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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mailing Queue

Just a brief reminder to myself of what I've sent and what need to get out of my house. You can safely ignore this post unless you've been waiting for a package from me for three years.

6/14/12 - Tom, Eric, Bill, Jeremy and Bad Wax Box

5/??/12 mailed something, but I forgot to notate it

5/10/12 - Nathan, Paul and Richard mailed

5/01/12 - Jon and Sarah mailed

4/02/12 - David and James mailed

3/26/12 - Jeff and Sam mailed

3/20/12 - Scott and Marck mailed

3/15/12 - Paul mailed

3/09/12 - Slangon, Edgar and Matty Heartbreak mailed

Need to get it together:

Andruw K. - need sketch
Max M. - need sketch
Tom O. - cards, has enough sketches
Rod R. - need sketch &cards
Captain C. - need sketch

gcrl - sketch & cards
Mark A. - sketch
James A. - sketch
Maine Mariner - sketch
Eric N. - need sketch
Sarah - Painting
Gritz - sketch & cards
Matt F. - Sketch

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