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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Found it!

Took three months, but I finally got the thing in my graphite-stained hands...

Looks like I'm gonna be doing some reading this weekend. Found it at Bookmiser up in Roswell when I stopped by just to pick up this book:

I went to this bookstore in December looking for Fear and Loathing, couldn't find it, but found this book instead. I had just read Still Life With Woodpecker and was interested in it so I flipped open to a random page. It happened to be this page:

Literally the first word I saw was....

I have a problem. A SERIOUS PROBLEM. The only reason I didn't buy it right then and there is because I had no cash, couldn't find a second book and didn't want to use a credit card for a two dollar purchase. But the forsaken ponies haunted me and I had to stop by again today when I had the chance. And waddya know, there was Mr. Thompson waiting for me. Good thing too, I've been pathetic about reading lately. I got one chapter into that Moe Berg Book before it was time to return it to the library. To be fair, it was a good chapter.

(am I ever going to post another baseball card on this dang blog??!?!)


Chris Harris said...

"Is this not a reasonable place to draw ponies?"


Hackenbush said...

I'm in the middle of re-reading my old copy of Jitterbug Perfume myself. Another tie-in -- doesn't the cover remind you of Gypsy Queen?