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Monday, October 13, 2014

Ask Me Anything About Trading Cards

There, got your attention.

I and another blogger are trying something new soon. I think it will work out rather well but I'mma keep my mouth shut about it until we get it going good and proper. We could use your help though...

If you so desire, ask Matt and I anything about trading cards. Anything at all. As long as it's about trading cards or related ephemera. Nothing else though, just trading card stuff. No, don't ask me about personal stuff, I ain't answering. Just cards. You can ask what that card is up there if you like. Or not. Ask whatever you want as long as it's about trading cards, related trading card ephemera or the collecting of said cards and/or ephemera and we'll answer. Some of the questions at least. Eventually, probably. Just leave a comment on this post or shoot me an e-mail if it's a rather personal trading-card-related-question-ONLY.

Ok you.

You there, you know who you are.

The one typing up the question "Which Hanna-Barbera character would you most like to bang".

You are why we can't have nice things.

The rest of you fine upstanding card collectors may continue typing your questions and thank you for your support.


defgav said...

Do you have a favorite card in your collection?

Wes Moore the former JBF said...

If you could produce a card set thats nevet ever been done, what would be the subject?

Red Cardboard said...

If there was a card of you banging a Hanna Barbara cartoon, who would you like to be on it?

Josh D. said...

1) Are there any elements of foreign card sets that you think should be incorporated into American sets?

2) What set (of any sport or non-sport) has the "best" (subjective, of course) design in the last 10 years?

3) Benchwarmer - harmless fun or overpriced pornography?

AdamE said...

Why haven't you sent me a bunch of Red Sox lately?

night owl said...

If TBS never existed how many Braves card collectors would there be?

deal said...

Who does your hair?

P-town Tom said...

Donruss came back this year after Panini revived Pinnacle last year.

Topps already has Heritage and keeps pulling up to the Archives truck for second helpings of retro each year.

That being said, which past set/brand would you like to see be brought back into the collecting fold?

What are your thoughts on Sportflics?

Tony L. said...

In your opinion, is there a right way or wrong way to be a baseball card blogger?

What do you wish you did better on your own blog?

What things on other blogs annoy you?

The Lost Collector said...

Where have all the oddballs gone?

Anonymous said...

Who is your favorite player to collect and why is it Ron Gant?

Marcus said...

Pinnacle was my favorite brand as a kid. What were the best/worst years of Pinnacle?

Based solely on the uniforms, what would be your favorite Topps team set for my San Diego Padres?

What is your favorite Tony Gwynn card?

If you had to blow up a baseball card (in size, not literally blow it up) and put it in a frame to display prominently in your home/office, what card would it be?

BaseSetCalling said...

Who made an early 80s sticker set that features Kittens dressed up in various Village People like scenarios, and how much in royalty fees does the Internet now owe the creator?

And where can I buy one?

Eric Mathews said...

Can you tell me about the collection of cards you have? I am interested on that. also if we can discuss that would better for me.
Car Park

Todd Uncommon said...

What are your feelings about integrating non-sport collectibles in with cards, like postage stamps, coins, hair, etc.? Most of them done so far seem executed cheaply or lamely. Is there a better way to do it?

What do you think about digital trading cards, like Topps BUNT, HUDDLE, and KICK? It's great to not have to store anything at home, but presumably the service will shut down one day--and what happens then?