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Friday, May 18, 2012

January Vintage Show Top 20 - #10 Heartbreaking Taunt


Click here for an image of the postcard and some ponies.

Click here for a map. It's at the Courtyard Marriott off Delk Road in Marietta. Right off I-75, can't miss it.

I'll be there today, sometime between noon and 3. I might maybe possibly be there on Sunday as well but don't count on it. If you see me there, just say "1953 Topps is 20% Cooler" and I'll draw you a pony. I'll be the guy in the Barves shirt.

Since it 's card show day that means I need to have a game plan. Today's plan in order of importance:

1) I have a very short list of cards that I will blow my whole wad on if I can find them. There's a small chance it could be a very short card show for me.
2) Pick up at least 1 card I need for my 1953 Topps set.
3) Attack my Vintage Braves team set needs.
4) Snag a pile of cheap fillers for my '54-56 Topps sets.
5) Look for cards for my '60, '63, '65, '71 and '72 sets.
6) Find one really good non-sport card.
7) Grab an unexpected bargain like this one.
8) Be on the lookout for cards for my fellow bloggers.

That last goal leads into today's post.

Here's a 1951 Topps Andy Pafko blueback card. As many of you know, Matt of Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius is rather obsessed with Pafko cards. So when I found this blueback for $3.50 it was a win-win. I could either trade it off to Matt for some goodies, or put it in my own '51 Topps collection and taunt him mercilessly with it. Muahaha!

So I e-mailed Matt, he jumped at the chance to get a blueback Pafko and won an auction for a different '51 Topps card...

Matt got his Pafko and I got the last '51 Topps Redback I needed for my team set. No taunting necessary! Unless you get back to me in the next half hour, I can't take requests for today's card show. But if you have a desperate need for a vintage card, say a 1965 Kahn's Bill Virdon card perhaps, post it in the comments and if I am able to revisit the show on Sunday I'll keep a look out for you.

NEXT WEEK: The kickass top 5 from the last card show while I sort out the cards from today's card show!

Here's the complete list of Top 20 posts. See if you can guess what cards are coming up!

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