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Monday, March 19, 2012

Marketing Mets

In honor of the Sport and Gaming Collectible Industry Summit that all the cool kids are discussing on Twitter, I dug up some old school cards from way back when the industry gave a crap about marketing to kids. Here's some cards given away with...


breakfast cereal

granola bars

fake cheese squares

All junk food items that kids tend to like. Here's some more giveaways in products geared towards kids:

ice cream

cheese sticks

snack cakes


fast food


meat snacks

more snack cakes

bland yellow mustard

even more snack cakes

Man, that's a lotta junk food. Might be a good thing cards aren't being included in that anymore. The last time I remember seeing cards in any product was when Sunkist included a card in a bag of oranges that promptly bent the thing all to hell. So now that the Industry is trying to figure out how to get the kids who got hooked on cards through some of these giveaways to spend more money on cards as an adult, I wonder what they have in mind to hook those guys' kids? Maybe they can sneak baseball cards into packs of Pokemon and Squinkies...


cynicalbuddha said...

What no Duracell Cards!!!!

Captain Canuck said...

great. now it's oddball mets.

but then again, are there any other kind?

and what the hell are squinkies?

dayf said...

"what the hell are squinkies?"

no clue. My daughter keeps asking for them though.

dayf said...

"What no Duracell Cards!!!"

Batteries are only marketed to kids from Philadelphia.

Mark A. said...

Dang, now I want some Drake's Cakes.

But now that Hostess has filed for Chapter 11, I don't know if I'll ever taste one of their coffee cakes again.

Thanks for putting me into a state of perpetual hunger that cannot be sated.

Tom said...

I ate a bunch of string cheese to finally complete that Mootown Snackers set.

Good times.

Unknown said...

At least Big League Chew made that 500 HR Legends set in the mid 80's

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

It's RIDICULOUS how much Prince looks like his dad. I mean, I almost thought it actually WAS Prince in that card.

...and not the purple wonder, mind you.