "base" card I didn't get. Is it base? It's numbered like base, it looks like base, it should be a base card. I don't know if it is a base card.

FanOfReds said...

I'd take a PWE of it... I refuse to buy the update set...but I guess my series 2 isn't complete without it thanks to some crappy numbering scam.

ThingsareFunnerHere said...

(Shamefully?) raises hand...I'll take your dinged corner dupe of 661. I've been trying to pull the damn thing for awhile and haven't, and I have a small collection of his cards, minus this one. I'll send you a card for it..just let me know what you are interested in.

dayf said...

Ok first one of you two who e-mails me your address gets teh stressburk.

(Take my card... please!)

Anonymous said...

There are three different versions of this card, right? I believe the transmorgrifier, factory set, and Updates cards are slightly different. Anyway, I've pulled two from Updates packs.

Play at the Plate said...

I've bought just a few of the big rack pack jumbo thingamapacks and got one. I'm not sure if it's an SP a DP or an I don't give a P.

Todd Uncommon said...

I admit that I'm totally cornfused by the whole #661 Strapsborg thing.

I think that there are photo variations between the sources--Transmoggie, Factories, and Update.

And then there's the auto / non auto transmoggies. Are their variations within the factories?

Beyond that I think are pie-in-the face and maybe other variations for Series IIIdate.

Maybe a MRI scan relic? Career First Loss Highlight?

I just don't know anymore.

As soon as I saw the douchey video detailing how to raep a Wal-Mart value box to find the Strappy refractor, my enthusiasm for #661 evaporated completely.

dayf said...

Right there with ya buddy, I have seen actual Value Box raeping in person.

It's not a pretty sight.

dayf said...

PerfectHalladay was the first one to send an address so they get the Stroosbark.

Justin Drummond said...

If Beckett is to be believed there are approximately 3021 versions of this card. They have the MCG, Factory Set and Update versions listed separately although having not seen all three versions next to each other I'm not sure if there is a difference between the three other than how they can be obtained. There are also three different variations of the card that can also be pulled from Update (all short prints): Pie in the face, gray away jersey and Bob Gibson.