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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Again, Mehts

If I'm lucky, I'll have Paul's package in the mail by the time this posts. If not, it'll go out in the mail with a couple other packages tomorrow. If I'm truly unfortunate, I'll fall asleep on my commute today and get smashed to oblivion on the interstate. I'm going to be heavily leaning on coffee today, which truth be told is a major factor on why I didn't get any sleep last night. Oh yah. Mets.

Get comfortable folks, it's gonna be a while before we move out of Flushing.


Captain Canuck said...

just great. apparently we've moved onto junior high yearbook photos of mets now....

dawgbones said...

Not even here Canuck, that there kid ain't ever been close to second base!!

Tom said...

The guy was born in April of 1951 and that's a 1980 Topps card.

This guy was 29-ish when that picture was taken.