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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Joy of a Completed Team Set - 1985 Topps

I quit the blog for good for about the 78th time this morning but it's evening now and I've had beer so I'm back. My collection is a complete disaster as far as organization goes, but last week I took a little time to get some of my Braves binders in order. My main focus with my Braves collection has been Topps Team sets, but I've only really paid attention to the ones from 1979 and earlier. Anything from 1980 - forward I just sort of assumed I had all the cards from those sets already even if I didn't quite know exactly where they were located. I still don't know where they are all located, but I at least know which ones aren't in the binder now. A few sets are all present and accounted for, and I'll try to show them off on the weekends since no one ever reads then anyway. Here's the first of many - a complete team set of 1985 Topps with Traded cards.

How the hell do you go from Joe Torre to Eddie Haas

 While I didn't really like the set when it first came out, I have to say that at the very least the Braves team set looks slick with the blue borders on the '85 design.


Scott Sawyer said...

Wow! I recognize now that I don't have the Perez or the Camp from 1985. I guess that's something for the next show. Like you I've been concentrating on 1980 and before so I need to look at my 80's Braves and put out a want list I guess.

Captain Canuck said...

dang nabbit. I thought I only needed the 5 traded cards... now I see I need that Father Son thingie too.....


Cory said...

It does look sweet.

Those traded cards really pop out.

If only Topps had given this treatment to the whole set.

dayf said...

When you get a want list e-mail me, a byproduct of organization is a box full of doubles.