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Monday, May 14, 2012

January Vintage Show Top 20 - #8 King of the Bums

Seeing how the next Vintage show is in four days, the countdown aspect of this series is out the window for the time being as I want to post this stuff quickly. And by quickly, I mean slap down some random ramblings, post it and regret the whole thing a couple days later. TEN TIMES BY FRIDAY. The bad news is I will likely fail to post everything before I end up with a new pile of cards to post. On the other hand if I finally go through with my threat to blow all my dough on just one card for once I'll still have some post fodder. I'll knock 'em out eventually though. I always do. At least so far. And if I drop dead and am unable to post anything else I won't really care anyway. Only the good die young though, and I've been enough of a complete jackass on Twitter lately to extend my lifespan a few years at least. I wonder if assholes live longer because they have more fun?

Ok, everyone just skip over that last paragraph. Why did I even write that? Here's a purdy old Bum from 1955.

Johnny Podres of the Brooklyn Dodgers. On a 1955 Topps card. Now what happened in 1955? Oh yeah,  the only World Championship Brooklyn would ever get. and Johnny pitched the clinching shutout.

Johnny didn't exactly make the Yankees his cousins that day as he gave up 8 hits, but the Yanks weren't able to score. I wasn't planning on getting any 1955 Topps at the show but this one popped up and it just had to come home with me. The card has some problems but looks really nice for a '55. At least a '55 in my collection. The only real issue is that it's miscut and you get a tiny sliver from the next card over on the sheet. Eh, who cares. at least it's in one piece. It was dirt cheap because of the miscut so hooray for production issues! I've forgotten most of the prices but it wasn't more than two or three bucks. And it really does look nice in person. Everything fits nicely on the card. Johnny's mug on the left  is balanced with the high leg kick booting the Dodger logo into space on the right. Lotsa bright, primary colors on there too. This is a damn nice looking card! Well done, 1955 Topps layout dude. The card should probably be a little more iconic than it is, at least among non-Dodger fans.

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AdamE said...

If you don't spend all you money on a single card and you happen to come across a cheap 65 Kahns Virdon...

dawgbones said...

Wait a minute.... I've been de-throned?? Somebody needs to tell my wife!!