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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Kid Who Could - Page 14

It's a national holiday, so instead of doing anything productive I'm going to post a comic of Ozzie doing his wizardry. If you have no idea what this is because it's been weeks since I posted a page from the comic just click here and read from the beginning.

Ozzie fields!

Ozzie hits!

Ozzie smiles!

Ozzie does all these amazing things but the only thing I see on the page is Tony's lumpy, misshapen head in the bottom right corner of the page. I never knew Tony the Tiger had that many chins. Too much sugary cereal I guess.


Fuji said...

Great comic... I need to pick one of these up... The Wizard is awesome!

ernest of canada said...

yea, Tony the Tiger is looking alot like Jabba the Hut. maybe it was some kind of subtle marketing ploy to boost the sales of Star Wars cards.