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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tiiiiiiin ROOF


Paul's package is innamail. Gettin' at least three more out by Saturday or I'm not watching the new Pony episode. EVER

Sean L.
Edgar G.
Scott C.
James R.
Andruw K.
Max M.
Matt F.
Tom O.
Paul B.
Jeremy S.
Jeff C.
Rod R.
Paul E.
Marck B.
Captain C.
The D.
P. Go


gcrl said...

not wanting to prolong your mets-ery, but do you still have some stuff for me? i recall an email a long time ago saying as much. maybe it went to night owl or one of the other dodger collectors. i ain't too proud to beg for some dodgers or a pony.
either way, i have a stack of braves at the ready...

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Woo hoo, stuff coming for me! Haven't received any packages in a while.

dayf said...

grcl - I got stuff for you, you're on my secondary list of people I need to send stuff to. That list is quite large, but you bumped yourself to the top :)

Snob - who are you on the list again? I'm completely disorganized and I'm trying to figure out who gets what.