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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In play, run(s)

4) Which Braves hitter is going to get to the Phillies Pitching in this series?
Jason Heyward is a beast and Freddie Freeman is on fire right now. The guy you should be absolutely terrified of though is Chipper Jones. It's his last season, he knows it and he's on a mission. Hurt his knee, hits a homer on his first game of the season. Hurt his knee again, hit another homer when he came back. 40th birthday? Homer. Last game in Dodger stadium? Game winning RBI. If the Braves are somehow able to make it to the World Series, he's going to end up walking away with the MVP, I'm sure of it. 

 Am I 4 for 4 now, Phungo?


deal said...

If this didn't happen V the Phils I would give you screen capture of the year.

I was just about to deduct the point since everybody but Chipper seem to hit the Phils last night.

I am not happy about it, but the 4th point will be awarded.

dawgbones said...

I can't beleive it took the Phils 4 trys to lose that game last night!!