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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sketch Card #18 - Mascot Edition

Ok, time for more sketch cards. I'd like to get into 2012 before Opening day (the real one, not the thing going on in Japan) at least. PROBLEM: I still need to get more packages out and to do so I need to draw more sketch cards and right now I don't feel like drawing anything so thing are getting backed up in here so I'm procrastinating by actually writing a post for my now completely-off-the-rails blog. Must be something about February and March. As I recall the blog went off the rails at this time last year too. I'm hitting the Braves Open House this weekend so maybe that'll snap me out of my baseball doldrums.

Ok, so onto the sketch card. One thing I like doing now that I'm all artistic and sh!t is experimenting with stuff I haven't done before. Sometimes it works out well, like this future sketch card post I did for Long Fly Ball to Because. Sometimes it's an abject disaster like when I tried using oil pastels for the first time. Note that both pieces have a black background. I'm somewhat obsessed with black right now for some reason. I've switched from graphite to charcoal for quick sketches recently. I really like the deep black color of the charcoal and it forces me to be very decisive where I put a line. With graphite (that's pencils for the non-pretentious) I get all fiddly and uncertain and I erase things 27 times and try to make things perfect and get frustrated when it isn't. Charcoal lines? You draw it and it's there. Ain't no getting rid of it. You screw it up, you work around it.

Sometimes it's a trainwreck,

Sometimes it turns out pretty ok.

Either way I can knock out a quick drawing or sketch without having to sweep away a pile of eraser crumbs.

So now that I've established that I am obsessed with the color black (and Pinkie Pie, but you already knew that) and like to experiment we can discuss today's sketch card. This nightmare version of the '60's style Mr. Met that heads up this post.

Dem eyes just burn away your soul, don't they? So basically what happened is between the last Sharpie Sketch card and this one I finally got brave enough to start painting with acrylics. Like everything else I've ever done while learning art, I didn't just check out a nice "how to paint with acrylics" book from the library and do a nice simple painting of a vase or some strawberries or something, I have to do something weird like paint ponies into baseball cards and spraypaint decoy cards black to use as a canvas. Important safety tip: Painting on glossy cards with acrylic is a gigantic pain in the butt. The paint slides around and doesn't cover properly and you have to use a ton of coats to make it look even kinda right. So what happened when I spraypainted a bunch of decoy cards black so I could paint on them?

That's right, I used glossy paint.

I have since bought a can of flat black spraypaint for spritzing decoy cards. I also bought the crappy cheap paint so I have to use 7 coats just to make the card grayish but every failure is a learning experience and at this rate I'll be Albert Einsten by the end of the year.

Ok, so onto this sketch card right here. This was painted for Jacobmrly. I have a second project in mind for him but I'm having trouble getting it down onto paper. A little fear combined with a lot of lazy. Just need to do it. Digressing again. So, Mr. Marley has a habit of sending me Chippers unannounced so I wanted to repay the Met fan with something nice.  He got this. Seeing as how this was my third painting since I started back up again all I can see is where I screwed up. Lines are really uneven. Paint sliding everywhere on the glossy surface. The stitches on Mr. Met's head look like a giant flesh wound. There's a definite creepiness in the face that was actually a lot worse before I repainted it almost completely. Not happy with the bat. The body is kinda cartoonish, but I actually kinda like how that turned out. In other words I see this work as a hot mess.

So, I think it's a disaster. What does Jacobmrly, the guy who actually received the card, think about it? Well, it's now on his Mets binder and has become the header and favicon of his new blog.

I really need to relax, quit being so critical and just draw.


Dawgbones said...

Shall we start calling you Albert? or referring to you as Mr. Einstien?? Nice job, but then again, I love the Mascots. You could say I'm Phanatical about them!!

jacobmrley said...

I love my Mr. Met. I love the irony of it being painted by a Braves fan. I love the perfect imperfection. Face it dude, that fucking thing is awesome. I swear I will have your sketch card out soon. It is almost at the top of my endless to-do list.

and thanks for the blog shout out as well...I wondered why my views had spiked.

Captain Canuck said...

maybe a tip from the autograph world would translate into the crazed artist world.

To get paint to stick to the shiny decoys, have it the decoy first with one of those white erasers. Rub the bejeebus out of it all over with the white eraser... rub off the crumbs... and then try your paint.

Works well for paint pens, why not paint?

dayf said...

Dawgbones - hint duly noted.

BTW, I've opened your package - actually got it on video - and am trying to figure out how to present it properly. That... That was a package.

maine mariner said...

Outside of it being Mr. Met, I think it looks great.

What do you have to do to get a commission of the Phanatic?

P-town Tom said...

Twitter says this is your last Mets post. IMO, also your best.

Mr. Met never looked so good. Well done, sir.

dayf said...

@maine mariner - Send me some cards or draw me a pony (for all values of pony). E-mail in profile, want lists on top. I'm also not buying wax this year but I'll happily take any extra packs floating around.

I have maybe 10 or so arts in my working queue so it might take me a month to get to it.

TheBrooklynMet said...

As another Met fan, I agree that is cool.

Billy Suter said...

Needs more blood.